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Fans Remember Their First Time Hearing Tech N9ne

Published: December 9, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Mind Blowie

One of the many traits of powerful music is it will often times latch itself onto the memory of whatever you were doing when you first heard it.

Seemingly with that exact thought in mind, Tech recently took to his Facebook to ask fans if they remember exactly what they were doing when they first heard his music.

Answers flooded in as Technicians shared stories of their first T9x (See what we did there?), and after the answers were in the thousands, we knew we had to blog it up.

Check out some of our favorite answers below, and leave a comment at the bottom of this post and share YOUR story!

Tech N9ne Facebook

Sara Simonet Noblet you were at my parents house, in the basement playing mall madness with me 🙂 good times very happy for your success!

Krystal Ann Jurgensmeyer I was sitting in the Culver’s parking lot with my homie Tyler after work, and he popped in a CD. I fell in love with the music and asked who it was. He said tech n9ne. I borrowed all of his tech n9ne cds, but a couple weeks later he was t-boned at an intersection and was killed instantly. I still have those cds that he gave me and have collected a lot more since then. Your music means a lot to me. It brings back the good times, and will always remind me of my homie. R.I.P. Tyler. He gets all of the credit for introducing me to such awesome music so many years ago. So yea, I guess you can say your music and the first time I heard it is all special to me, and always will be.
Technician I am wholeheartedly in life & in death…
Much love,

Will Wordplay Slater I was in iraq on my 1st deployment

Aaron Slavik I’m a late arrival, but I started an ICP strain on Pandora and “Absolute Power” came on. I was blown away.

Lisa CyrusJenkins In the car. my son ask if he could play his new cd and been hooked ever since. round 8 yrs ago.

Adam Hale My room in 1997 on the Gang Related soundtrack.

Shawn PhoKanukka Casey Was on Troost chillin at 7th heaven buying cds back in tha early 90s 2 or 3 they was bangin sum Rich tha Factor and another tune came on an bamm I was hooked, Lets get fuked up!!! The Originals fan from when u first came out, still bangin ur tunes everyday at 40


Tanner Peterson When I was 8 I was goin through my sisters stuff being a pain in the ass lil brother I am an found, I believe (vintage tech) I was curious to listen so I ran into my room with her CD popped that bad boi in an now I got strange tatted on me!!! Crazy how life works

Raymond Mccoy North kansas city, old red brick apartments…tore down now. This guy we called scuba steve was playin anghellic, the first one. I was like….watt tha hell is this, dopest shit ever. And there it began….technician for life.

Nakia Nae’ole Football locker room, pre game and someone plays Einstein! Gangsta!

Bogardstylez Elevenhun 1998 Algoa Correctional Center. .. I used to tape the mix show (Lincoln college station) to walk with it on the yard.15 yrs later , my daughter is turnt up to tech at the Missouri Western Parties.. #Real Shit

James Reyna I was chatting on America Online lol. When my dude sent me This Ring.

Steven D’Amore End credits of alpha dogs

Kelly Tacker I was probably 14 rolling with my friends doing things we shouldn’t have been doing, and listening to Let’s Get Fucked Up! Still my jam

Tiffany Surrie Hale I was in my kitchen eating a bagel and my grandma came in and showed me the Anghellic album.

Candice Luke I had a summer job working in a fish bait factory. Myself and 2 friends were the only females working with about 15 guys, most of whom were referred to the job by work and income (New Zealand government department). They had a car head deck in a fish bin connected to a speaker and would blast Tech all day during the shift. Now I am a fan.

Nalu Grace I Was On The Eastside of Hawaii, My Aunty Showed Me Questions and Rapped The Whole Thing, And Tripped Out. Then Tripped My Aunty Out When I Came Back Next Week With Every Song From Every Album and Every Unreleased… Keep Going Tech, Young Nalu On His Independant Music Grind too, Hope To See You One Day!

