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‘Lyrical, Deep, Fun’ – Tech N9ne Praises ¡MAYDAY!’s ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ [Social]

Published: March 29, 2012 in Mayday, Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Praises ¡MAYDAY!'s "Take Me To Your Leader"Following the release of his own KLUSTERFUK EP, Tech N9ne is now stepping out to support Strange Music’s ¡MAYDAY! as they celebrate the first week of release for Take Me To Your Leader.

With people like Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin speaking on the album, Tech N9ne recently hit the web to share his thoughts on the brand new release, which has sparked massive feedback from fans. As a guest on “Badlands”, Tech N9ne put his own touch on Take Me To Your Leader, but it’s songs like “June” that have the Kansas City King loving the album.

Tech N9ne’s feelings on Take Me To Your Leader seem to be common with listeners, some going so far as to call the album a “classic”. Between producing all of KLUSTERFUK and Take Me To Your Leader, it looks like ¡MAYDAY! has caught the indie king.

Stay tuned for more from Tech N9ne and ¡MAYDAY!

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