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The Rock Praises ¡MAYDAY!, Tech N9ne, & Strange Music ahead of WWE 2K18 Release
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‘Mannibalector WILL Be Coming’ – Brotha Lynch Hung Preps To Record In Kansas City

Published: August 8, 2012 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Brotha Lynch Hung Preps To Record "Mannibalector"

The time has come for Brotha Lynch Hung to step out of the dungeon and take his blood thirst to Kansas City to record Mannibalector.

In a brand new update via Socialcam, Brotha Lynch Hung confirms that all of Mannibalector is written and he is preparing to travel to Kansas City for three weeks to record the album, which will complete his trilogy based on the Coathanga Strangla.

With his guest spot on ¡MAYDAY!’s “Strange March” from Thrift Store Halos getting a big reaction out of fans, Lynch looks to keep that buzz going with his Strange Music saga.

It’s almost time.


Follow Brotha Lynch Hung on Socialcam with your iPhone or Android for the latest on Mannibalector!

  • Do you expect to hear Tech N9ne on Mannibalector?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • thetrht

    i heard on socialcam that lynch be talkin shit and this album wont even be coming out dont trust this fool ass nigga

  • ron don dizzle

    fuck you nigga dont talk shit bout lynch

  • The Real Psycho

    Hatin as bitch shut the fuck up! Lynch will be droppin his album and you will be buying it so quit bullshittin you dick riding son of a bitch!

  • jtaylor991

    First week? Damn I’m preordering first chance I get!!!! GRRR!!

  • steven

    lynch said this album will shit on his last two, i don’t doubt him one bit he’s a lyrical genius and gets better every year. one of the many reasons why he’ll always be my favorite rapper

  • frontlinerecordz

    Check out the new Brotha lynch hung track ft Laz and G-macc..its called “I Just Want To”.


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