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Fans Share Their Most Epic Tech N9ne Collab Album Wishes [SOCIAL]

Published: September 17, 2013 in Strange Music, Tech N9ne by

Dream Collaborations

We don’t care who you are, you’re never too cool to have a dream collaboration.

One of the best things about being a hip hop fan these days is that technology has allowed for the possibility of collaborations that may have never come to fruition in the days before Facebook and Twitter.

With that in mind, Tech recently took to his Facebook to ask fans this: If you could pick one artist for Tech to do an entire collaboration album with, who would it be?

The responses poured in faster than we could collect them, with answers ranging from mainstream mainstays like Eminem and The Game to underground legends like MF Doom and Earl Sweatshirt and everything in between.

Who knows if any of these will ever happen (they probably won’t), but hey, we can dream, can’t we? Check out some of our favorite responses below!


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  • Did your response make it into our list?
  • Who would YOU pick to do a collab album with Tech?

Leave a comment and join in on the discussion!

  • Alex Alebertt

    Primus and kung fu vampire.

  • Tech&Prof


  • Guilherme Brazil

    Eminem of Course!!

  • jessicaavery

    Menace Demarco

  • Tabby

    Eminem 😀

  • William Mitchell


  • NAZ

    Kabuto The Python!

  • TruTechnician ^S^

    Too many choices honestly. Tech N9ne and Wrekonize would literally be insanely good and emotional. While Tech and Rittz would get yo hyphy and have some really dope flows. I think the most interesting mix would be Tech and Kid Cudi. Both different styles but can adjust to other artists styles amazingly. I think it’d be a master piece

  • randy

    Dirty Wormz…..K.A.B.O.S.H. needs to happen

  • j

    I’m still saying tech should get with COLT FORD it would be true Midwest twisted with a down south kick.

  • Rocky Valentine

    Snow tha product

  • valmanway

    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony + Tech N9ne doin’ a dark track would be awesome!

  • SiouxperMan

    Who else would make the album sicker than EMINEM!?!

  • Mori Black


  • Andrew

    Eminem for sure.

  • Adam Boeder

    MF Doom with his mask and Tech with new and improved facepaint. Villians galore, rhymes to explore, masterpieces and more!

  • Guest

    So underrated.
    Every song theyve done together have been absolute fire.

  • Vladimir Zukoski

    ok i have gone through most of the list of comments. people keep saying artists you ALWAYS make music with…. im in the boat with alot of people here. would LOVE to see something done with Snow Tha Product or Immortal Technique. the wife totaly agrees too!



  • James Covarrubias Jr.

    Johnathan Davis ( Korn)/ J Devil. m/ that would be Epic!

  • Eddy Vs EDirty


  • ryan dungey

    50 Cent

  • Brian Hutchens

    MGK both spit fast!!!!

  • Kevin Mason

    They Might Be Giants!!!!

  • StayWithTheUnderground

    Twiztid would be sick. Better than all these mainstream Artists!!

  • Kevin Mason

    twiztid has done several kick ass collabs with Tech over the years. More would always be welcome however.

  • Tech 2

    My Stage Name is Tech 2 i named my self after Tech N9ne Im the #1 Arabian Chopper.. if u want i can give u some of my tracks. i spit in English and Arabic in the same speed.. Just think about it and let me know 🙂

  • Tech 2
  • Gaìge Espÿ


  • Tozalion

    Bro anyone makes a song with Eminem it ain’t his song anymore.

  • BST

    -Funk Volume!
    -A.S.A.P Rocky!
    -Sage the Gemini

    -Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre

  • brendan “j skoot” croff

    sedated 816 dudes pretty sick

  • Michaela Jean

    && I still say Mudvayne <3 It would be too EPIC <3

  • Jeff Nelson

    Kanye West

  • Jordan

    I want to see Tech and Frozolid do a collab, that shit would be dope!

  • Grayson

    Tyler, Earl all of Odd Future would be amazing

  • I think he should go the Jay Z/Linkin Park route and collaborate with a rock band. SotD makes the most sense as they simply sound good together. Korn and disturbed would be epic.

  • Smiggie

    More Serj Tankian and do a collab with M. Shadows or Tyler, The Creator, something new man!

  • Arin Anderson

    Michael Jackson

  • seals

    haha no mgk

  • LadyBlayze420

    Big Kurt from MA he’s a lyrical beast!!! I also LOVE Reef tha Lost Cauze from AOTP

  • Dylan

    Royce da 5′ 9 and they’re collab album would be called Nickel N9na

  • Dylan


  • Biff Jenkins

    Everybody is sleeping on Tonedeff. The guy can rap fast as anybody and make it seem like he’s not even straining to do it. he can have a conversational tone but crank it up to 1000bpm. not to mention his wordplay. if you don;t know about Tonedeff go check him out right now! do it. go!

  • Scotty2Ballz

    Insane Clown Posse…the supergroup that was but never happened….PLANNED PANIC!!!