Kitty Manson I went to Circuit City, before it got closed down out here in Sacramento, with my dad and he saw the Anghellic CD and bought it. Ever since I’ve been all about Tech N9ne. I was only 11 year old

Robbie Bravo Bazzani First time I heard tech would have to be years ago when we used to change the systems in our cars every week. To test our base, we used tech n9ne to be the deciding factor

Charles Cox As early as I can remember it was new years eve and partying it up when the bass from I’m a Playa knocked my speaker off the counter and broke my speaker box.

Tyler Prussing Coming home from Afghanistan!

Ogma GU All I remember is it was Absolute Power and I was a freshman in high school. Anghellic was the album that restored my faith in hip hop. Thanks for being consistently original and dope.

Clarissa Shije My son was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia, we were at Presbyterian Hospital in Abq. My late son introduced me to your music! Now all my boys carry on his Love for Tec N9ne. It brought us just a little closer. Thank You

Robert McGee Went to see kurupt , luniz with tech n9ne an Krizz Kaliko as support in Adelaide Australia in 2003 first time I ever heard u was live an it was amazing show I was 17 luniz were passing joints an henny in the crowd an kurupt along with you a kali killed it . Great show

Devin N. Gooden Library. Xanga bloggin’. Imma tell. Yes.

Travis Morrison I was watching VH1 and this crazy ass commercial came on, of this face painted rapper spittin 100, in front of an all white background. Long damn time ago. Stranged my life from then on.

Pearl Taylor Hart I was getting layed for the first time in my life many many years ago lmao

Simi Parthenopaeus 1996-7 downtown Phoenix at a little club where a group called tennis shoes and Kevin also performed….we also kicked it at an apartment with you….we actually knew you on a first name basis…you would call over to our house to make sure we were coming to see you perform. Man..those were the days. We knew back then you were going to make it..we didn’t realize how BIG though….congratulations. .I’m proud of you!!!!

Anthony Menchaca I was stationed at a base back in 02 n my homey would walk around all damn day just pointing to people saying “he’s a playa he’s a playa, oh oh oh he’s a playa!!” So I asked n he showed me n that was that! Technician for life since 02

Nick Rose 2001 riding with my buddy. And he said you have to check this out. Then he played Einstein, and I have been a fan ever since. I’ve been a Technician before their even was Technician’s. 12 years so far.Thanks for the years Tech.

Brandon Nevz 2006, This guy I work with told me about a rapper who could rap so fast, he could rap to a machine gun. I said “Bullshit!”….Then I heard Stamina. The rest is history.

This has been yet another testament to the diversity of Technicians as well as the loyalty that’s hard to find among music fans these days!!

Hope y’all enjoyed these stories as much as we did!!

Final Thoughts: Do you remember the first time YOU heard Tech N9ne’s music? Where were you? What were you doing? Who were you with? Leave a comment and let us know!


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  • DaFive

    What up tech, its DaFive here… just wanted to say thanks for all the bad times and great times your music has been with me threw. If your going to do something then perfect it.. is what I take from your music. “360 pacific north west” Rep your hood. DaFive

  • Nathan

    For me in was in the Ronnie Coleman chest workout video….had to find the song….then came across Dysfunctional and the rest was history lmao

  • Jen Aragon

    It was the summer of 2001. I was watchin my ticket takers at Worlds of Fun when one of my ticket sellers was comin to the gate listening to some music. Asked him what he was listening to and he told me Tech N9ne. He let me listen to stamina and i fell in love. i had to get one of his albums. at the time i couldn’t find his album anywhere here in kc. i made my mom stop at hastings in warrensburg on our way to my grandma’s house so i could see if they had any albums. they did and bout Anghellic and fell totally in love with Tech.

  • Clarence Williams

    I was still living on my rez, in auburn WA. At my cousins house, he put in B.T.N.H. and vintage tech, after hearing “now it’s on”, it was on!!!

