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Is Tech N9ne Gonna Have To Choke A B*tch?! – Wayne Brady Shows Love For Tech N9ne!

Published: January 16, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne And Wayne Brady

Well, is he?

The new year has barely gotten underway, but it looks like Tech has already had his first run-in of 2013 with an unexpected face.

Currently prepping for his upcoming Independent Powerhouse Tour, the Kansas City King hit the web to reveal a recent conversation with comedian and actor Wayne Brady. Turns out that the man behind one of pop culture’s favorite catchphrases is a fan of the Mental Giant:

Widely known for his television career, Wayne Brady is also largely recognized for his infamous appearance on Chappelle’s Show in 2004:

After meeting the likes of Chris D’Elia and Kevin Hart in 2012, it looks like 2013 may just be another year of celeb endorsements for Tech N9ne.

  • Of all the celebrities to have shouted out Tech over the years, which do you think was the most surprising?
Let us know in the comments section below!

  • None of them are really that suprising, its about damn time. Aaron has worked long and hard.

  • anonymous

    You said long and hard…lol

  • def the rock and lil Wayne! Wayne hardly ever gives props to someone who’s better BC he is the best in his eyes! Some may say tech is “selling out” now, lol, they should be happy he is finally getting the recognition he deserves! He has worked hard to get where he is today and I for one am proud he is where he is! Strange music for life muthafuckas 😀 ^S^

  • I dont think tech is selling out, not even close BUT, why does brady complimentin tech on his word play a big comin from him? It aint like he in the hip hop industry, that made me literally scratch my head. Also all the comments ive read in the past few years about him “finally gettin recognition for all his grindin and hard work”, I think he’s been gettin recognition for the last decade, only difference is now “names” are actually comin out in public and sayin it. Basically i think these dudes are all jumpin on the tech bandwagon. But thats just my opinion. STRANGE!

  • mollsGreen

    I think he give him props because Wayne Brady is good at improv, like on Whose Line. That takes skill. It’s a different kind of word play but still.

  • Aint Starting Shit Just Saying

    Because like rap, with lyrical play and with freestyle it takes intelligence, wit, and quick thinking to make it come together. It is very similar in the improv world, and comedy, but specifically improv, which is what Wayne is best known for. Basically you could say that Tech and Wayne are very similar in their respective industries. Known as one of the best at what they do, but didn’t have much mainstream success until later in their careers. Wayne has had much more mainstream success in the last 15 years obviously, but was an unknown prior to Who’s Line Is It Anyway.

  • chris

    and mainstream went tech

  • RibDigger870

    Don’t ever bring lil Wayne into the same conversation as Tech…that’s just a fucking disgrace to all of hip-hop. Tech N9ne is a fucking lyrical genius and lil Wayne is a fucking retarded elf who knows how to say “nigga” 30 different ways to a fucking beat, and the kids these days eat that shit up like it’s something great. Technician For Life

  • Markwithac

    right after he said worked.

  • DevonJeanne

    WORD!!!! TECHNICIAN TIL DEATH! Lil wayne has some talent, i won’t deny that…but Tech has SOOO much more on every one “mainstream” nowadays…the fact that anyone thinks Tech has sold out, is just ridiculous..Tech deserves to be all over the radio, he’s put in the work, he’s a lyrical fucking genius as RibDigger870 said. Now im not one to bash any other artists, but i can’t stand lil wayne’s music. If Tech so chooses to do a collab with him, fine. But either way, Tech kills it alone and in collaborations.. Tech is a BEAST! I agree though, Lil wayne has some pretty lame lyrics and drops “nigga” countless times on every track. Tech has been in the game waay before Wayne was even thinkin about being a rapper. The shit thats played on the radio nowadays is garbage. Hense why my ipod is full of Tech, Krizz and Madchild..
    Technician I am, wholeheartedly, in life and in death.

  • DevonJeanne

    really? c’mon now..SMH. I agree with Matt, he’s worked HARD for a looong fucking time to get where he’s at, he fucking deserves the recognition. TECH N9NE! My children and their children, and their children’s children will be bumpin your beats for YEARS to come! STRANGE MUSIC BITCH!

  • haha funny, I thought u were insinuating that I actually LIKE lil Wayne! He’s garbage now,im from new Orleans and bump nothing BUT tech! I’m sorry you could not understand the sarcasm in my text. Completely understandable! Just know, I’ve been a technician for a long time and I do not fucking like lil Wayne O.o ooh I feel sick u even thought that….

  • Most surprising? That would be Tech getting cast in The Devils Carnival part two. As a long time technician and a fan of The Devils Carnival, I found it incredibly surprising to find him in this role. I’m freakin’ excited though.

  • DAMN!!

    Tech put Lil Wayne in the same conversation as himself. Maybe just so he can show us how much better he reallyis than Wayne.


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