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‘On Course For Mainstream Embracement’ – XXL’s Praise For ‘Something Else’

Published: August 1, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

XXL Review

Always supportive of the Strange Music movement, XXL weighs in on Tech N9ne’s 13th studio album saying that “Tech’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.” That opinion is reflected in their “XL” rating for Something Else!

The reviewer, Eric Diep, commends Tech N9ne’s ability to meld inventive lyricism with cross-genre sounds to create something that has kept him progressing in the rap game. He also addresses the large variety of not only artists featured on the album, but the variety in content as well, pointing out Tech’s advancement through Fire, Water and Earth.

From XXL:

…the KCMO native stands out for delivering lyricism, covering a wide swath of topics and blending genres to make a sound that stands out on its own. With names like The Doors and Kendrick Lamar paying their respects on Something Else, Tech’s signature intensity is on course for mainstream embracement. Here, he teeters between his darkest emotional songs and surefire hits that are clear signs of him transcending underground hip-hop.



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  • Joseph

    I am wondering why XXL Magazine let this dousch bag write this review on Something Else…I thought XXL was on the team? I guess not.

  • neokain

    fuck dude, what more do you want? it wasnt a 5/5 album. it was a 4/5 album and thats being generous. i wouldn’t have picked dwamn/love 2 dislike me as the weaker tracks but he is right.

  • Jeff Wade

    Love the album 11out of 10 fuck you thinking it’s a 4 of 5! Techn9cian I am wholeheartedly in life and in death!

  • Tinashe Shoko

    originality should of been an XL no day that fucke jeezus by kanye west could of topped this shit LIKE COME THE FUCK ON1 “im not a saint” was original as fuck!

  • Zach

    They’re unbiased. It’s a magazine. Stop fucking crying. It got 4/5, and I too feel that that’s what it deserved.

  • Nucarev


    I think that there is some mistake in XXL’s rating system. Tech N9ne’s albums must be the criterion for “originality”
    “XXL” please!, just review your way for evaluating.

    🙂 Techn9cian till the end!

  • David Stein

    Umm all you guys keep talking about is the originality but lets be frank
    The lyrics should have been xxl. Fuck xxl mag with all their lamestream praise and fuck this douche reviewer.

  • McFly

    Originality should be through the roof as well as lyrics, come on XXL you know whats really good. Tech did a song with the Doors! Like wtf come on how much more original does it get? Techs a true OG

  • Jason m

    I think it’s bullshit and they’re critic made no sense dwamn explained a frase he used for ever and no need to explain love 2 dislike me pretty obvious the overall theme. I give it an XXL

  • Colton Lozier

    This NEEDS an XXL I haven’t heard such originality and variety as well on the album with plenty excellent collabs

  • coathangastrangla

    something else sucked hes right

  • Anthony DeLillo

    The originality rating was bullshit. Something Else was unlike any other hip-hop album with all the diverse sound and features. Easily at LEAST an XL but truly an XXL for originality. Something Else should have received an XXL rating overall.

  • Steven Pedroza

    Man. You can’t Have Main-Stream Judge Tech N9ne .It Strange Music every thing is Original. Tech N9ne Drops the fastest and realest Flow ever the come his Evil brain and His Angel heart…… I Gave this Album 10/10 these People just hate to see him shine

  • Alex

    Originality should have been way up there. Love it, hate it, or somewhere in between this album most of all is ‘Something Else’. There aren’t any tracks I dislike on this album, which is rare because there is usually at least 1 or 2 tracks I’m not a huge fan of on Tech’s albums. But overall all his albums have been amazing. I actually really liked Love 2 Dislike Me and I’ve been waiting for a Dwamn track for awhile now. I got the shirt to match when I listen to that song on the road. Straight Out The Gate delivered on so many levels, was totally worth the wait to hear Tech and Serj. On top of all that, the bonus tracks were great. Colorado is full of greatness.

  • Michael Becke

    Really. Tech N9ne=3 in originality…. Maybe a kanye album or some Jay-z, no hate or anything its just obvious how their flow is gonna sound and what they’re gonna talk about. Tech is always different. Burn The World. That’s my Kid. Believe. Straight Out The Gate… Should I say more…

  • Joe Anthony Compion

    they got it so wrong…if something else only deserves a 3 in originality then the rest of the game gets a 0…fuck that i give it a XXXL!

  • Ty Wilkins

    Someone at XXL got dropped on their head as a kid, 3 marks for originality….Seriously? Take mainstream rappers dicks outta your ears and listen to it again.

    Techn9cian in life and in death.


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