  • Florela Estella Trujillo-Grieg

    I would have to say Evanescence. That would be kinda badass

  • Juan

    Hopsin would be dope or with rittz

  • locowoko

    I am with you I am so pissed that they never finished and released the Kabosh album. I was looking forward to that

  • Daniel Heidt

    You should deff do a collab with Madchild. You both have sick twisted minds which would be great for recording. Just a thought but it would be so dope.

  • Zack

    Corey Taylor or mushroom head

  • Nuno

    Corey Taylor!!! ,/,,/

  • Arle Santineau-Wager

    The Brothers Burns & J.Phatts!

  • Eric


  • Jeff

    I’m still waiting on that verse you did for Linkin Park

  • Nick Bitter

    definitly 1 song with slipknot or at least cory for some metal shit /someone that had flow id say eminem like everyone else but from what i understand hes fallen off and its just not good anymore/ that being said id love to see alot more with wreck

  • mmmhmm

    You’re Fired. That is the worst suggestion ever.

  • skullcrue

    Eminem. If this doesn’t happen, I’ll be upset

  • jeff

    keep it strange , i say bernz

  • Jacob FunkyMuthafacko Hovie

    I love you, even though there’s no frickin way it would work.

  • Cruize


  • Onemetallifan

    Wold love to see a collab with Metallica. That ewould kick some serious ass!

  • Jon

    Rob Zombie, Wednesday 13, Prozak

  • Kevin Mason

    It would be friggen epic tho. Maybe even include Mike Doughty, or even get Soul Coughing back together for it.

  • RECK

    Bizzy Bone

  • jones

    I still don’t get y ppl put names of ppl he’s collabed with already like ice cube for instance. Like when did half these ppl become fans seriously lol

  • Charity Love


  • Darklord515


  • Charity Love

    You shouldn’t do that.

  • Charity Love

    Get the fuck out.

  • yufug

    Jack Black!!!!

  • Shane DeGroat

    Yela, Emm, Or Corey.

  • leo

    Jamie madrox from twiztid

  • Joe Anthony Compion


  • Michael

    LOL thats what I’m saying. You can always tell how long people have been fans… Me? Anghellic all the way!! Who here has even heard of that one? lol no, a good collab with tech would have to be… hmmm maybe WC? or hmm… tech’s already done a lot that i have thought of.

  • CountingBlessings

    Em and Bone Thugs…

  • LeLo

    EMINEM !!

  • Gmasta69


  • Loui Anders Pasby

    Ab – soul. That would be cool.


    I would die happily if I heard a Tech and DOOM album.

  • Shaun Landis

    techanina…eminem…yelawolf….doc dre would be sick

  • shann

    Corey Taylor and Eminem!!!!!!!

  • Teresa

    James Hughes who preformed at YOUR Show in Kamloops BC… O and at least 8 other people commented that. I think you guys would sound amazing together!!! I know you liked him too, I saw you watching.

  • BlackBerry

    another with Hopsin

  • Shanna N Johns


  • Andrew

    Grab Keith Murray for a track. That would be dope

  • griff

    still say kid cudi

  • Pubudu Donnie Mayadunne

    Vinnie Paz

  • Pubudu Donnie Mayadunne

    Box Cutaa Pazzy aka Vinnie Paz

  • Diamond

    the motha fucking Dayton Family. that album would blow up. Tech please do at least a song with Bootleg

  • Diamond

    The Dayton Family

  • Big Meat

    I would’ve said this before he signed with Strange Music….but I would have to say Rittz. There speed are unmatched and go together like biscuits and gravy. Rittz has that down South connection and can get features from guys like Yelawolf, BIG KRIT, and even the king of the south in Bun B. Tech has a bigger name which will get the album features from pretty much anyone else that they want on it. A fast rap song with Rittz, Tech, and MGK would be a ridiculously awesome track that could be on a very impressive collab album.

  • Jurgen Mehja

    Of course that Eminem 😀

  • JAYCook79


  • Vic

    Either Eminem, Hopsin, Kendrick Lamar, The Game, or Yelawolf.

  • Big Meat

    It’s asking about who he should do a collab ALBUM with…..Next time read the article correctly before talking shit

  • Mr. Head

    Eminem, Lana Del Rey, Dr. Dre, Obie Trice, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Ice Cube, Timbaland, Macklemore, Xzibit, Cognito…

  • Anthony DeLillo

    It would be cool to see Tech collaborate with any if not all the Wu-Tang Members, MF DOOM, Vinnie Paz, Canibus (but this time on Tech’s album), R.A. the Rugged Man (on Tech’s album) Sean Price, Buckshot, Elzhi…. I could keep going.

  • William Mitchell

    It’s coming in 2014, trust me, I am on the street team and word is that Tech, Kali and Worm are working on it now.

  • CJ12

    Snow tha Product.!!!!


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