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Brotha Lynch Hung Starts Beef With Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers: ‘You’re Not Killing Enough!’ [Video]

Published: August 13, 2012 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Jason and MichaelLynch has always said he gets into character whenever recording an album. It seems now that the Coathanga Strangla has fully embodied his psyche, as he has started to talk shit to some of the most legendary killers in history without shame or abandon.

Watch this video as he relentlessly taunts the two famous murderers.

Who would win in a fight? Jason, Michael or The Coathanga Strangla?


Tell us why you voted for who you did in the comments section below!

  • Jon

    Niggas aint fuckin’ with lynch you know the deal, I eat em when I’m done with a Nigga that’s overkill…

  • Mannabalector would filet them like fish!!!!!!

  • Branden

    Myers is the stone cold fuckin killer Lynch is a fuckin nut but u aint killin nobody with your raps and jason is a fuckin pussy

  • Ethan

    I say lynch cause he’s sneakeir, faster, and voorhees. And myers
    are sic but the coathanga strangla is sicer than sic and would cook them up ripgut style

  • Jen

    Yes sir


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