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‘Timeless Features’ – Machine Gun Kelly Brings Tech N9ne And Twista Together On ‘Lace Up’

Published: July 27, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Machine Gun Kelly To Feature Tech N9ne And Twista On "Lace Up"

Speaking of choppers…

VladTV recently caught up with Machine Gun Kelly to talk about his upcoming major label debut, Lace Up, due out in August. Speaking on the album’s guest features, Machine Gun Kelly revealed that both Twista and Tech N9ne will appear on the same track. The massive collaboration is the latest in the long line of collabs between Tech N9ne and Twista who have already stunned listeners together on tracks like “Worldwide Choppers” and Krizz Kaliko’s “Kill Shit”.

Having joined Tech N9ne on the record-breaking Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour this summer, Machine Gun Kelly looks to keep his momentum going with two of the most popular emcees to ever chop their way out of the Midwest.

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

  • Will you be checking out the Tech N9ne and Twista collab on Lace Up?
  • What’s your favorite track from Tech N9ne and Twista?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Jason Cook

    Nice to see that happen on his 1st album..its going to be a killer track.

  • teck9beast43

    demons are real

  • Definitly not his first album. Just the first going mainstream. Kellz been killing it for years in the underground.

  • Midwest meltdown T.T. featuring twista and tech n9ne, dope shit.

  • That track will be mean. Then again, most Tech N9nes collabs are sick

  • I will not be checking this out,I got mad love for Tech and usually him and Twista put it down. But I will not support this disrespectful lil kid. Kill shit would have to be my favorite Tech and Twista collab.

  • Aaron

    They were all mixtapes, Not albums. and this is his first to be sold around the world.

  • what exactly do you mean disrespectful lil kid? I gaurantee youll be checking this out, you spent 3 mins of your life just checking out an interview lol

  • you forgot about TT’s, “midwest meltdown” they go so hard together on that one

  • just look it up on youtube. 1 view on youtube wont get him a platinum record, shoot- you could even dislike the video!

  • elton

    Why prosak tech and twist was there best together

  • I didn’t watch the video. Don’t care too. I mean he is a disrespectful lil kid. Him and his hype man.

  • If I had known that from the begining I wouldnt have said anything about your comment. My bad man.I dont blame ya for not wanting to support dude, personally to me, somebody spitting on me, especially if its in my face is the most disrespectful thing you could do to another human being IMO. Id rather them talk bad about my fam or hell even get kicked in the nuts then to ever be spit on.

  • Its all Jesus homie. It got me kicked before tech and Kali so i’m still a lil bent ya know lol. I support tech in all his ventures. I just feel if mgk wants to make it and expand his fanbase he needs to grow up, nothing wrong with being a jack ass but there are things you just don’t do add a performing artist.


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