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Was Drake Supposed To Appear On Tech N9ne’s ‘Something Else’?

Published: July 31, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Drake


Was Something Else supposed to feature another Strange Music/YMCMB collaboration?

In an interview with MTV Hive, Tech N9ne reveals that he originally wanted Drake to appear on Something Else for a song called “Look Like Heaven”. Tech explains:

I tried for Drake but we didn’t get him. He got busy. [Lil] Wayne said he would hook it up. It was for a song called “Look Like Heaven.” Maybe it wasn’t good enough or maybe he was busy? I didn’t press it. I understand.

The interview also covers Tech N9ne’s sex life: from current to the past going all the way back to the encounter he had with his 7th grade teacher, whom Tech rapped about on Something Else’s “I’m Not A Saint”. The interview ends with one of the best quotes you’ll ever hear, but you’ll have to read it all to find out what it is.

Click here to read the entire interview.


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  • What do you think of a Drake and Tech N9ne collaboration?
  • What kind of song would you want to see them do together?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Shaqnosis32

    Why is drake even in the same sentence. As Tech N9ne I can’t even put him in the same sentence

  • Jeff Nelson

    Tech was interviewed and he said he tried to get Drake on the track.

  • shaqnosis32 sucks dick

    Youre no technician.

  • Mori Black

    Tech Dont do It . Dont do it plz …!

  • Daniel Karlsen

    Dont have Drake in any songs srry to sat. But ur songs are that epic so fucking good . he isant that good they suck (that what i ting)
    Jeep doping what u do!! but pllllzzzz dont have Drake in anysongs

  • Truffle

    Fuck Drake…

  • Kerstian Perkins

    Are you fucking kidding? Drake is the worst! He ruined hip hop, Come on tech first little wayne was pushing it and then wiz and you seriously wanted Drake? What the fuck. He is garbage, he the type of nigga to wear a pad when his girls on her period so ahe doesnt have to be alone. Honestly if you ever collab with him that could very well end it for me, Lil wayne and them were pushing it and hard enough to get over but drake? Really. Fuckin bullshit.

  • techgirl94

    I listen to you on my phone in the car so I can get away from Drake on every single song on the radio. Please don’t do it Tech. Please. You’re music is all I have anymore… don’t sell out to drake… you’re music is strange.. not retarded…

    Your faithful Female Technician.

  • joshua hernandez

    No. Plain and simple. I’m a technician I mean I rock the logo for life. And I don’t want to have drake associated with strange music bro -_-

  • german_stranger

    fuck drake he sux waynes lil weene so shit on his shitface he is not an artist he is an muppet puppy..

  • Gage T Coppedge

    PLEASE NO. I get that he actually had some form of talent but he threw it all out the door to get big. He’s a sellout. He doesn’t deserve to be on the same track as you. I love your music man but please just stay true to your fans.

  • Joshua Thomas Jones

    Take a good look at everyone that tech collabs with they spit some sick shit because hello tech wrote it with them, so it wouldn’t be some young money bullshit it would be some strange baddassery so quit being haters and be a motherfucking technician and support tech in all his ventures.

  • Lunatik

    But the “mainstreams going tech” right? Yeah bullshit, that’s why you always see tech n9ne FEATURING someone else, that means tech reached out to them. I hate that fuckin mainstream going tech gimmick, I haven’t bought into that shit since the day he started it, it’s just a way to try and get fans that won’t let theirselves believe that he’s selling out.

  • jeremii

    Put who ever on your shit, got to make music. Im not hating on anyone but I still think you should slap his ass for not responding like a man

  • Whiz

    If Tech worked with Drake, he would have lost my respect to be honest. Drake is a sell out. Tech is a real artist. I wonder why he wanted to work with him in the first place…..- Big fan from Addis Ababa.

  • $range Music Boxx

    haha all you dumbasses are lamee! tech n9ne Even SAys It N A Interview That He Is Goin To Do a Song Wid WHo Ever He Wants Cause its His Music, Ha Besides That Tech N9ne Is the Greatest , If He Wants You TO Be Featured In Sa Song Then.. Obviously Your Doin Something Right! Like Get Over It.. Ha If ur a real technician then you wuld support tech either way ha

  • charleskyle1500m

    You obviously aren’t a true fan. I don’t like it either, but I’m not gonna go and stop listening to Tech N9ne and disregard everything he’s done because of a few bad collabs.

  • charleskyle1500m

    He’s still independent. Lil’ Wayne actually wanted to make music with him first. And so what if he wanted to collab with Drake? If he were really selling out, he would have changed his music in order to appeal to people. He has been rapping the same since day 1. About the same shit. He could honestly make much more money if he started rapping about different shit, and cleaning up his lyrics. But he doesn’t. therefore he is nothing close to a sellout. It’s really just one collab.

  • Dre

    Its Really Hard To Type Like This looks like u got lazy with ur last sentence #yolo

  • Anthony DeLillo

    Chill out, stop bitching… I’m not a fan by any means, but I have to admit Drake can sing a good hook. Dude has a good voice, it’s simple. And while he usually is weak with his rhyming (from the few of his songs I actually listened to), he can spit a decent verse, such as on Kendrick’s album last year. If him and Tech spit on Seven’s production it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. As long as Tech keeps it Strange and doesn’t sound like he’s making a pop hit (which he’d never do in my opinion) I don’t give two fucks who he chooses to work with.

  • Money

    fuck drake!

  • Clash

    Ya, Drake uses the tone of his voice to get listeners. Im diggin all the new stuff from Tech, just not these collabs with artists that sell out.

  • russell

    Like he said in the song BITCH you aint a Technician

  • Michael

    Tech reached out to drake…. so he’s going to the mainstream this time it seems.


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