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‘Woke Up Naked’ – Fans Share Their First Experience With Caribou Lou [Social]

Published: July 12, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

151, Malibu Rum, and pineapple juice.

The ingredients that combine to make the potent recipe for Tech N9ne’s Caribou Lou, one of the most ridiculous and delicious mixtures of alcohol known to man. As the basis for Tech’s “Caribou Lou” drinking anthem, the drink spawned an entire generation of listeners who can’t wait to get the party started with a jug of the mix.

With so many great stories stemming from Caribou Lou, we decided to ask our fans about their first experience with the drink. From waking up naked to completely blacking out, these fans really went in with the Lou.

What happens next can prove to be the night of your life.

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“My girl ended up wiping cake icing all over her friend then they took a nice shower together 😉 thanks again was a hell of a night”Eric Marston

“First time I drank it was at my tattoo artists house, don’t remember to much.. other than the fact it was dank and tasted like candy. Got me lit up !”Anna Monsrud

“To be honest. I remember nothing from that night, other then my stomach was tore up the next day. lol good times.”Anthony Kern

“If anyone remembers their first caribou lou ….. they obviously didnt drink enough cups.” – William Macon

“Hah first time I had I ended up running from the ghetto bird and like 3 squad cars me and the homie got away after that we got MD 20/20 and a blunt. REAL GOOD TIMES!”Ratt Meichley

“Ended up karate punching and fought 3 people. Still one of my favorite drinks and I still drink it regularly..”William Russell

“I remember the 1st i made some was in Phoenix, AZ & some fucking how end up in Santa Fa, NM hahaha i guess we made a wrong turn in Albuquerque, NM hahaha good times” – Kyle Yazzie

“It was delicious but as for the night bitches got crazy, chumps tryed flailing out and don’t remember anything else but the.drums pounding in my head the next day..” – Chris Goetz

“Valentine’s Day 2003 partying with Taylor Green – had a couple of people over, drank it, passed out on a chair sitting up, woke up to over a hundred people in my house and the cops blocking off the driveway! lol, made it out like a true #TECHNICIAN tho!”Eric WT Pyles

“Headed 6 hours away at 7am on a friday morn in summer to my Gma’s in Doniphan, MO (down by arkansas/ Poplar Bluffs, MO)…Arrived at 2pm…gma was working so we hit the 1st liquor store we found and said fuck it! WER DRINKN CARABOU LOU ALLLL WEEKEND!! had it the 1st time there at my grandmas, and so did my 63year old GRANDMA!!!! SHe loved that shit!! then i had 2 put all the girls there onto it, n cruised around town playing the song for them also lol….they LOVED the fact it was from MISSOURI!!”Mark Alan BuCy

“Was at a party and had already polished off two 40’s and was gonna call it a night. They then whipped out the Carribu Lou and I had never had it. I took a sip and thought it was good so I poured a big as glass of it. And then another. And another. By 2am I was puking my ass off. Worth it.”Dane Nachtrieb

“Woke up naked at 2 p.m. was supposed to be at hair school in class at 9 a.m. two stitches in my lip and a headache ( found out from friend the DR. said i had a minor concussion )… DAMN CLOSET ATTACKED MY FACE… or maybe my friend was trying to put my drunk ass in pj’s and i fell into my closet… out cold. 🙂 haha great night.”Kelsea Kay Tyson

“I was so drunk I stumbled halfway home then got a ride,crawled through the yard and passed out on my knees with my face planted to my bed, woke up with a nasty hangover and went to a work party and got drunk again.”Bryan Lee Malone

“First time I ever threw up and blacked out from drinking. Thanks caribou lou. We who is bout to get fucked up salute you!”Jordan Gill

“I had to make one! And it became my favorite drink after I heard the song! Thank you Tech for all the great nights I barley remember due to Caribou Lou!!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!” – Jerrell Baker

I was going to the house of blues for my first tech show. My babies mama got pissed cause I was slightly waisted. Try to pick a fight with me so I pie faced her with the keys and money, and took off running! Chicago police saw us running and dicided to join the action. I felt like I was in a movie when I slipped and fell on the L train track and had to run down the line to the next opening. I stop when the bitch in the train pulled up (not at a scheduled stop) and told me to get my ass in there. Babies mama was about three minutes behide. The police didn’t take me to jail just asked me to wait til I get back to Alabama before I act up again and enjoy the show. I agreed and saw one of the best shows of my life! Thanks Tech, Prozak, Kris, brotha lynch, and the rest. Hope to do it again soon.” Preston Zeitner

“I was a senior in high school and drank it before going to a football game and blacked out the worst ever and woke up with 20 texts saying everything I did and my gf broke up with me. Best shit EVER” – Austin Scott Meyer

Ill never forget it. At a party where my boys came to the DMI from Ft. D. My dude Devon got stabbed in the bottom of his jugular vein threw his chest with a buck knife. Long story. It was too crazy for my ass.”Clay Askland

  • Do you remember the first time you had Caribou Lou?
Let us know in the comments section below!

  • shit drank at my 16th birthday drank half the gallon by myself woke up the next day with my dick sore and a naked bianca next to me hahahaha booyah

  • Nerwinski530

    drank some in south lake tahoe on new years eve 2008. had a solo cup of Caribou, then a beer, then another solo cup, then a beer…. then i blacked out. i didnt black out for the entire night tho. i came to realize that an entire two hours had been missing from my memory of the previous night. within that two hours i threw corny 5th grade status pick up lines and every girl i saw, to include my good friends and apparently i whipped my junk out in front of everyone (for those of you who dont know, south lake tahoe, california, is a pretty happening place on new years.) and started peeing off the second floor balcony at the hotel i, and just about everyone else from my high school, was staying at. so what did we learn? Caribou lou f**ks you up!

