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WHOA! – Brotha Lynch Hung Almost Had A Song In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’?

Published: August 23, 2013 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Brotha Lynch Hung Almost Had A Song In 'GTA V'?

The surprises just keep coming from the Sac Town Cannibal!

Yesterday we found out he had none other than Martha Stewart following him on Twitter, and today we find out he almost had a song on Grand Theft Auto V?

Brotha Lynch took to his Instagram to share what could have been, leaving Lynch fans with a bittersweet thought of how badass and perfect that would have been:

Brotha Lynch Hung Reveals News On Instagram

We were already hyped as hell when we got to hear Jay Rock in the trailer for the upcoming revolutionary video game, but to have Lynch on there as well would have been the icing on the probably-contains-human cake.

Until they begin developing GTA VI, we can only dream of a world when we can rob people, crash cars, and beat up prostitutes while listening to Mannibalector, all in the safety of our own home.


  • What Lynch track would’ve fit best on GTA V?
  • What other video games would you like to hear Lynch’s music in?

Hit us up in the comments below!


  • Gary Emmitt

    Lynch needs his own game, GTA meets Hannibal…you play a serial killer and choose which way to kill your victims!

  • Cris

    I think Had 2 Gat Ya would have been dope or I Heard That Song B4 also I would love to see Lynch do a song for Reptile from Mortal Kombat

  • Matteo Gabbrielli

    please use Rest In Piss…

  • Hpno

    I say Nutbagg woulda been the best song for the game.

  • Freddy

    Locc to the brain and rest in piss. Ow and almost forgot about on my briefcase!!

  • Gironimo Elsalvadore

    return of tha baBY KILLA

  • abeoners


  • Jake Carter

    Itd have to be Murder Over Hard. Cause thats how I like my eggs,, lol

  • MoeksDaily

    You guys realise you can listen to your iPod full of Strange artists AND play the game at the same time… You don’t have to wait for GTA6…

  • Dylan Coulson

    It was suppose to be meat cleaver he tweeted back to me on this a couple months ago

  • eugenio

    when they make gta6 put meat clever on their

  • Treyvon Thompson

    I Refuse to Loose

  • Ravn Arionsson Borchgrevink

    please use stabbed

  • Deejay Gurra

    ICU, Rest In Piss, Locc 2 Da Brain, Return Of Da Baby Killa….. I always have lynch hung on while playing GTA:SAN ANDREAS! Would be awesome if he would have been in the Five… Hopefully you’ll being able to add your own tracks in the game when it will be on PC as you could do with the previous verisions.

  • DeltaKT

    Stabbed or Meat Cleaver !!
    And maybe even Eating You !

    Fuck, I can’t decide 😛 :C


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