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The Rock Praises ¡MAYDAY!, Tech N9ne, & Strange Music ahead of WWE 2K18 Release
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Tech N9ne – ‘E.B.A.H.’ Pre-Order Now Available

Published: August 15, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne - E.B.A.H.

After the completing the longest tour in hip hop history, the Hostile Takeover Tour 2012, Tech N9ne immediately jumped back in the studio to get what was in his head onto disc!

That non-stop work ethic resulted in the newest EP from Tech N9ne – E.B.A.H., available September 18!

Tech N9ne has always been inside-out and this EP is no exception – with features like 816 Boyz, Krizz Kaliko and JL B.Hood, E.B.A.H. is sure to satisfy the most demanding of Tech fans!

Here’s your chance to preorder your copy of E.B.A.H. and unravel the mystery of what E.B.A.H. is all about.

Preorder your copy now at – you’ll get a copy of the E.B.A.H. EP and a Strange Music Snake and Bat decal!

Click here to pre-order E.B.A.H. today!

  • Das Nuk

    E.B.A.H. = Evil Body Angelic Heart

  • Ow shit that’s it.

  • Jake Howland


  • Taelen claycomb

    Evil brain anghellic heart

  • Eternally. Breaking. All. Hearts.

  • darknon

    damn i thought it was gunna b a whole album and i was really excited for it aswell :/ EP cover is class tho

  • west-em-up-G

    what the fuck i though it was going to be a legit solo album like 6s nd 7s i want a full cd not just 7 tracks here and there b/s i think but ill still buy it

  • October is his full length album our so was rumored at the beginning of the year

  • Zinger

    So is this the Album that was rumored to be the LP to be released on Tech’s B-Day in fall? Or is this just a different thing and that will still happen?

  • realshit

    tech has work ethic and releases stuff all the time that’s why he has so much support from fans.

    lynch on the other hand is lazy as fuck that’s why he

  • Moccalicious

    Evil Bats Are Here !

  • fuck you lynch is hard core mind your own siccmade all day everday

  • Hyzenburg

    Lynch aint lazy he just busy eatin fools…u tryin to be his next course?

  • wade

    Evil brain angel heart

  • Everythings Better At Home

  • We gonna get a full version of That NEEDS to happen in my lifetime.

  • realshit

    if he hardcore why dont he put out a ep as well for the fans who want new music slow ass nigga

  • I read a interview with travis OGuin that he said once Tech was done with his tour dates They are goin to the studio and releaseing a album the end of the year or begining of next year possibly post pone it if its not the best! Said they wanna make it better than 6s&7s got 18 beats already! Its somewhere one therealtechn9ne web site.

  • how you gonna tell him to mind his own when you’re the one bashing *his* opinion? I would think you’re the one butting in, here 🙂

  • there will be a whole album. You know how tech does, he always throws EPs out there in between his LPs to keep a pretty much constant stream of new music coming out.

    At least he’s not like most mainstream artists only putting out 1 record a year, if that.

  • RapsBySP

    Eternal Burning Anghellic Heart

  • it all good i’m ready

  • Daniel K

    E.B.A.H. = Every Black Ass Hurts

  • tech is #1

    Whats the wed site u got the info on

  • Evil brings are hearts E.B.A.H hes talkin about techniciana

  • E.B.A.H eternally bad at heart!

  • Ebah eternally bad at heart!

  • Surr3al The Entertainer

    EBAH- Every Burning Angels Heart

  • Surr3al The Entertainer

    or Every Burning Angel’s Halo, but i think Heart is more likely seeing as how there’s a giant Heart.

  • Surr3al The Entertainer

    yeah he’s been hinting alot and a new K.O.D. lets hope so!

  • FOXX

    Entity Beyond Any Human. E.B.A.H

  • Manic

    Every Burning Angel’s Heart

  • justdoit

    Evil Brain Angel Heart

  • McLeod

    Evil Brain Angel Heart

  • evil brain angel heart


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