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‘Mannibalector’ Stabs The Charts

Published: February 13, 2013 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Bloody Billboard

Brotha Lynch Hung will undoubtedly go down as the most successful cannibal to ever take a stab at the fickle world of the music business.

Brotha Lynch Hung ended his Coathanga Strangla trilogy with a bang by landing Mannibalector on the top 100 of the pops and top ten of the hip hop charts at the end of first week sales.

Not bad for an album that deals mainly in serial killing and human meat consumption!

Click here to read the full report on HipHopDX


Billboard released their findings and Mannibalector placed #8 on the hip hop albums charts and #13 on the independent album charts.

Mannibalector Billboard Charts

Click here to purchase Mannibalector.

  • Have you gotten your copy of Mannibalector? What do you think?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

  • stabbin thru the heart of mainstream.. GRRR

  • can’t stop listening to Mannibalector! Grrr

  • I Pre-Ordered the new album first minute I seen it was up


    This is my shit right here… I listened to it 5 times from first track to last track already and have tons of songs on repeat in my playlist… Dope ass album, my fave of the trilogy, and I hope one day you get that collab with Eminem and also do one with Snoop Dogg again, he went in on “Anotha Killin'”!

  • 916Represent

    916 Picked it up day of release! See you at Ace of Spades the 2nd!! Cut ’em up!

  • chunace spann

    I did my nigga. Got it a day early

  • Synister Assassyn

    Bought it the day after It’s release. deff one of the best albums I ever heard no doubt. /S/ For Life!

  • siccmade

    Been listening to the album for a week straight ! I still aint tired of it! STRAIGHT MANNIBALECT!! Grrr

  • lol i got it the first week n im lovin it you needa make these into a full blown series thatsd be too muthafuckin dope hahaha grrr!!

  • picked it up the first day its dope strange is on fire this year

  • Perish

    much love Lynch, i hope this aint the end of ur career u r way too good of an artist to be done now. i wish i had $ for the pre order but i scraped together enough cash to buy it at best buy the day it was released, FUCKING LOVED IT. im a rapper myself and always pictured my career ending with an ending like Mannibalecter did. from the Juggalo community we send our love and respect and hope to see you at future gatherings and i personally cant wait for ur show in Milwaukee, grrrrrrrrr

  • i bought it the day it came out walked six miles for it GRRRRRR. then i was ready for dinner


  • Southeast Sider

    Haven’t stopped bumpin Lynch since I picced up 24 Deep when it came out on tape in the early 90s n in 2013 still cruizin, Lynch’s mannibalector on the selector, blastin the album all around the boundary linez. Southeast San Diego goin cyco off Lynch.

  • MDL

    Got it the day it came out and haven’t stopped listening to it grrrrrrrrrr!!

  • Dude, idk how you do it but I have the patience to become or near you, what you spit is raw and disgusting but entertaining. Ima try to meet you by practice of my lyrics and courage but be logo legit as an idol

  • Willie

    Been a Brotha Lynch Hung fan for a good 16+ years, and this is without a doubt, one of the best albums he has done, period. Mannibalector is a classic, and I’m glad to see it’s making noise on the charts as well in the hip hop world. Congrats on finishing this vision of a trilogy in spectacular fashion.

  • got it loved it support lynch forever he say what I feel alot of time

  • alyssa noel

    Im broke i fail 🙁

  • I sold plasma in Madison Wisconsin to get money to buy this album the day it came out so I guess in a way I gave my blood to get this album! Haha

  • I preordered!! Here’s my love, keep doin’ this MANN!

  • got it the first day it came out…

  • Rich

    Hope you read this Lynch… Im a new fan and I bought the whole Coathanga series after hearing Meat Cleaver! Keep up the good work!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  • Marvelous MAR

    I preordered that shit! It’s fantastic, your style is a huge influence!
    The only thing I want is your rib recipe. I wanna cook ribs like a MANN and tip a few cold ones listening to all your music. Much respect, you da illest!

  • Josharp81

    Another classic album. Thanks Mann. See U in Ptown. Got that Obama chiefing I am sure that you got that covered tho.

  • Got this a day before it came out because I pre-ordered it and damn was I impressed! Much love goes out to you for this and your hard work Brotha Lynch Hung, I was very impressed with this album. Keep up the hard, good work! I’ll see you April 4th in Eugene, OR!



