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Crazy Ass Hair – Rappers Other Than Rittz Known For Their 'Do

Published: May 6, 2013 in Rittz by

Strange Music emcee Rittz could easily be characterized by his intense double-time flow, his unique cadence, or even his southern roots, however it seems like all people seem to focus on is the dude’s hair.

We can’t really blame them, the shit is huge and luxurious, not unlike Rittz’s flows, and Rittz isn’t the first rapper whose hair has almost as a big a following as the rapper themselves.

In anticipation of The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant, we thought we’d have a little fun and spotlight some other rappers with larger-than-life head sweaters.




Coolio had some dope rhymes in his day, no one is here to debate that. “Gangsta’s Paradise” is easily one of the most popular hip hop songs from the 90’s, but hit records aside, this dude is more than likely going to be remembered for his hood-medusa lookin’ hair-do.

Over the years the braids have become like the branches on a withering tree, and we’re not quite sure why he hasn’t lopped those bad boys off yet, but we will continue to respect Coolio for giving us awesome rap tracks and giving zero shits about what people think for the last 20+ years.



We’ve been trying to figure out how to describe RiFF RaFF’s hair for the past week, only to come to the conclusion that his hair is as hard to describe as…well…his entire existence.

The dude has made a living off being one of the most weird and yet somehow awesome people to ever grace this little ball of mud we call earth, and no matter what crazy-ass hairstyle he comes up with next, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Danny Brown

Danny Brown

Danny’s hair is pretty much an aesthetic mirror of his rap-style: abrasive, borderline obnoxious at times, but overall pretty bad-ass and indisputably original.



Your flat top is invalid. The rapper/actor from House Party may have chopped this thing off decades ago, but he will forever be known as the dude with a hair-microphone on his head. We pray to the rap gods that someone put this thing in a musem somewhere.



Those dreads….They’re just…Wow.

The only person who could have ever come close to topping these un-tamable dreads was the homie Murs, but he’s since ditched the head-ropes in favor of the clean-cut look (which we’re irrationally upset about, those things were awesome).

Congrats Gunplay, you officially have the gnarliest dreads in hip hop (that we know of).

Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne

You knew this one was coming! Newer technicians may not have gotten to experience the glory of Tech’s fire-red head of hair, but us long-time fans have seen it all. The Sideshow Bob look, the potentially dangerous crimson head-spikes, and the perfectly manicured cornrows.

While Tech’s hair has made multiple transformations, he’s always retained the intricate lyricism and inimitable delivery that we know and love.

See guys? Rittz isn’t the only rapper with a monstrous mane!


Rittz - The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant



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