  • Jerry Young

    First time was in like 92 or 93. You opened up for Brotha Lynch, Mac Mall, and the headliner was E40 and the Click. I wanna say at Memorial Hall in Kansas, but that part I could be wrong about. (It was long time ago haha) You were wearing a phantom of the opera mask and I was like, woah, who is this guy, hes tight. It had to be not to long after that a girl I know was bumpin Mitch Bade and I put two and two together that I had just saw you in concert. I ran out to get that single. It was Mitch Bade with Cloudy Eyed stroll on the other side ON CASSETTE haha Yes, CASSETTE. So if you want to talk about been down from the beginning, I would have to say I am one of the oldest fans there is. —- Jerry Young Kansas City

  • Falyn Franz

    first time i heard any of your music was a few years ago and it was Caribou Lou 🙂

  • T3rr3nc3

    First time I heard tech n9ne’s music, I was in my bedroom and listened to retrogression on the strangeland album. I knew right there he’d be my favorite rapper and I was right. I’ve listened to every song made. I still listen to tech everyday. Keep on making us proud TECH N9NE.

  • julius

    First time I heard you was in my friend buggs car. At lunch from school bouts ta blaze down. Freshman year (2006) absolute power cd. Einstein was the first song and i was hooked. Looked up all your older albums and kept up with all the new ones ever since. Such huge diversity in music making ability. Tech continues to blow my mind album after album. Technitian 4 life!! TECH N9NE!!!

  • Isaac Redmond

    I came home KCK/KCMO for vacation and went over to my friend Mike B’s record shop ( Keepin’ It Real ) to check out what local scene was popin’ on. He played me a 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains C.D. that was my 1st Tech9 contact.

  • K

    First time i heard Tech i was in 7th grade (2009) and my brother was driving me and his buddy around in our mom’s mini van. His buddy waited till we got baked and popped in everready and went to riot maker. Even though i was really high It was music i’ve never heard before in my life. Now i’m a Junior in high school and there isn’t a day that goes by without a little bit of the N9na!!

  • Kate Kuhn

    The first time I heard Tech was a couple years ago watching Alpha Dog.. so my first songs were Slither an Night an Day. I’m so glad I found your music the next year or so I spent searching the internet for your older songs an they kept getting better, my favourite songs now are Trapped in a Psycho’s body, Killing you, Delusional, Bitch Sickness, Suicide Letters, Girl crazy (Crazy Love), Too Many Girls, One Good Time, That Box, Gangsta Shap etc I have too many favourites haha an I also met you when you came to Brisbane Australia for Heatwave you were so nice : ) after that I got your name tattooed on my back in a heart. I have never felt anything as real as when I listen to your music an I know you’ll always be my all time favourite artist <3 Stay Strange

  • Evangelio Fergadis

    I like Demon inside

  • justin

    i was playing some black ops and my friend was listening to tech n9ne’s song demons and i liked it so i asked for the name and he told me tech n9ne. been loving your music and i am a huge fan!! shout out to my homie trigga s7v7n

  • mamadecca

    The 1st time I heard Tech was in 2000 or 2001..can’t remember the exact year, but it was at the Wicked Wonka Tour in Boise Idaho.

  • DL

    I guess the first time I heard Tech N9ne was on The Anthem by Sway and Tech, either the song or the video. And honestly, I wasn’t blown away by him or anything. He was one of the only rappers on that track I wasn’t familiar with. Then I started hearing him on other Sway and Tech stuff and I became curious like “who is this guy?” After hearing a few verses and freestyles, I quickly developed a like for Tech N9ne. Started buying his albums, and then the rest is history. More than 10 years later, he’s my #1 favorite MC of all time.

  • Richard Taylor

    Cant remember exactly what year (99 or2000). But i was young. Blazin wit my older brother. He put in calm before the storm, then absolute power. Been hooked ever since!

  • César Martinez

    First time I heard Tech was a few years ago on Pandora. His song Midwest Choppers 2 came on and I was like shit this nigga is going in. A few weeks after that I found out that my brother Flawless Real Talk ended up meeting him and was given the privilege to open up for him on his Lost Cities tour…I was like damn my bro is opening for Tech, lucky bastard.



  • Emily Redmon

    It was Christmas 2002, and my older brother got ‘Absolute Power’ for christmas. I was 9 years old. I stole his CD and listened to it in my walkman when my mom wasn’t paying attention. I’ve been hooked ever since.

