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The Rock Praises ¡MAYDAY!, Tech N9ne, & Strange Music ahead of WWE 2K18 Release
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Tech N9ne Songs Get Played During MLB Home Run Derby

Published: July 10, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Pince Fielder Tech N9ne Home Run Derby 2012Held in Kansas City as part of the All-Star Game festivities, the 2012 Home Run Derby featured an appearance by the Kansas City King himself.

Not in the flesh however, but over the speakers.

During Prince Fielder’s turn to hit the balls into the fountains at Kaufman Stadium, Tech N9ne’s “I’m A Playa” from the album Absolute Power was played as well as an instrumental for “Like Yeah” from Killer.

The music must have gotten his mind right, for Prince Fielder would go on to win the 2012 Home Run Derby.

Like Tech says, it goes up!

Props to the forum users at for pointing this out!

  • If you could walk out to any Tech N9ne song, what would it be? Why?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

  • John Meyers

    probably riot maker always gets me pumped for basketball games

  • Now it’s on or welcome to my world!

  • Alex Carey

    “I’m A Playa” was my intro batting song in high school! First at bat of the season, I went yard!! Always pumps me up! TECH NIZZLE!!!

  • Tony


  • Eklips

    Be Warned!


  • xhemi

    hell yeah bitch… we ♥ tech n9ne!

  • Niko

    Get Blowed, Stoned as fuck

  • Cris

    Probably Strange Music Box or the instrumental to Clueless

  • All-Nighter

    As the creator himself, the Lyrical Jesus once said…”Tech will never go mainstream. Mainstream will go Tech.” ——-Tech N9ne

  • datpiff

    am i a psycho…or maybe leave me alone or hes a mental giant

  • Prince

    damn uhhh Stress Relief Or 00N9nna Stress Relief Just Gets Me Pumped N Mad… 00N9nna That Bass Hits Me Just Right

  • Grizz

    Einstein for sure, that shit’s my jam. And that opening would be PERFECT.

  • Cody Savage

    Stress Relief ,Technicians, Riotmaker, or Einstein.

  • here comes techanina

  • L


  • Isaac V

    Get The Fuck Out Of Here or possibly Mitch Bade.

  • Einstein would be crazy…but its too hard to narrow it down to only one.

  • He’a mental giant or Am I a psycho

  • Born 2 be fly from cognitos automatic

  • Taylor McNeil

    did it for my senior night basketball game…EPIC!

  • Juxtapope

    The Beast. Or I am Everything. Or The Beast.

  • Foley Auto

    Too Much! No doubt Rahahaha.

  • Munchy white rrent

    Id definately have to play kill shit… Its not technically a tech song but he murders it

  • No can do or bout ta bubble

  • Obvious choice for me would be “Red Nose.”

  • without a doubt. strange music all day all night!

  • Nick

    He’s A Mental Giant, cuz that shit is just ridiculously awesome.

  • Riot maker, spaz(with kali), or kill shit!

  • Mines definitely GOTTA be Stress Relief

  • Like Yeah, playing from the chorus, that’d get my adrenaline pumping and would be epic!

  • The Beast !

  • RJ. Abad

    I would walk my team out for combat to Stress Relief!!! We take no shit!!!

  • dustin worley

    Now its on!

  • Satsugai

    Killing you. and I would do it while walking into a JCW ring to fight Nozawa!

  • valho

    Theres so many i could pick id have to go wit fan or foe

  • TJ smith

    hunterish, klusterfuk, or now its on.


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