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Kutt Calhoun Hosts Live Interview, Takes Calls From Fans [Audio]

Published: February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized by

Kutt CalhounOn Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 4PM CST, The Kansas City Chief himself was LIVE on the air to answer questions and take calls from the fans!

Listen Below (interview starts at 67:00 mark)

  • What questions did you have for Kutt Calhoun?

Leave your questions in the comments section below!

  • unfortunately I will be at work and cant call in but I would ask him where is his all time favorite place to do a show besides KC and also if he could clarify that him and strange are not an issue that he what he has been saying all this time is dont profess to be hard core KUTT fan if you are not gonna buy his damn albums cause people are all twisting what was really said!

  • john

    Are you going to be at the meet and greet tomorrow in St. cloud MN mith MGK

  • Hearld80

    Kutt is the shit u niggas say ur a fan but dnt buy his shit quit talking shit cause kutt us the shit. My questions r when u xoming back to the 316? When is kabosh gonna be made?

  • Steven_brey_01

    Mr. Calhoun! What projects you workin on??

  • Richard_h_mcdonald

    How can I submit video ideas to you for “Calling my name” and or “Somethings gotta give”

  • Missshelle_82

    Why oh why do i always have to be working when my bois are live on air! Much love Kutty baby! Come BACK to Denver soon!! STTRRRAAANNNGE!!!!!


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