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All We Want For Christmas: 10 Tech N9ne Collabs We Hope To See In 2013

Published: December 17, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Given some of the little hints Strange Music fans have been privy to over the last few months, it’s becoming apparent that 2013 is set to be the year of the Snake and Bat.

One thing we know for a fact is that Tech N9ne has a new album coming out in 2013, and it’s expected to be even more epic than All 6’s And 7’s (if that’s even possible), so we decided to take some time to make a wish list of sorts for collaborations we’d like to see happen, if the world doesn’t explode on the 21st that is.

10. Action Bronson – Bronsolini has been damn near EVERYWHERE this year, with features ranging from Riff Raff to The Alchemist, yet somehow the Snake and Bat hasn’t nabbed one of the dopest emcees to touch a mic in 2012. Who knows what 2013 could bring, and we think it’d be dope to hear Tech N9ne on some East Coast type shit.

9. Snoop Lion – Since having a re-birth of sorts in Jamaica, the S-N-double O-P has transformed from Dogg to Lion, and from the looks of it some Reggae work is in his future. Not only would we like to see these two work together again, but we think Tech’s double-time flow would sound dope over some Reggae shit. Have you heard “Smoke Sumting”? Exactly.

8. A$AP Rocky – A$AP is another dude that’s been turning a lot of heads this year, and you can’t deny that he’s a chopper in his own way, so we think these 2 would fit perfectly together. Throw them on a slowed up beat and let them tear it to pieces. And we wouldn’t mind if it had this next emcee on it as well…

7. ScHoolboy Q – So we already know that A$AP & ScHoolboy sound dope as shit together (See: “Hands On The Wheel”), and we’re pretty positive A$AP and Tech would sound dope together, so why not just throw them on the same one? Can you imagine if Tech had been on “Hands On The Wheel”?? Us either, but it’d be awesome to see this come to fruition and find out!

6. Slaughterhouse – Alright we kinda cheated on this one by including a group, but it’s not our fault that Slaughterhouse happens to contain 4 of the dopest emcees in the game right now! I don’t think we really have to explain why this collab would be the shit, so let’s just conserve our energy for wishing like hell that it happens.

5. Ab-Soul – We’re not entirely sure how this hasn’t already happened to be completely honest with y’all. This dude utterly destroys every track he touches, and he’s no stranger to heavy lyrical content as well, so we think he and Tech would make a perfect pair.

4. Outkast – We know these two haven’t really done anything together in a minute, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about it! Really, we’d take either member to do a collab track with Tech N9ne, but obviously it would be the shit if Sir Lucious Left Foot AND Three Stacks hopped on a beat with the K.O.D.

3. Nas – Few emcees can tell a story and keep it real like Tech N9ne can, and Nas is one of those few. Tech has hinted a couple times at wanting to get Nasty Nas on a track, and every single one of us at the HQ has our fingers crossed that 2013 will be the year it finally happens.

2. The Doors – We know the Lizard King has long since left us *single tear escapes from eye*, but the remaining members of The Doors are still alive, well, and kicking ass! And shit, they just did that collab with Skrillex, so who knows? Besides, how could we NOT want to hear Tech with the band that inspired him to create Strange Music?

1. Eminem – Of course Eminem is number 1! Y’all have been asking, begging, and hoping for this collab for years now, and we’re hoping that 13 will be the lucky number as far as Tech N9ne’s studio albums go. “The Anthem” gave us a little taste, and we’re just as hungry as y’all are for the rest.

  • What does your collaboration wish list look like? Did we miss some of your favorites?

Let us know in the comments section below!


  • top 13Collabs for #2013 for Tech N9ne? Here it goes
    13.) Eminem
    12) Busta ryhmes (just Tech & Busta)
    10.) System of a Down
    09.) Lajon Witherspoon (of Sevendust)
    08.) Slipknot
    07.) Xzibit
    06.) Shawnna,
    05.) Nikki Lynette
    04.) Limp Bizkit
    03.) Avenged Sevenfold
    02.) Slaughterhouse
    01.) Wolfpac


    Danny muthafuckin BROWN

  • Angel

    Eminem and Slaughterhouse I wanna see that in 2013 that’d be so dope

  • Greg

    Yes Ab-Soul for sure and Danny Brown would be a dope song also

  • Sarah

    I’d love to see what the minds of Tech and A$AP come up with! Two of my favorite artist on one track!? I’d be happy. 🙂

  • MizeryMade

    Um, why are the Doors on this list? Seems a little redundant since we already know they’ve done something together.

  • Knuckles

    Yeah I was about to say, yall left out Xzibit.

  • Master Marlett

    tech has already stated that he has done music with the doors. obviously he is waiting for the right album too release this long awaited collab not only for the fans but for tech aswell

  • Redmen

    Lord infamous
    Don Trip
    This list is completely commercial garbage F.T.I!

