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Brotha Lynch Hung Continues Work On ‘Mannibalector’ [Social]

Published: January 6, 2012 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Brotha Lynch Hung Works On 'Mannibalector'

The bodies are about to start piling up again as everybody’s favorite cannibal gears up for the release of Mannibalector in 2012.

After a revealing interview regarding his direction f0r Mannibalector, Brotha Lynch Hung once again gave fans something to talk about when he hit Twitter to update on the progress of the album. Excited to release the long awaited third chapter of his Coathanga Strangla trilogy, Lynch confirmed that he had produced a track for the album. He followed that up by tweeting the above image that promotes the album’s release. Between his desire to take the album into a darker place and his goal to collaborate with Eminem, it looks like Lynch is prepping Mannibalector to be the epic ending fans expect of his murderous trilogy. Stay tuned for more on Mannibalector!

Follow Brotha Lynch Hung on his official Twitter page.

What do you think about the direction on Mannibalector? Would you like to see Eminem appear on it? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section!

  • just hope it’ll come out in march as he said

  • Nintool71

    Darker music is always good in my book especially with lots of layering and complex beats like on Season n Loaded. I for one hope for NO Eminem though. Not a fan of him at all.

  • Chriskil2

    Cant wait for the album but I hope I don’t have ta hear eminem screaming n crying on it. It’d be the first time I ever wanted ta change a Lynch song.

  • Dboy2012

    I cant wait for lynch to drop that album…instant classic im sure

  • Se Gonzales

    No Eminem please…Eminem is meant for the radio. Lynch isn’t…I don’t think it would be a good album with Em on it…Noooooooooooo! How about another album with Zig Zag???????

  • Theheahdhunter90

    No Feminem hes gunna ruin it!!!!!

  • jakomos

    i think he and em would push each other.  ive been a lynch fan since early nine-five, and em since late nine-nine.  that’s a lot of time for two of your favorites who have consistently made similarly darkly music to never collab.  i thought it was a sure thing after finding out that dre wanted to sign lynch and then a few months later found em.  and it never happened.  two of the craziest and most talented spitters in the game for more than a decade and it just aint happened yet.  i hope it does in the coming months before the album is finished.

  • Babsbunny247

    some of  your best cds was 24 deep, loaded,season of the sick, hope new one is hot as hell cuz

  • Dude Brotha Lynch needs to make another album like Season of da Siccness cuz im tired of his new bullshit! I miss the infamous gangsta Brotha Lynch… Now all his fuckin songs just sound the same! Some music to pull a fuckin drive-by too

  • Gnsd

     First of all there won’t ever be another Season of da Siccness and imo it should be like that, to remain as my favourite album that no other can touch, do you even have any idea how much you ask for a rapper? To something like his best work ever again? It was all about the insipration on that time, and btw, his new shit are dope as hell too. I prefer it than another album like Loaded and EBK4, we need something new, it’s unique how creative this guy gets and he isn’t repetitive at all… Especially Coathanga Strangla had so many dope tracks on it that goes at the level of his music back n the day imo. Sound the same? It’s exactly the oposite.

    And something else, nowdays more and more of the rappers i like turn to disappoint me, while Lynch came with a new and old style of his music at the same time and made the two best albums of some years for me and you go calling it bullshit cause it isn’t “like Season of da Siccness”. That is common though with morons who just got into Lynch’s music, got very excited of Season of da Siccness and then rest seemed mediocore to them.

  • jakomos

     real talk.  seriously, why would an artist paint the same picture over and over again.  why would a song writer use the same beat and chorus for every song.. 

    season was dope.  so was loaded [to me].  but also was dinner and a movie and coathanga strangla.  for an artist with many bad breaks in his career, his art has proven resilient.  i’ll say even amazing.  lynch has been my dude since ’95 and that’s a long time.  that’s not from one album, even as dope as season was/is; naw, that kind of loyalty and appreciation comes from several albums and countless features.  he’s like em and pac.  pretty much, if he does a feature, he’s gonna murder you on your own sh.it, because he is an artist of range and intelligence and can rap his as.s off !!

  • jakomos

     it’s not coming out this month.  he’s still trying to get shady on it.  he did a song with bizarre a little minute back and that bizarre cd releases on the 30th of this month.  hopefully trav and tech can get that negotiation done in the coming months, though..  i would absolutely love to finally catch lynch em and tech vibing off each other on a track.  that’s the kinda track that would be your ringtone for life .)

  • TheRipGut

    if em can take it back to early slim shady raping bitches shit and you put that on a lynch track that would be SICC!! GRRR

  • J-Sin

     You obviously haven’t really listened to any of Lynch’s new shit….Tangled within the dark stories that he’s telling on these new albums are actually some deep messages and thought filled expressions that have some real meaning and substance to them…

  • Blahbadida


    Like, fucking honestly. If you get a sick ass old school beat and convince Em to rap like he did back in the day, it’d be one of the sickest tracks ever released.

  • Babsbunny247

    love that lynch.. need to come to tucson,az    wanna hear somthing off new album………………….

  • Bilbystreet

    Got that right. Come bacc to Tucson A.Z

  • Insaneclown1111

    dont do a song with weak ass eminem .

  • Jamizsicc

    i wanna see lynch cola with em as long as he doesn’t rap his newer style, em needs to pull some of that marshall mathers lp shit and even more than wanting to hear those to on a track i wanna hear lynch and hopsin




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