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‘Sickest Album Yet!’ – Fans React To The Release Of Prozak’s ‘Paranormal’ [Social]

Published: April 24, 2012 in Prozak by


Fans React To Prozak's "Paranormal"

Prozak’s highly anticipated album, Paranormal, has officially hit and fans everywhere are celebrating the newest release from the Saginaw native.

Loaded with 18 brand new tracks, Paranormal had fans buzzing just hours into its release as it climbed the iTunes Hip Hop/Rap charts and joined releases from the likes of Drake and Tyga.

Featuring guest appearances from Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Twiztid, and Sid Wilson of Slipknot, Paranormal offers up some killer new collaborations and includes early fan favorites like “Enemy” featuring Tech N9ne and “Until Then”.

With fans everywhere receiving their pre-orders, the rest of Strangeland is hitting iTunes to scoop up the new release, which Prozak has called his best yet. From “Tell A Tale Of Two Hearts” to “Alien”, Paranormal is proving to be a hit right from the gate and fans all over the web are showing their support for Prozak.

Click here to purchase Paranormal on iTunes.

Check out what fans on the web had to say.

Prozak On Facebook

“Thank you for making such a deep, hard hitting cd homie! This was definitely worth the wait. See you in Buffalo Ny!!!” – Brian Newbury

“I’m only on Track 04 and I’m in love!!! “ – April Gokee

“This new Prozak cd is mighty impressive” – Brad Heck

“♥ your new album :)” – Tamryn Noelle Yepa

“Paranormal On Repeat Most Of The Day.” – Brandon Holt

“Dare I say Prozak Hitchcock’s album paranormal is the best album this year so far.” – Chris Chilton

“Go get yer copy of this new Prozak. Paranormal … dopest album I’ve heard since Tales From The Sick dropped years ago. Straight from Saginaw Michigan that’s murda glove love….” – Loki Nightz

“new album is amazing” – Josh Hood

“Okay so my last few posts today on movies and music have been negative but I can say that yall need to go get that new Prozak Hitchcock Paranormal album I got it and I’m loving it!” – Chef LaDarrius Young

” This has got to be one of the realest cd’s i have ever heard. This is one of them other ones, ya know them ones that can save lives. And with that i send him a RESPECT yaddidimean. Much luv bro, and thank you for the new masterpiece.” – Chris Johnson

“Prozak, you’ve done it again man. Paranormal is absolutely phenomenal. Quite possibly your best work to date. Every time I bump your records, I am taken to another world. Zoning out and vibing to your storytelling is unparallelled. Much love, full support, and huge respect! You heavily influence my own personal projects. Thank you for the inspiration. Perhaps I’ll have the honour of collaborating one day. Until then, cheers friend. Congratulations on another killer album.

‘Just keep on keeping on.'” – Multili Caissie

“This album gets better and better, the deeper I go! WOW man!” – Berwa H. Mahmod

Prozak On Twitter

  • What do you think of Paranormal?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Bill Taylor

    Prozak, your last album “Tales from the Sick” had alot of songs on it that helped me deal with stuff from my past( it was dope music). “Paranormal” has a lot of tracks on it that are helping me move beyond the past, and face the future ready for whatever(Lyrics, music, and videos doper than ever). You’re an amazing talent, and you just proved so yet again. Thanks for the amazing album. I’d say I can’t wait for whatever you have in store, but after this I’m sure everyone will understand that you don’t rush perfection. Paranormal is perfect.


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