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Tech N9ne Shares Lyrics From Planet-Bound Cut Entitled 'Brightfall'
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‘I’m Going To Find Everybody’ – Tech N9ne Talks Future Collaborations

Published: November 5, 2013 in Tech N9ne by


Tech N9ne’s done music with a long and illustrious list of names, from mainstream to underground, but he’s still got a lot he wants to do with some very special artists.

In an interview with Pollstar, Tech N9ne revealed an eclectic list of collaborators that he wants to do music with in the near future. Who’s on the list? A couple of these names might surprise you.

Your most recent studio album includes a long list of collaborations. Are there any acts that you haven’t worked with that you’d like to team up with?

A lot of them. I’ve always wanted to work with Eminem. Still waiting on SlipknotCitizen Cope, Nine Inch Nails, Floetry – Marsha Ambrosius. I got a lot of them. Jay Z,Kanye.

Based on all of your recent special guests, I bet those collaborations will happen for you soon.

Oh yeah, man. I’m going to find everybody.

Tech N9ne also reveals how he wrote “Riot Maker” in a dream and reveals the creative process behind the Therapy EP.

Click here to read the entire interview.


Therapy OG File copy 480

  • Who do you want to see Tech collab with the most on this EP?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Strange never stops! I look forward to these collabos – they will make the industry better because everyone steps their game up when they’re on a track with Tech or anyone from Strange Music.

  • Josh Calvello

    Can only hope he finds everyone. That would be some great listening no doubt.

  • Craig

    Eminem should have been on “Am I A Psycho?”.

  • hg

    there should def be a eminem collab.

  • tshock

    tech, hopsin, and T.I. need to do a song together!!!! they are the best 3 in the game no doubt
    or he should let me get on a track wit him haha

  • Thomas Graham

    I just find it ODD that he (Tech N9NE) states “I’m going to find everybody” but yet Tech has always boasted about people coming to him “Mainstream going Tech” but if he is the one seeking is that not tech looking for mainstream? Love Tech Love The Music Love Strange as a whole but I don’t think he needs to be on the hunt but everyone should seek him those that don’t are yet to be believers

  • Sky

    CITIZEN COPE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you should do a track with a dirty ass producer, like Datsik, or Luminox or HeRobust…. definitely HeRobust!!!

  • Stephen OZ Williams

    idk why u wanna work with some illuminati puppets…shit’s kinda whack yo…didn’t think you’d wanna sully ur name like that Tech, and i know ur not stupid enough not to know what’s going on behind the main-stream scenes…..

  • Stephen OZ Williams

    agreed…b.o.b did not deliver like Tech and Hop did…

  • Danny Guy

    I’d, obviously a lot of people would, a collab with Em, but I’d be pretty interested to see a collab with Jay-Z. Both artists being entrepreneurs and owning their own recording label.

  • KiLLah’

    “Mainstream going Tech” meaning “I’m going to find everybody” Music is about coming together and making good music <3' and that's what's done! I think TECH should hook up with Miley Cyrus that'd be some "Strange Music"

  • Wil Helm

    If Tech can get Wes from limp Bizkit and Sid from slipknot im sure he can get the entire slipknot crew together.


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