  • dylan dorion

    i would like to see twiztid, hopsin, tech, and twisted insane all on a track together.

    all the top members of all the major underground labels at the moment imo.

    i would prefer it to be something like a world wide choppers or midwest choppers sorta sound.
    that would be dope as fuck!

  • David O

    Freddie Gibbs, and asher roth. Freddie Gibbs has a great relationship with Jay Rock and you could add Big Scoop, that would be raw as hell. Asher Roth has put out some really good music as of late and the contrasting styles would be really cool to see.

  • Metallica
    Avenged Sevenfold
    Mayer Hawthorne
    Asking Alexandria
    Chester Bennington (of linkin park)
    Serj Tankian/System of a Down

  • top 10 collabs?

    Slaughterhouse, Lecrae, T.I., Lupe Fiasco, Snow tha Product, DMX, Nas, Brother Ali, Freeway, Chino XL

  • berry

    Twista and Kool Savas. PLS KOOL SAVAS <3

  • PH Wishes

    What about Kollegah from Germany? 😉

  • I Wanna See Tech N9ne And Chamillionaire Collab That would Be Badass

  • 10. Beanie Sigel
    9. Common
    8. 40 Cal
    7. Hopsin again
    6.Jay Rock
    4.Ice Cube

  • strangefan

    emeinem signed them.. they have made collabos

  • Top10 Collabs for Tech N9ne for 2013 would be:
    10. Twista
    9. T.I.
    8. BoB(I am a psycho was insane)
    7. Drake
    6. Busta Rhymes
    5. 50 cent
    4. Hopsin
    3. Yelawolf
    2. SLAUGHTERHOUSE! (or Budden/Tech or Royce/Tech)
    1. Eminem(without rapping about Food or dick’s)

  • Marilyn manson, korn, system of a down, a7x, flava flav, lil jon, jarren benton, aqualeo, and swizZz

  • elton

    Chris webby Tyler the Creator Jay z jadakiss the king of darkness with the kiss of death KOD super collaboration

  • soundgee aka filho en mi

    not in order!!!
    bone thugs
    wildstyle from crucial conflict
    big syke & rappin 4 tay
    spice m.f. 1
    thug lordz
    kurupt & daz

  • That’s what I’m saying lol.

  • Strep

    10. Kid Cudi

    9. Bone Thugs

    8. Slaughterhouse

    7. A$AP Rocky

    6. Wale

    5. Kendrick Lamar

    4. Webbie & Boosie

    3. Yela

    2. Z-Ro

    1. Eminem

    0.5. Me
    Tech, make this happen

  • hed

    (hed) p.e. , KMK , Hopsin and dizzy wright

  • Mr. Head

    1. Eminem

    2. Lana Del Rey

    3. Muse

    4. Ice Cube

    5. ObIe Trice

    6. Xzibit

    7. Kanye West

    8. Dr. Dre

    9. T-Pain

    10. 50 cent

  • Goldberg

    Never, the time where tech was in Germany and heard kollegah, he just said “when i do a chopper then yes”…but we all know that he do another wwc.The flow from kollegah is just errr he can spit fast but flow…errr

  • muSick

    5-wildstyle from crucial conflict
    4-Bone thugs
    3-crooked I
    2- Eminem
    1-Rittz and Yela

  • Ari E. Saber

    DMX and XZIBIT!!

  • muSick



    Dj Uneek




  • 10. Apathy and celph titled
    9. Vinnie paz
    8. R.A. The Rugged Man
    7. Diabolic
    6. DMX
    5. Xzibit
    4. Immortal Technique
    3. Lynch! Its been a while
    2. Cypress hill
    1. Method man and Red man
    Order dont mattrr much but that’d be dope to see them on a track

  • Lenny

    I hate it when people want Tech to collab he has already collabed with. Its like saying “I WANT TECH TO COLLAB WITH KRIZZ KALIKO! HE NEEDS TO SIGN HIM!!!!” Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Before. You. Get. Bust. The. Fuck. Up.

  • imdiym

    Half those are shit.

  • PhoeNix

    Im not a major artist or anything but I have the skillz to put together a solid track with Tech N9ne. Be the judge for yourself check this video out

  • jake a

    Tech n9ne ft A day to remember
    tech n9ne ft chelsea grin
    tech n9ne ft the devil wears prada
    tech n9ne ft parkway drive
    so ya any of those would be sick

  • StrangeeMan

    ASAP Rocky? C’mon Tech you can’t be serious.

    Tonedeff DESERVES to be on this list more than any other guy on this list. He’s killer
    Childish Gambino

  • Guess Who


  • Dont Tread On Me

    Immortal Technique or Flipsyde. I’m kind of surprised Tech N9ne hasn’t done a collab with him. Both lyrical, independent, and hate the industry.

