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REVEALED: Tech N9ne – ‘Something Else’ – Features And Tracklist

Published: June 26, 2013 in Strange Music by

Tech N9ne - Something Else Special Edition

Tech N9ne has set July 30 as the release date for his blockbuster Something Else album. The high-powered collection is broken up into “Fire,” “Water” and “Earth” sections and features legendary guests from different genres and different eras, including music icons The Doors, rap superstars Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa, rock maverick Serj Tankian and singer-rapper Cee Lo, among others.

Tech N9ne collaborated with the remaining members of The Doors on “Strange 2013,” a reworking of The Doors’ “Strange Days” that was one of the last recordings The Doors’ founding member, Ray Manzarek, made before he passed away in May. In a June 24 feature, Tech N9ne says that The Doors’ music saved his life and that The Doors’ songs “People Are Strange” and “Strange Days” are the reasons why he named his record company Strange Music. “If I didn’t listen to their music and their fusion of sounds, I probably would’ve never called [my label] Strange Music,” Tech said to Rolling Stone. “I have Jim Morrison to thank for that.”

The rest of Something Else is equally remarkable. “That’s My Kid” featuring Cee Lo, Big K.R.I.T. and Kutt Calhoun has Tech N9ne explaining how he gave up his life in the streets in order to be a better father. Elsewhere, Tech N9ne teams with Kendrick Lamar, !MAYDAY¡ and Kendall Morgan for “Fragile.” On this spirited selection, Tech N9ne delivers a dazzling, tongue-twisting rap blasting all of his critics, while Kendrick Lamar details how he pours his heart and soul into his lyrics.

Today, Tech N9ne releases the Drumma Boy-produced single “See Me,” which features Wiz Khalifa and B.o.B. Tech N9ne sings and raps on the cut about how he gets overlooked by many despite his remarkable accolades – selling more than 2 million units independently, headlining the longest tour in rap history and owning hip-hop’s most powerful, truly independent record company, among them. (link to song and download below)

Something Else will be available for pre-order on iTunes July 2. Fans who purchase a copy of the album in advance will instantly receive the song “So Dope (They Wanna).” The lyrically intense tune is in the vein of Tech N9ne’s revered “Choppers” series of songs that pair him with fellow top-tier rappers who deliver dizzying flows with remarkable clarity.

Tech N9ne will also be the lead music feature in this week’s print edition of Billboard Magazine, on-stands June 28.

The tracklist for the deluxe version of Something Else is as follows:

  • “News With Mark Alford 1” (skit)


  • “Straight Out The Gate” (featuring Serj Tankian, Krizz Kaliko)
  • “B.I.T.C.H.” (featuring T-Pain)
  • “With The BS” (featuring Red Café, Trae Tha Truth & Big Scoob)
  • “Love 2 Dislike Me” (featuring Tyler Lyon of Evalyn Awake & Liz Suwandi)
  • “Fortune Force Field”
  • “I’m Not A Saint”
  • “Fragile” (featuring Kendrick Lamar, ¡Mayday!, & Kendall Morgan)
  • “Priorities” (featuring The Game & Angel Davanport)
  • “News With Mark Alford 2” (skit)


  • “Dwamn”
  • “So Dope” (They Wanna) (featuring Wrekonize, Snow Tha Product & Twisted Insane)
  • “See Me” (featuring Wiz Khalifa & B.o.B)


  • “My Haiku-Burn the World” (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  • “That’s My Kid” (featuring Cee Lo Green, Big K.R.I.T., Kutt Calhoun)
  • “Meant to Happen” (featuring Scoop Deville)
  • “News With Mark Alford 3” (skit)
  • “Believe”
  • “R.I.P. Ray” (skit)
  • “Strange 2013” (featuring The Doors)
  • “SMB”


  • “Colorado” (featuring B.o.B, Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, ¡Mayday!, Stevie Stone, Ces Cru)
  • “Drowning” (featuring Liz Suwandi)
  • “Thizzles” (featuring Danny Brown)

New Music: “See Me” Featuring B.o.B. and Wiz Khalifa


  • Nate

    no twista? weak

  • ETAN GGod

    No RITTZ ??? WTF

  • Nate

    NO JL?????????

  • fanfromfrance

    Rittz is on Colorado

  • Røme Maine

    the features are like…something else for sure haha. im disappointed that there is no slumerican or eminem still. but im still super stoked with the doors and serj joining the ninna. mainstream went tech on this album hard. Im glad we got some big krit also

  • mic’n9ne

    looks so good, can’t wait to hear strange 2013!!! just to bad eminem is still not on any of your songs, it’s his loss cuz TECH N9NE YOUR THE BEST

  • David Turley

    what happen to rock a bye i like that song it should defiantly be on there

  • Stranger

    Just when I think you can’t possibly get any more dope you gotta go and give me Something Else

  • John

    That was the song you got if you preorder the album, the song that isn’t on the album.

  • ats7531

    Lookin’ forward to “Fragile,” “So Dope,” and “Colorado.” Some of my top rappers are on those tracks!