  • Aaron ‘Yates’ Gordon

    A mate kept tellin me to listen to Tech N9ne and since i heard Caribou Lou ive been hooked. I have every album youve brought out and love everyone on your label. Strange Music all day

  • Ashley

    First time I heard you I was in 7th grade back in 2007 I was in the back seat of the car my mom was taking me to school had my headphones in listening to KMK and seen some of your videos on YouTube on the side I was like yo this Dude looks crazy he’s gotta be good so I started listening to Riotmaker and was instantly hooked!!

  • Smokesworthdagreat

    The first time I heard Tech? Man, I don’t even remember. I’ve smoked a lot of weed since then, haha. I want to say that it was around 2008 when Killer first dropped. I was going through a bit of shit. At that point in time, I was still teenager. And like most teenagers, people take breakups rather hard. Paint a Dark Picture helped me cope. Since then, I’ve gathered up most of your albums, from Celcius to the newest one. You may have progressed as an artist, but one thing that remains the same is that your music is always dope, no matter how much it evolves.

    P.S. Thizzles was a dope track, but man you need to get Danny Brown on a track where both of you are on that “real music shit”. Both of you kill it when you got something to actually say. Though, I don’t mind the drug ballads like Thizzles.

  • ILLZ

    <~~~~ new fan. What was I doing? Watching you!!! I came to a show at the Ramkota in Sioux Falls and fell in love with you ever since 😉

  • Logan Putnam

    The first time that I ever heard Tech N9n3 was strange because I didn’t even know who he was before hand. My homies and I were drinking and one of them pulls up ICP’s “Thug Pit” on Youtube and when I heard Tech on that track the rest is history.. I got hooked and started checkin out his other stuff.

  • Derek Tyler

    Imma Tell was the first song I heard and it blew my mind, but it wasn’t till I saw your version of Bohemian rhapsody on a tourbus that I fell for the strange music way.!

  • Vivid13

    First time I heard Tech N9ne in any form was September 1999. I’d started up at Job Corps (Excelsior Springs), and one of my roommates was playing the megamix of 57RDV’s “Let’s Get Fucked Up”. Etched his name into my brain, and got hooked for good when Anghellic came out and I heard Stamina/Sinister Tech and Psycho Bitch for the first time. It’s been a long STRANGE trip ever since.

    Jeremy Brooks

  • Derrick Stich

    I was sitting in English class around 2000 or 2001 and my friend let me hear it. First song I heard was Tormented and man I loved the song.

  • Meg

    The first time I heard tech, I was pretty fucked up with my best friends. Dysfunctional came on and I fell in love. That song really connected with me and from that point on I was hooked on tech. He writes about real ass shit. Makes you think about what’s really important. The bigger picture.

  • Chris

    First time I heard Tech was in ’03. First song was “slacker”, and I was hooked.

  • Brenda Kalk

    Ive heard Tech N9ne before but thé first time I listened was when thé song Thé Noose was played after à présentation I viewed concerning war veterans. My eyes were pouring tears…thé impact of thé words, thé visuals, my heart was broke. Good tune I say!

  • Aaron ‘Yates’ Gordon

    I met him too when he was in brisbane. Loved it hope he comes back soon. Just dissappointed that he got cut off early… And also that he wasnt head act over kid cudi.

  • Bryce Skipper

    I was at school bored as fuck writing an essay and my buddy walks up and makes me listen to worldwide choppers and i was like damn this nigga crazy. Suddenly in the middle of my essay i found myself trying to rap worldwide choppers moving my hands around.