  • Ja Graphics

    HE ALREADY MADE COLLABos WITH Crooked I and Rittz

  • Tim

    Crooked I
    Immortal Technique
    Skylar Grey
    50 Cent
    Kendrick Lamar

  • Tim

    Bob Dylan

  • mainstream bitches gtfo now… stop posting artists he recently/frequently collabed with and artists on strange music… that makes no sense. no one likes you fake-ass fans either, or ppl that just started listening to tech n9ne and try to dominate this blog

    10. SwizZz (up and coming)
    9. Potluck (been awhile)
    8. Twiztid (always amazing)
    7. Danny Brown (spits some nasty shit… perfect)
    6. Ghostface Killa (old school dope MC)
    5. A7X (one of the best bands in my opinion)
    4. Kung Fu Vampire (absolutely amazing, check out Love Bites)
    3. Nas (Greatest MC of all time)
    2. Immortal Technique (True undergroud/social rap)
    1.Childish Gambino (Amazingly skilled lyricist, tech mentioned interest in a tweet)

  • Lupe fiasco anyone?
    Also immortal technique and diabolic

  • I love Lecrae man, but I don’t think he would ever agree to work with tech

  • Nobody


  • He should do something with Game, Nas , EMINEM (A must) something to a dr dre beat would be dope.
    More wok with hopsin to

  • jcooldog1

    already did a song with yela

  • Danny Brown and Tech would be sick as fuck!

  • TECH N9NE!!!

  • scrempf

    you’re an idiot.

  • MIc A

    missing in the list is:
    kendrick lamar
    ice cube

  • Slipknot! one of his favorite bands. That would be legit. As well as him and Twisted Insane goin bac to bac!

  • Brastaman


  • My top collabs for Tech N9ne:
    – Ice Cube
    – Dr. Dre
    – The Game
    – Lupe Fiasco
    – Busta Rhymes
    – 50 Cent
    – Killer Mike
    – Royce Da 5′ 9″
    – Chamillionaire
    – Jarren Benton
    and other ones with
    – Hopsin
    – Wrekonize
    – Stevie Stone

  • Kendrick Lamar

  • he should do some stuff with jelly roll, he is one of the best southern style emcee’s out there, and slipknot for sure we all know tech wants that one

  • i wanna see you TECH collabering with old schools even if they all are allmost dead, like ice cube, dr dre, xzibit, but dont let it sound to newschool.

  • Chino XL again would be dope, the same for a Swollen Members collabo

  • Hyzenburg

    Danny Brown, Dizzee Rascal (WWC 2?), Mystikal, Esham, Datsik, Knife Party, and Henry Rollins.

  • Lochlan

    Busta, Tech and Em on a track would be the best thing ever.

  • 6Hundred

    Tech n9ne and strange Music Mixtape with classic beats,,, Adrenaline Rush, Whoa, break your neck, 6 million ways to die , quite storm, freak on, sho nuff, ambitionz az a ridah, till i collapse and murda ink…….

  • BloodBath

    my top ten would be something like this

    10) Sno Tha Product

    9) Chamillionaire

    8) 8 Ball and MJG

    7) T.I.

    6)Lord Infamous

    5) Lil Wyte

    4) Jelly Roll

    3) SwizZz

    2) T-Rock

    1) Pastor Troy

  • Snoop Lion(at least Snoop Lion turn to his old style(even if for 1 song)) and Outkast

  • 6Hundred

    T-Rock and WildStyle from Crucial Conflict

    Mystical and Chamillionaire

    Immortal Technique and KRS-1

    DMX and Fiend


  • 10. JellyRoll
    9. Vinnie Paz
    8. Slaughterhouse
    7. T.I.
    6. Chamillionaire
    5. 2 Chainz
    4. Young Jeezy
    3. Jarren Benton
    2. 50 Cent
    1. Eminem

  • PopularBlogSite
  • DMX,Run DMC,Sugarhill Gang,Linkin Park,System of a Down,Skindred,Damian Marley,Nas

  • Grant Winkler

    A$AP, Eminem, 2 Chainz

  • GreatMathias88

    Lecrae tweeted Tech N9ne awhile back asking Tech for a collab actually. He mentioned making a “Holier Than Thou 2”. Tech didn’t respond to it though, at least not on Twitter.

  • GreatMathias88

    I’d rather hear Tech over some new production than with more new rappers at this point. Keep Seven, but otherwise can we get Tech on some Just Blaze, more J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Dr. Dre, No I.D.?

  • why not the 816 boyz and black hippy?

  • why not tech and meek, they both would sound dope on a track

  • TechNinna

    Please, do a collab with Immortal Technique. That would make me the happiest person alive.

  • johnny blaze

    1. sean price
    2. crooked I ( i know its happened already but theyre a good combo)
    3. z-ro ( doubtful but i can dream)
    4. freeway ( one of the most underrated in my opinion
    5. brother ali ( that would be sick)


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