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WATCH: Tech N9ne Names His Top Nine Emcees [Video]

Published: October 18, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech's Greatest Ever

Can you put yourself in a list of the greatest emcees of all time? If you’re Tech N9ne, the answer is yes.

Tech N9ne was recently asked in an interview with (beaver express) to name his top nine emcees and was quick to rattle off the list. Notable is the inclusion of Tech N9ne in Tech N9ne’s list of greatest emcees, further solidifying his status as the most humble narcissist in hip hop (for proof of narcissism just peep “He’s A Mental Giant”). Also notable is Kendrick Lamar’s inclusion, whose short reign so far has been an immaculate one, complete with an instant classic of an album and verses that have stopped hip hop dead in its tracks.



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  • Who are YOUR top nine emcees of all time?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Robert Wells

    my top would have to be..

    1. 2Pac
    2. MadChild
    3. Tech N9ne
    4. Ice Cube
    5. Dr. Dre
    6. Eminem
    7. DJ Paul Kom of Three 6 Mafia
    8. Yelawolf
    9. Jay Z

  • Sam Gerner

    Did you do this on Wednesday?

  • Mariz

    Dr. Dre’s all ghost-writers mate.

  • Zach

    Im surprised Chuck D was not in that list. just my opnion

  • K.

    still technically an emcee…its his list

  • Andrew

    whers NAS?

  • Darth Randal

    My Top 9 Dead or Alive? (I went By Preferance

    1. Kendrick Lamar

    2. Danny Brown

    3. Ab-Soul

    4. Kurupt

    5. Nas

    6. ScHoolboy Q

    7. Eminem

    8. Ice Cube

    9. Snoop Dogg

  • Jay

    Is it a rule that all rappers name BIG, Pac, Nas, and Jay-Z in their top MCs list? I don’t disagree that these guys are all-time greats, I would just like for one MC to come out and have a list that totally takes you by surprise. Thank God Lil’ Wayne was not on that list.


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