  • tim ilconich

    well i was just recently turned on to your music about 6 months ago. i was riding down the street with my homie and am i a psycho came on. i listened to the song then started over about 4 times back to back since then i basicly only listen to strange music. before i started listeining to strange music i thought all rap was the same. but you proved rap can have meaning

  • Julie Cassel

    the first time i ever heard tech was in 2012 and i havent listened to anything else since! i was in the car with my boyfriend and we were hanging out by ourselves just driving around when he played dysfunctional. tech’s music was there when we met and its still in my life now that we are happily engaged

  • Stefan

    Cant believe that this is the topic right now cuz the first time I heard Tech N9ne was just a few days ago … My friend and I were walking home talking home he was explaing me how multisyllabic rhymes work and when we got home he skyped me the link from youtube and said here’s a perfect example.. it was a Tech N9ne-Mental Giant and my mind was blown ,now i listen to every song I can get my hand to and my mind is being blown more and more every day…

  • Lucas O’Dell

    First time i heard Tech i was prolly like 10 or 11. Comin home from the skating rink or somethin. I was with Tyler Burton, his mom, and her boyfriend at the time. Dude put in Absolute Power and I was amazed. Little white kid listenin to Tech N9ne and lovin it. Tech tech tech tech.. N9NE! Im 22 now and still listen, won’t ever stop either.

  • Jorell La Barge J

    cruising with my bro in a chevy n he puts in a tape. not a cd. a tape n on the tape it had yukmouth and e 40 and ice cube (who made me start rapping) and then i heard NOW ITS ON and it was on after that. that song killed it. it was a catch for me because i remember the sample from bone thugs i think it was a crazy bone song. anyway. that was the first time i heard tech. lol its like when did you lose your virginity? haha when was your first time listening to TECH N9NE!!! HAHA LOVE BROTHER

  • Kelly Michael Shackelford

    I remember the first song I heard was Einstein and it is my favorite song for a major reason. The day I heard that song I was chilling with some of my homies and I was in a severe depression and it was only getting worse. It got so bad that I was seriously considering ending my life and I was going to do it later that night regardless but that all changed when I heard that song. That song was just do amazing that it instantly got me really thinking, so much that I eventually stopped thinking about killing myself. Looking back on it now I realize that I would have left my homies and family behind so torn up about why did I do it and I couldn’t bear it once I realized it after hearing Einstein. I also know that if I never heard that song, I never would have met most of my current homies who are so special to me. I wouldn’t have seen you in concert at least five times and I especially wouldn’t have got to hear all the amazingly epic sickness that is your music so I thank you for that. Out of everything that your music is, you can claim one more thing about your music that is absolute truth and that is your music literally saved a life.


    it was about i think 07 or 08 but i was at my girls house then and we where talking bout different music and everything in between and then she played this ring and the rain and a whole compliation of your greatest tracks ive ever heard and to be honest during my wife my bitch my girl next thing i know we getting it in to wheaties…

  • Kelsi Painter

    the first time I heard tech n9ne I was like 10 and I went into my brothers room and he was listing to icp the all of a sudden bout to bubble came on and I was like Jamie who is hes like its tech n9ne do you like I was like hell yeah and ive been listening to him ever since

  • Ethan Sharp

    I first heard Tech about 3 years ago in the backseat of my friends sisters car. It was Caribou Lou and I was like “That’s some of the dopest shit I’ve ever heard. What’s the song?” They didn’t even know the name so I went home and looked it up. Then later on I met some other friends and they showed me K.O.D. and I was hooked from there. I listen to all of his albums daily and numerous other Strange Music artists. Strange Music for Life!!

  • Roy C

    To be honest, these words coming straight outta my chest.

    Tech N9ne changed my life. One of my friend gave me Worldwide Choppers and I was like Dwamn. Tech’s lyrics was bumping in my ear at a supersonic speed faster than light I must say. Then I went to my home, checked all his videos and songs on YouTube and I was like now I am on the right track. Now my phone only has Tech’s song and I bang on his daily. And I am like fuck other rappers. They are way to lame.

    I am an Indian Rapper who raps in Hindi Language. I was quite frustrated doing Ordinary Flow like other rappers. But now I have improved my flow and delivery just because Tech inspired me to do so. Now I am well know in Indian Hip Hop scene cause of my flow and delivery. Special Thanks to Tecca Nina.

    I want to see my Idol (Tech N9ne) rapping even in his 90’s. I hope his music lives eternally.

    I must admit and in fact, the entire world must admit that Tech N9ne is The King Of Flow And Delivery. Tech N9ne Rocks and will keep on rocking.

