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TECHnologic: Imagining Daft Punk x Tech N9ne [Discussion]

Published: May 23, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Imagining Daft Punk x Tech N9ne

As 2013 rolls on, fans on the web continue to push rumors and speculation as to just who Tech N9ne will link up with next for his Something Else LP. From alternative rock heavyweights to rap’s elite, it seems like no one is off limits in the discussion.

With the recent release of their Random Access Memories album, house music icons Daft Punk find themselves at the top of the music world once again, and with all of the current attention centered on the legendary beatsmiths, we wonder – what would happen if Tecca Nina met the robotic duo on wax?

Robot RockDating back to their first outing as Daft Punk on “The New Wave” to their most recent full-length project, the French duo of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter has always pushed for innovation and originality. Daft Punk’s influence can be spotted all around the music world and pop culture in general.

From Kanye West’s “Stronger” to Busta Rhymes’ “Touch It”, Daft Punk’s signature sound has been sampled countless times – even Strange Music’s own ¡MAYDAY! got in on the action by going over “Robot Rock”. So if hip hop loves Daft so damn much, why haven’t we gotten a Tech N9ne and Daft Punk collabo? We don’t know quite frankly, but we do know we want it.

On Random Access Memories, Daft Punk upped the ante and relied heavily on live instrumentation to craft a funky mix of dance hits and futuristic compositions, breathing fresh life into the duo’s catalog. If that sounds like someone else you know, it might be because since his inspiration from Kanye’s MBDTF, Tech N9ne has sought the same re-invention in his sound.

At opposite ends of musical genres, Tech N9ne and Daft Punk have one more thing in common – their incredibly badass live performances. Hailed for his explosive stage presence, Tech has been deemed time and time again to have the best live show in hip hop. Likewise, Daft Punk may very well lay claim to the best damn show in electronic and house music. Don’t believe us? Peep the video below.

The question is, just how would these two musical powerhouses meet? Some may suggest Daft Punk put a new spin on a Tech N9ne classic. We’d like to think a Tech N9ne appearance on a Daft record would be the most appropriate way to go. Can you imagine the Kansas City King hurling lighting-fast syllables during a signature Daft Punk build-up? Yep, there’s every reason in the world to get excited about the possibilities.

Whether or not we ever get this is anyone’s guess, but with Strange Music’s general expanding his horizons each and every time out, it may soon be time for fans to get a taste of Tech N9ne x Daft Punk.

– Victor Sandoval, Strange Music Social Media – @VicMSandoval

Would you ever like to see a Daft Punk and Tech N9ne collaboration? What would you name it?

Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts below!

  • I’m not a fan of Daft Punk, but I do have electronic elements in some of the music I listen to and everything with Tech on it is pretty much gold, right?

  • Avery Holmes

    Not big on Daft Punk, but it’d be interesting to see Tech rap over an Electronica beat.

  • Insane,
    amazing, intense, mind blowing, brilliant, extravagant, spectacular,
    superb, and quite possibly one of your best ideas to date!

  • Hohepa Huriwai Stanton

    That would be epic 😀

  • Dizzle

    Tech and J Devil would be better!!!!!

  • Wendy S Thomas

    Eargasmic. My two greatest musical loves together? I’d die of pure fucking awesome.

  • TheChozenOne

    If Tech can rap over a dubstep beat (Kill Shit/Spaz) then he can do this easily.

  • Richard

    like it? i would love it! 😀 and how about

    Technophile (person who is enthusiastic about new technology) i kinda find it fitting

  • Christipher Koonz

    Yes. Electric Ave? Haha. Idk some crazy sh

  • Mister X

    Daft Punk is my favorite non-rap artist, I think it would be an awesome idea to collaborate on Tech’s next album.

  • Phill Collins


  • Franky

    as a huge fan of both Tecca Nina and Daft Punk, this collab is a MUST!!!! it will be the most epic collab EVER!!! So excited now. thanks, guys, for coming up with the bestest and freshest ideas!

  • Johnny Pree

    Way better than Fred Durst.

  • JaM

    Collab would be Epic

  • Troy Allen

    Fuuuuuuuck yea that shit would b dope as fuck

  • giorgio

    this would be sick! but it would be on a tech album i dont think he wants to wait for the next daft punk ablum to come out

  • steve

    Tech dont do it, your starting to go mainstream, fuck that whack shit keep it OG. Fuck the iLLuminati and fuck daft punk they aint nothin but punks and punks aint nothin but bitches. I really hope you see this tech cause i feel you’d understand or maybe…..

  • steve

    Look at all these SHEEP telling you they’d like it makes me sick.

  • Danielle

    sounds like people are tryna hold you back with the comments under mine. you do what feels strange to you baby you could never let us down. peace

  • Emma

    Do ittttt!!!!!!!!!!! This would be sooooo fucking epic!!!! AHHH

  • Brandon

    Sounds like everyone loves the idea except for the few that think collaborating with big name artists will tarnish your reputation of being independent and instead going “mainstream” Making music is what u love to do and if it involves other artist and making unique sounds and beats then go for it. Nothing u make can be bad or horrible as long as your heart is into 100%. Good luck looking forward to hearing anything new you can think of

  • TXhitman

    R u kidding me? FUCK YES!!! YOU GOTTA DO IT TECH!

