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Tech N9ne Discusses ‘Therapy’ EP And His 5 Favorite Current MCs In The Game

Published: September 30, 2013 in Tech N9ne by


While on the road for The Something Else Tour, Tech N9ne had the time to talk about his upcoming Therapy EP . Peep some of the details.

In an interview with Eric Tablot of the Portland Music Scene Examiner, Tech N9ne covered a variety of topics, most notably the reception on Something Else, his five favorite MCs in the game and his upcoming Therapy EP.

On the rock and roll EP done with producer Ross Robinson, Tech N9ne says:

Tech N9ne: It’s fucking insane, it’s like heaven…and you go to heaven to talk about all your hell… and bring all your hell out. Right there on Venice beach, in this big fucking house on Venice Beach man, you’re writing right in front of the water, man. It’s heaven, but you’re getting all your hell out. It’s therapy- that’s why I called it that; with Ross, he brings all that out in me man.

Q: He’s like a therapist in that way?

Tech N9ne: Yeah, it’s wonderful, we did 7 songs; Wes Borland came and played on a lot of it, Sammy Siegler played drums, Alfredo Ortiz came and played bongos from the Beastie Boys, a couple of bass players came through… It’s wonderful man, wonderfully done. I hope people like it, because I love it. It’s done now, I’m checking the mixes today- I checked two of them today already. Yeah, we’re there, you know.

On his five favorite MCs:

Eminem is in there, Nas is in there, Jay- Z is in there, Tech N9ne is in there, Kendrick Lamar is hardcore.

Click here to read the entire interview.


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  • What did you think of Tech’s top five MCs?
  • Are you looking forward to Therapy based on what Tech said in the interview?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • alreinha

    I’ve written so many of your ‘reps’ . I have awesome video of you from the Dallas Texas show. I am also tech 9. Being that I played soccer repped #9 for Texas tech. Write me back! You stayed next to my office in D-Town, and can’t say whats up?!?!?!? Come on Nina!

  • keshon

    Shud jst say fuk it n fuk the mainstream artistz.n do sum trackz wit otha underground artistz!!Such as ABK TWIZTID OR ICP (AGAIN) or liquid assassin or potluck?


    Tech’s Top Five Emcees? Really? I guess he wasn’t joking about that third verse on “Renegade” then…
    Real Talk!

  • Eric Talbot

    Eric *Talbot* lol


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