  • I preordered Mannibalector! Love it! alhough coathanga strangla will always be my fav!!

  • King G.

    Pre ordered it like a month before it came out. Got it bumped it. Still bump in it it hhasn’t left my truck stereo
    I didn’t wanna see it end. But its dope as fuck. Lynch deffinantly made his with all three of these albums hands down best album in a while.

  • i got the CD!! i’ll post a pic tomorrow!! <3 i love it!!! Meat Clever is my favorite!!

  • Mr Syck313

    o u know i got cop it

  • Pre-ordered it too! GRRR

  • nick

    ay man that was a sick album it hasnt even left my car sterio and i aint plannin on taking it out any time soon!

  • jason hubly

    I preordered my copy an I think its the best of the trilogy hits got the most heat although I liked the whole trilogy lynch stuck to the storyline an I think he is one of the most creative artist out right now im looking forward to his next album now that he finished the trilogy stay sicc lynch GRRRR

  • D@ $N€€K€ 1

    Lynch you a beast,Grrr.

  • D@ $N€€K€ 1

    Brotha Lynch Hung is lyrical killa. Grrr!

  • thasic6

    Been infected wit the siccness since 24 deep. got em all. GRR!

  • JayJayBloodbath

    Get em lynch Grrr

  • Faithful Locc

    Sure did Feb 5th… Independant Records… Denver, CO…

  • Ravendes

    Preordered my copy & bought the album on iTunes. Showin that true support for ya Lynch! You really outdid yourself this time around man! I couldn’t have asked for anything better, keep doin what you do bruh!

  • Nothing short of amazing as fuck. I swear each cd gets better and better. No rapper in the world has ever done thst in my opinion. Usually they just get worse. But you just progressed and got better.
    That’s what up, that’s real skill and potential. Mad love your music is fuxking dope. Keep it up Lynch don’t ever stop. Peace

  • patthepit

    I got this CD two days before it was supposed to come out ands showed 20 homies and they all bout it to just wish blood all over me was on it

  • Jiggabebe

    Yessir, every song is sooo sick, I have had it on repeat for days.

  • patthepit

    Can’t wait to see you in Omaha on 420 getting VIP for shire

  • Sdz

    Dope album…..Krocadile…is dope….meat cleaver is dope…stabbed is dope….the heartbeat song i forgot the name but its dope….sweeny todd is dope….the whole is dope……..

  • Redd8605

    sick album …favorites are Something about Susan… Stabbed and Meat Cleaver keep doin your thing Lynch

  • Colton667

    Best album of the three couldnt wait for it to come out. Picked it up right away, awesome. Love yelawolf on the album and meat cleaver n sweeney todd two favorites.

  • Great job, Lynch

  • john helmich to brotha lynch

    this album is the fucking shit mr man aka spider man brotha lynch hung. i got your album and twiztids new album abominations on a playlist with some tech shit ces and favorite selections from your archive of albums youve made back to 1990 fuckin long straight up hard workin real shit fuck everybody more gangsta and fuck alll yall motherfuckers and love your older style just azz well as your new shit you are a serious legend in hardcore rap no contest motherfuckers if your looking at this and think different you dumb as shit fuck lynch god of horrorcore rap fuck the industrie sold a million fucken albums on his own independently shit assholes recognize buy this shit anywere i tunes best buy music fuckin internet stores get this shit the best album of year so far

    .. sweeny todd some hot asss shit and would destroy anything on raio what the fuck how does this not get wreckongnized enough. it is but worth gold and is therapy for me cray right. serious up or down lynch hung bitches get on my dinner plate check out lynchs legacy its amazing look hard check it all out the shiiiit but found it through tech n9ne so thanks tech for bring lynch out to me much love. love madesiccc strange moutherfuckers fucken eat your ass ahhhhh shit fuck stab you. ps Johnathan lewis helmich fully loaded next album huh did i catch that?????? think so that would be sweet ass meat shit. much love crazy johny

  • john

    i need the bonus tracks that you get when preorder how do i get

  • Picked up the album the day it came out. Love it! The last 2 are the shit too! Met you 2 times last year and cant wait to see you and the rest of the Strange family in March. Love Ya Lynch! All the way from Albuquerque

  • DBZ Fan

    I bought the album on the day of its release on iTunes and been listening to it everyday ever since. This whole album kicks and as usual you never disappoint Lynch.

  • was there any doubt?


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