  • i cant remember what happened every time i’ve drank caribou lou. i’ve never not blacked out on it.

  • Jimmy

    I’ve drank caribou Lous often but decided to let one friend in on the action. I warned him it was a potent drink and he probably shouldn’t have more than 2 or 3. Well 5 later he was putting his penis on random strangers at the party and ended the night with with a swan dive into a table from a deck. I will never let him live it down.

  • Nicholas Garcia

    The first time I had caribou lou I was thizzin we drank a gallon and sexed all damn night
    Paint a dark picture and old tech was the shizz

  • Mohawk1017

    Had 4 cups in one night, dont remember shit. what a great night.

  • Easy Money

    Me and two other bros filled a gallon jug with it and took to a party. I remember having two cups, then waking up holding the jug in my bed. Apparently we were ballin all night at different parties and bitches were LOVIN the LOU. I straight woke up like “what happened?” lol #TECH

  • Aubrey S.

    Want the first time, but the last time was when I conceived my kid. Aaand I don’t remember 90% of the night lol

  • andrew

    All i know is its a bad idea to mix in some cocaine.I woke up in a fuckin car wash.

  • My first experience with caribou lou was on my 16th birthday. I drank a gallon of it with my boyfriend. I blacked out and apparently puked all over his apartment. EVERYTIME we drink lou its by the gallon and we get tore back, but I haven’t puked on it since!!!

  • timazing fritz

    There was 5 of us. A kick ass Sik Side show and a gallon of caribou lou. The abandoned hallway we consumed the beverage in can only be rivaled by the 8 yellow lines in the road on the trip to drop off a grind at home. Best part of the story is where we knocked over a mailbox by accident… sorry to the mysterious owner of that mailbox.

  • Brian Harmon

    My cousin and I made a jug for the party she was having that night. We mixed it and started drinking it before the party started and man was that a mistake. I blacked out after about 4 small cups. I woke up naked in my bed and found out I walked home barefoot, and somehow managed to break the diving board on the pool…..

  • Denis Smith

    we tossed cariboo louin empty monster cans…(the large ones) had 3 each….then went to 3rd period, wasted as fuck, and then got head in the bathroom…..aperantly anyways

  • Matthew Walski

    Drank it for the first time after the Everready concert in Springfield, MO. Had to put on so I threw an after party at my house. I’m pretty sure we added WAY too much 151 or something because my ass broke out with red spots all over my face and chest. went away after a couple hours though. Needless to say I woke up on my neighbors couch with a girl I didn’t know. Hot as hell! and when I went home there we’re people passed out EVERYWHERE. I’m talking kitchen counter… tub… fuckin closets… My neighbor wasn’t too happy but what can I say, all our houses look alike so I just gave her my extra Everready CD and told her “Track 9… You’ll understand”!!

  • Sean Jackson

    All I have to say is ended up naked on my lawn howling at the moon with lik 20 naked technicians around me

  • Clair Danielson

    Well first time I had Caribou Lou it was my 21st. I was in Montana. I letf the bar fell outta the truck I was in. Aparently face planted it into the grass off the porch, started a fire in the back yard. Started cutting down a tree in the back yard. Punched a hole through my wall and tore the door off my room. Fell down the stairs and woke up in the kicthen. Yea good thing I have room mates tell me what happened

  • Dninjette

    We pre-mixed gallons of it for our halloween party. Crazy Night. Some people cried, someone took off with my car somewhere, people were doing naughty things behind trees, My dad ended up passed out in the back of the truck. there was a lot of random people. …then…yea……BIG Blur…and Woke up across town at my house.

  • take the caribou lou and add captain morgan, southern comfort, raspberry schnapps, blue curacao, amaretto, and sour mix and then you can get on my level.

  • james

    I think I have had caribou lou….but i don’t remember anything else

  • Amem93

    I had a few cups, and then slept on a mattress on the floor at my friend’s place. So I woke up the next day and I threw up sooo bad right on the floor and on the mattress, the best part is his father was in his room getting ready to leave and so I had to clean the whole thing in like 15 min hahaha good times

  • first time i drank this shit. it was deliousous and wanted more more. i was with a neighbor that invited me over to drink with her and her fuck buddy. we went in the bathroom with some ppl and she grabbed me and whispered in my ear i wanna fuck the shit outta you. we’ve been dating since XD

  • James Bently

    First time i drank it i told my friend to light me on fire i ran down the street with half my clothes burnt off before my friend put it out.

  • James Bently

    Second time my friend got his dads revolver and we played Russian roulette He is no longer with us

  • I blacked out and woke up in my bath tub fully dressed…From the pictures on my friends phone, it was a hell of a night 🙂

  • Woow

  • James Bently


  • James Bently

    Third time tried jumping from my house to my neighbors in a shopping cart using a ramp i built while fucked up broke my right arm and left leg

  • tiffany

    it. was my birthday and I ended up hugging the toilet but I came back and still had killa sex with my boyfriend… 🙂 but I’m back to drinking it tonight on my baby’s prom night…

  • Johnny

    Gave it to a married bitch, fucked her that night.


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