    I can feel you Tech N9ne. Even though I am quite far away from you, I will always stay connected to you through your music. Best of luck for your future ventures. Keep grinding.

    —-Roy C

  • Nate Rerick

    T9X after gym class in the locker room, I then heard riot maker a while later in the subway drive thru with my brother and it blew my face off

  • Eric

    So the homies and I are chillin hotboxing the fuck out of my room,. We’re playing music from youtube on the flat screen, and one of my homies plays this new song he found… “He’s a mental giant”. He played the music video and all of a sudden all of our attention was now fixated to the screen while we were mesmerized by the trippy ass music video all stoned and listening to who I thought was the craziest rapper I’ve ever heard! Shit was sooo SICK! Love that song and tech n9ne to this very day.

  • Corey Askaboutmy Johnson

    the first time I heard you I was in gym class and high school I was going through some very tough times grandmother died broke up with my girlfriend and my best friend just got shot and I think the first song I heard from you was show me a god and I just found loveI’m not going to say that tech n9ne save my life I’ll say he changed my life

  • Felix Rosas

    I was in 7th grade. My brother would drive me to school every morning and he always played Absolute Power. I would pull up to school and that would be playing, I felt like the shit… Even though I was a pretty nerdy kid.

  • Pavel Mikhail

    I was driving from Homer Alaska to Anchorage Alaska.It was 2006. a buddy had given me a Tech CD, Absolute Power. I listened to it and first impression was man this isht is corny as fuck. Mostly because I was on some closed minded conscious rapper backpack only BS. After checking out the rest of the catalog and maturing in my hip hop tastes a bit I am now a big fan. Missed ya when you came up to Kenai but I won’t miss the next time you’re up in AK. Muck love Tech! hardest working crew in the biz!

  • Lars Inge Trang

    At Roskilde Festival in Denmark 2006. I had never heard of you before, just happened to enter the tent you where about to play at. It was quite an experience. To this day one of the most energic and awsomest concerts i have ever been at. The roof of the tent lifted up.!

  • Michael Hollingshead

    I remember it was in 2005, I was smoking a blunt with my homie and he said “you gotta hear this shit”. Ive been a fan ever since.

  • Young Verse

    I was in summer school after failing a class in 8th grade. This kid named Austin who passed away shortly after asked me if I had ever heard of “Tech N9ne”? I said “No” So he popped in Absolute power and “The Industry Is Punks” started playing. I was like WTF??? Where is this dude from??? He said Kansas City. By 9th grade I had every album and started spiking my hair red and writing “KING” backwards on it. Couldn’t wait for my first show at the Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, the rest is history. Because of you my lyricism game became legit and I am one of the top up and coming rappers in Oklahoma. I go by “Young Verse”, my new music video with Lil Flip was just released and I am currently working on my new song and video with Ces Cru. Tech N9ne has always been the dream collab for me……soon enough. So thanks Tech, I owe you everything…

  • Nahte Neo

    in my big homie whip,smoking grass,holding my first chopper..pumped
    up..listening to “on our way to la”…what they know about that..real
    tech fan.

  • Payam

    smoking my weed sippin Hennessy and grey goose vodka 😀 listening to dysfunctional.

  • seth gobert

    1st time i heard tech was when i was like

  • strangezt13

    first time i heard tech was like 98/99 then the first time i ever sat down and really listened to tech was 2004 2 weeks later i met a former strange music employee who got me hooked up into the street teaming and i busted my ass doin it, hell i still do it its luv for pushing good music and i dont just mean tech i mean each of te artists i have heard (former and current) had quality music

  • Andrew Caldwell

    well i has at my house chillen with my homie eddie wile i was blazen down and we were listening to eminem and then eddie put on “i love you but fuck you ” and i asked him who was singing and he sead “tech nine” and ever since then ive been hooked

  • Amber Hampton

    It was 2004. I was preggo with my twins but my sister knew I’d like to see Bone so we went to an ICP show. They were handing out Absolute Power in the parking lot and we wondered who Tech N9ne was and if they’d be any good. The doubt didn’t last long. You were amazing and I’ve loved you ever since. Afterwards, I made sure to get in line for your autograph. So glad I did. I was really impressed with you and your persona. I’m sure it has a great deal to do with me still being a fan(and recruiting any who’ll listen). Keep it up Yates, we need true artists like yourself.