  • Mitch

    Please do it!!!!!

  • jon

    please don’t tech. I don’t care who you collab with. you made fuck food good with lil wayne. but it just wouldn’t sound nice. two different genres, but two different styles too. it just woulnt be as good as what you can make.

  • swaggamerubbenslikk

    do it

  • Jizz O’

    Hell fuckin yeah nigga, you got to do it, ask em to use that TALKBOX and VOCODER sh*t

  • Dave

    Make it happen

  • TheChozenOne

    He’s already done two different genres before he rapped to dubstep in “Kill Shit” and it was amazing.

  • TheChozenOne

    Yeah that’s logical. People are “sheep” all because you have some sort of problem with this collaboration.

  • TheChozenOne

    Ignorant people don’t seem to understand that Tech having mainstream people on HIS album doesn’t mean he’s going mainstream. If anything it’s mainstream going Tech just like he said it would.

  • zygotron

    Do it! Daft N9ne!

  • david arteaga


  • david arteaga

    ok cuz i just tried to post and it didnt show up

  • david arteaga

    so strange knows just how brilliant this idea really is. i think you and daft punk can do wonders if the proper care is taken. your fans need more than great music. they need enlightenment and the world of music needs to see things like your idea here, they’ll change music forever. i don’t think this idea should be taken lightly. with this opportunity i believe you’ll be able to touch millions of people and create a road where people in the rap world and in other worlds of music won’t be so adverse to change. it’s transformation. advancement demands change.

  • 330Raps

    Did You Guys Not Listen To The Song “Spaz”, He’s Already Mastered Dub, Tech N9ne!

  • Kimba Goodfella Poet DeSayles

    I’d call it murder in the 1st cause you guys would kill the beat but I say make a fresh beat not remix an old one

  • Fuzzygecko

    Do it!!!!

  • Ruairi


  • Jakoby Sallaz

    Tech this collision of talent, would be of greatness. I believe this is a must! In other words Fuck Yes!

  • Pop Tart

    I think it would sound a little like Krizz’s adventures with the dubstep beats. Do it.

  • lee

    I definitely think you should see this through!

  • lee

    And fuck haters. You wouldn’t be going mainstream. Daft Punk is hardly mainstream.

  • TRE

    Its a shame, that someone like me, who is a DOPE underground rapper would NEVER be given a chance, but someone like him would.. i get it.. hes big.. hes got a name, blah blah.. but what about us small folks.. ahh.. do it.. it will be dope like the every other song you jump on.. but really.. someone from kentucky does not have alot of outlets to get heard in music, and i think u should let a small fish, swim or drown

  • Ajay69

    Would be epic!

  • TheSuperman

    All I gotta say to my nigg N9ne: “Hell to the muthafukin’ YEEEESSSSSSS! Do dat shit!”

  • disqus_aqNer4jONR

    it would open quit a field…expand everything..just like you do!!

  • WagKing WhiteKloud

    do it man dat shyt would be DOPETASTIC

  • Andres Andrade

    would be so fucken boss status!!!! yes!

  • ToxikTripp

    Yea i think it is a bad ass idea . fucking do it homie

  • ToxikTripp

    Fuckin do it Tech.

  • Christipher Koonz

    Looks like there would have to be a cut from Starsky and Hutch for that “do it” scene. Hahaha

  • Christopher Holland

    Must do. I can picture Red Rocks now! Call it Tech Punk tour or Daft N9NE

  • floppydisk559

    i dont think that the problem is if tech would do it… cuz it seems like he really wants too……..i think the problem lies on if daft punk would do it.???

  • Doğukan

    Go ahead Tech! Just make sure its something STRANGE and different.

  • mark

    How are people NOT a fan of Daft Punk? It’s seems like universally good to me..

  • DarkShadow

    R u seriously messing with me ? HELL FUCKIN YEA!!! YOU GOTTA DO IT TECH!!!!

  • TECHnologic

    if they won’t collab with you, just tear up some of their beats – it will be mother fucking insane!!!! please?!?!

  • matt brouse

    do it

  • asdeg

    you are nowhere near as good as tech,,come on now…stop the cry baby shit

  • TRE

    I didnt say I was as good as tech, but i am good enough to get noticed.. I was referring to daft punk.. not tech.. and im not saying daft dont have skills at what he does.. or he wouldnt be where he is now.. all im saying.. if I was given the chance to collab with tech.. it would be a SMAH HIT.. bet on it

  • Corey

    YOU CAN DO IT TECH! 😀 That would sound incredible!

  • Roman Vinogradov

    This my dream, Haha)

  • if you’ve got the skills you should be able to garner a local following and start getting noticed elsewhere. look at ces cru. they were busting ass in the same damn city as tech and it took years to get to where tech was ready to work with them.

  • Tech Fan

    I’d shit myself if this happened


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