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WATCH: ‘I Got His Back, Sorry N Shit’ – Tech N9ne’s Reaction To Kendrick Lamar And ‘Control’ Verse

Published: August 21, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Montreality

When one of the hottest rappers in the game gets on wax to call out just about everybody, people take notice.

In what has become the most talked about thing in hip hop so far this year, Kendrick Lamar’s verse for “Control” has had the internet and the streets on extended buzz . Kendrick’s career-ending threats to the best-selling artists in hip hop and his call for rappers to step their game up has become a lightning rod for discussion and has already caused a massive array of on-wax responses from many emcees (none of who were even mentioned in Kendrick’s verse).

In his recent video interview with Montreality, Tech N9ne gives his response to the Kendrick Lamar verse, saying that it only backs up a notion that the King of Kansas City has had for more than a minute now.

Tech says:

My reaction was “Yeah nigga! Wake these motherfuckers up!” Everybody’s so lazy man! Because I always raise my bar. My bar is always raised every album. “He’s A Mental Giant” to “So Dope” or whatever you listen to of Tech N9ne is technical. It’s always pushing my peers to go even harder when they do a song with me. For Kendrick to take a step further and say names and shit is really waking niggas up. If anybody got a problem with my little homie, I got his back. Sorry N Shit.

The in-depth interview also covers a variety of interesting, left-field topics including:

  • The worst thing he’s put his parents through
  • His crooked teeth and why they’re important to his rapping ability
  • His definition of a G

And much more!



Tech N9ne - Something Else Special Edition

  • What do you think of Tech’s take on the “Control” verse?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • John Hart

    He didnt even mention Tech N9ne because he’s the boogieman and hes like bloody marry or bettle juice if you say his name hell come kill you lol

  • Weak ass response Tech, no u aint steppin anything up, im a huge fun of u but ur goin so mainstream lately.. where ur strangemusic ???

  • reklez707

    Y faggots gotta hate on tech. I support him n his music to the fullest. Fuck the bullshit

  • Xayne Zackare

    If your a true fan dude it doesnt matter if he completely goes mainstream…. you STILL got his back…. stop bitching and either stand with him or get the fuck out of the way..

  • Andre Walker

    There would be no real reason to call out Tech on that song. Everyone knows he pushes himself to do better already. That song sucked hard, but I’m glad he did that verse and mfs got sand in their cracks. This game needed it and way more of it.

  • jigglyjello

    Tech will NEVER go mainstream. Mainstream went TECH! Finally! Hes still got his impeccable flow, content, continuity and themes, he’s just getting better more progressive beats and better known features.


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