  • ats7531

    JL might not have been able to get his verse in time, happened with Eminem and “My World” on Everready. Dalima had to fill in.

  • Dzubox

    Too bad there’s no Eminem, i was really looking forward to it 🙁

  • mickey

    Disappointed in the tracklist….no eminem? No slaughterhouse? No james hetfield? Ill stikll love the album but definitely disappointed

  • Jeff Nelson
  • nate

    wheres the 816 boyz at

  • Dylan

    Wheres Eminem?

  • Michael

    Wow still no Eminem! What the fuck, whatever it will still be Dope. Really disappointing though..

  • Edward Martinez

    MY nigga lynch aint on the album

  • Gucci Wallace

    beast, loving this album!

  • Gucci Wallace

    Word, Lynch is beast

  • skullcrue

    when tech n9ne does a single with eminem, then you know his career is on the right track. waiting for that day. pre-ordering this bitch anyway

  • smoove

    32 features and its not a colab album. Guy needs to do a couple songs by himself

  • rlw3333

    no Dark Man X 🙁

  • rlw3333

    i thought for sure that there would be DMX and MGK features on this mofo but im glad hes not rushing the world wide choppers 2 track though

  • rlw3333

    maybe hes hiding some songs from us so when we see that shit were like HOLY MOLY…you know surprises are the best presents im not getting my hopes up though

  • Techn9cian

    its been confirmed hes not.

  • Andres Andrade

    u did get serj! omg im goin to love this album!!! :] i already do x]

  • Tim

    I trust Tech. This Album is going to be sick!

  • Kaje

    What ever happened to dalima?

  • Joe

    …..we need the KOD…go get ya payday tho

  • strangesoul

    I see he didn’t get the Game collab. Oh well. Kind’ve disappointed Rockabye wasn’t on the tracklist, because that’s a dope song. I like having hardcopies of my music. Oh well. GONNA BE DOPE.

  • strangesoul

    by the Game collab, I meant on “That’s My Kid”.

  • Master Öf Weed

    That song was too real for the album.

  • mickey

    Real clever queer….

  • Dan Smith

    Lookin forward to see what the song with game sounds like… guessin some sooo wooo blood ish. Also why is the water section so small? can’t wait tho for real

  • Dmitry

    where is Corey Taylor((((((((((

  • me

    stop whinin bout eminem lmao his shit aint even good no more anyway eminems nothin now the Slim Shady retired! without the drugs swearing and woman abuse wheres the fun?

  • 90 degrees

    Wait where’s “Rock-a-bye” ?

  • Colt

    That is incorrect as I have pre-ordered. When Pre-ordering, you get “Fortune Force Field” and a song called “Party The Pain Away”. You got “Rock a Bye” by participating in one of the Monster sweepstakes Tech N9ne had.

  • N9NEnina


  • Ace D. Phylosoph’Ace

    WTF WHEREEE IS LYNCHHHHH, TWISTA, JL, KUTT ??? It’s strangeeee !!!!

  • rlw3333

    that’s what im talkin bout mb hes hiding a song or two from that section because Eminem is such a big name and surprises are the best

  • los322

    Finally Tech and Game collab!!! I thought it would never happen!! Wish R.A. the rugged man was on there too though

  • Matt Mares

    what about Rock a Bye?

  • MateQ

    Yela should be there

  • datniqqa

    Rittz is slumerican still. yuh-ah-yeah!

  • Anthony Lopez ToonieMonster
  • bobbybrownsaidol

    Wow.. so many collabs on an album.. is it a collabo, should tech take some time off and come back next time with a solo album, with like 1-5 feat, tracks? well can´t hate on tech tho.. he knows his shit

  • Quayde Knaus

    Honestly, it’s a fucking TECH N9NE album, when has he ever disappointed us? He did a song with LIL WAYNE and it was fucking sick. If you want Eminem, go buy Eminem. That collab will probably never happen. I’m buying this album for tech, not anyone else.

  • disqus_f4o9SKdJBz

    about 10 of the songs are solo. the features are just for the hook on those.

  • disqus_f4o9SKdJBz

    alot of the features are just for hooks,

  • kristjan

    aha he cant get everybody man, tech aint slowin down, we still got many dope collabs to come.

  • Techniciaaaaaaaaan!!!

    Straight out the Gate and Colorado FOR SURE. Serj Tankian sonnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

  • Michael James Bowers

    I downloaded all 3 already anyway

  • Michael James Bowers

    No Rittz dude hes on the Colorado song

  • Michael James Bowers

    If you read the lyrics yeah to real would offend the mainstream

  • Michael James Bowers

    Tellem dude tellem

  • anonomous

    Ray Manzrek did not pass away. it was Jim Morrison, come on man, learn your facts,what if Tech saw that?

  • Vic Sandoval

    Ray passed away…hence “RIP Ray” on the tracklisting. Google is your friend.

  • Jeff Nelson

    Oh God please just be a troll.

  • 9TECH

    no LYNCH??????????????????????????

  • 9TECH

    why no LYNCH???????????????????????

  • Jonathan



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