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‘I Would…’ – Fans Tell Us What They Would Do Alone Inside Strange Music HQ [Social]

Published: April 16, 2012 in Krizz Kaliko by

Krizz Kaliko's "Dancing With Myself"

Krizz Kaliko lived out what would be a dream for many strangers when he took over the Strange Music HQ and had himself a party in “Dancing With Myself”.

The latest music video from Krizz Kaliko’s Kickin’ & Screamin‘ finds the emcee playing king for a day as he lets loose inside the Strange Music HQ and does things his way – that is until he gets caught.

With fans everywhere buzzing about the music video, we decided to ask what YOU would do if left alone inside the Strange Music HQ. From drinking naked to running off with Strange Music merchandise, fans gave some wild answers.

Check out what the fans had to say below:

“Chill naked at the desk and smoke a fat blunt while bumpin all the works in progress.” – Shelby Griggs

“I would dance wit myself in my boxers fat chris nigga” – Christopher Robert Perry

“Masterbate on everyone’s desk” – Mycah Frankenspazz

“Damn thats like askin somebody wat wud they do at the Willy Wonka chocolate Factory…….. i guess pretty much everything Charlie did, sample shyt, run buck wild and steal sum drinks lol idk, thats a big question lol” – Alex Medina

“I would listen to unreleased tracks n Like everyone else I’d be strangely fitted from head to toe. The only problem is once I’m in Ur not gonna be able to get me out.” – Tim Gilger

“Would definetly have to record some shit.. sip some kc tea, thizz, and who knows what.. ha ha strange music baby” – Greg Avery

“Take Travis’ job.” – Wesley Nito Torres

“Get faded with the whole STRANGE crew and let them do what they do! Hahaha” – Adam Murillo

“I’d sweep and mop the floor… You hiring? Lmfao” – Jacob Myers

“Sit at Techs desk with my feet up and drink a KC Tea” – Tab Wear

“I’d probably call my buddy Larry and we would draw a penis on everything we saw, cuz that shit is funny.” – Ian Apitsch

“I’d dance in a two piece and stillettoes, screamin strange music as I get 1 of everything in the warehouse.” – Nene Suggs

“I would make sure I had two of every peice of merch in that bitch! GET INTO The office pull up sum numbers..order some pizza..and have a damn party..lmao..then after all that prolly end up in jail! Lol” – Tiffany Carter

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  • What would YOU do if you were left alone inside Strange Music HQ?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • id Chill and listen to Cds and keep it Mellow Yellow. 

  • will

    get some merch listen to unrealsed tracks have a big ass party with the whole strange crew ill be drinkin kc tea all night give some clothes to the homeless 

  • Neokain_2040

    I’d drink baileys out of a shoe.

  • Paraphraze

    I’d go in the studio and drop some heat on the mic then leave a copy of my mixtape on Travis’ desk. Then I’d come back the next day so Tech could tell me that he wants to sign me.

  • Jamal G.

    Piss and fuck nonstop, rest, then continue to piss and fuck!

  • Carissa_babe509

    Party and bullshit! Hella pictures!!! <3

  • Carissa_babe509

    Party and bullshit! Hella pictures!!! <3

  • I would scour through every single drawer, file, book, photo, note and leave notes on everything, clone the computer drives Take 1000s of pix, video the whole incident, blast Strange Music, tag http://www.RedShify.com all over everything SpecialKCe@gmail.com 

  • Rellik11

    i would make beats in the insane studio, take a bag or two of hoodies and make sure the homeless by my Jack in The Box off Auburn Blvd are reppin it strange. and id segway my way thru strange inc peepin all the posters they got. id find a beezy or 10 to share a drink with, while showin them the boss rhymes of n9ne. but before i even started to explore, i would take a minute to look at Tech’s journals and rhyme books he has to see how that boss organizes his rhymes into the flows he throws. but i wouldnt want to be there alone. who’s with me?


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