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‘I’d Be Down In An Instant’ – Chimaira Frontman Mark Hunter Expresses Interest In Tech N9ne Collaboration

Published: November 28, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

In the midst of all the fan comments on our recent ‘5 Metal Vocalists Perfect For A Tech N9ne Collab’ editorial, one fan, Stooge, shared an interesting Twitter interaction that seemed to go unnoticed by many. However, we want to ensure that no musical opportunity gets left behind.

In late September, Stooge tweeted at Mark Hunter, lead vocalist of the Cleveland-bred metal band Chimaira, asking if he would be interested in working with the Strange Music General.

Although months have passed since the Chimaira frontman had expressed interest, it seems his mind hasn’t changed one bit. Stooge went on to Tweet at Hunter yet again, this time directing him to our ‘5 Metal Vocalists Perfect For A Tech N9ne Collab’ editorial.

Ironically, Mark Hunter was a top contender for that very editorial. Could Hunter’s ability to produce harsh screams, along with sinister growls and dark melodies, be the perfect recipe for a genre-bending collaboration with the Nina?



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  • Would you like to see this collaboration?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

  • I have been a HUGE Chimaira fan since I saw them live with Slayer in 2001. Mark is a HUGE fan of hip hop and even responded to my question regarding his thoughts on All 6s and 7s. A collab would be amazing. The combination of the two would turn heads and make for one EPIC track or album. PLEASE make this happen.

  • Yeah, come on STRANGE staff, get to it!! This wont happen by itself!! Dream. Believe. Achieve!

  • Corey

    DO IT! DO IT! Chimaira is one of my favorite bands, and Tech N9ne is my absolute favorite rapper. I don’t even begin to see a better combo. Also, honestly, I just really want to see what it could even be like, I only can think of perfection in my head.

  • Eric Fuckin Rush

    FUCK YEAH!!! that would be sick as fuck!!! im a huge chimaira and tech n9ne fan!!! put the two together and thats just a recipe for pure power,strength,dark evil drivin greatness!!!! two masterminds!!! getcha pull!!!

  • That will be epic as fuck and I say will cuz I know it must and will happen!!! Much love to both artists!! Hell yeah!

  • ….this promises to be megasick if it ever happens…

  • Corey H.

    WOW! hahaha, i used to listen to alot of death metal, and Chimaira was one of the bands i used to listen too, Thats awesome as i was looking through Techs blog that this popped up. That would be sooooo cool!


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