  • Brandon

    The Calm Before the Storm. Days

  • Nathan Miller

    My brother was having a friend spend the night. This guy was like, “Do either of you like rap?” and we were both like, “No, not really.” Then he said, “You’ll like this guy,” and we asked, “Who is it?” and he said, “His name is Tech N9ne.” He pulled up Don’t Tweet This on my computer, and I listened to Am I a Psycho and Who Do I Catch and now I’m absolutely hooked.

  • Javier818

    Playing Midnight Club L.A. Remix I heard one of your songs on it!!!

  • technition 4 life

    i was in my friends backyard. he started playing you guys. ive been hooked ever since. lol that was back whe caribou lou and demons were newer

  • ThatMuthaFucka

    I had a friend of mine named miles who put the Anghelic CD in In salina kansas .. I almost died shit was on point been a fan since the cd came out love your shit always will love the fact that you were the only artist repin the midwest at the time …Much love tech .. I got homies that have opened for yah nameed slick-taktics …Everyone in the SK loves your shit !

  • Dave R. Sigala

    I first heard you in my big brothers room at the age of 5, “Ima Playa” would be playing constantly and It’d be banging at my Uncle Dace’s house when they would be partying. Ever since when there would be a list in school that says “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” it’d be “TECH N9NE!” that would be on the first line. I grew up with the Snake & Bat in my brain! & I wouldn’t have it any other way. ^S^

  • Leighton Williams

    I was riding around getting High with one of my friends and he put in a Cd that had a punch of songs on it and Fire in Ac came on and the rest is history.

  • MR. BURNS aka Earl Hazard

    I was in 10th grade in 03 and I was walkin’ to my bus stop to go home. I seen a burned CD on it’s face on the ground and evertime I see a CD on the ground I pick it up and listen to it. Picked it up and it said “Tech N9ne-Absolute Power” and I put it in my portable player. I basically acid tripped without being on acid! I’m an emcee to and at the time I was exploring underground emcees that was ill. The next day I sold this dude a pound of rabbit food and he was thinkin’ he had some kill medical, took that money and went to FYE and bought every…. single…. THING you were on twice so one of my friends who passed in 07 can have what I had. Every sinced then I’ve been hooked! Much love Tech, it was REALLY cool kickin it wit you when you came to Tulsa, OK for your KOD tour with Slaughter House! Them turkey burgers were HITTIN!!!!!!!-MR. BURNS aka Earl Hazard/Tulsa, OK

  • N0iZE

    Shoot, me? I was walking to class back in High School. One of my friends kept going around doing some crazy shit hollerin “KOD. King Of Darkness!” (Just like that, no bull) and I was like “bro, what the hell are you talking about?” Then he looked at me all crazy like “you haven’t heard of Tech N9ne” and at that point I had only heard “That Box” by tech. And it was a cool song to step to but it wasn’t something I had really really want to check out you know? Either way, home boy kept screaming all that noise and I was like, “you know what? I’m going to go back and download some of that dudes shit. See what it’s all about” got like an album (idk which one) listened to it. And by the time I got to the end I was like “YEEEAAAHH TECH N9NE” Haha all hyped up and shit. Haha then right around the time I finished the first album was when All 6’s and 7’s dropped. And what can I say? Been a Technician ever since yo.

  • Ian Reiland

    I was playing madden 06 and listened to the beast a couple of times in a row and looked up tech from there

  • Smith Holder

    2006. I was 16 and just discovering a lot of underground rap. I heard your song “This Ring” on a video compilation of fast rappers. I like how different it sounded from everything else I’d heard at the time and I’ve been a fan ever since.

  • Brian Shevrovich

    Lets see the first time i heard tech i think i was in 6th or 7th grade so back in 99/2000. My boy Jamey walks up to me and says “i know you like that wicked shit, check out this guy named tech n9ne”. At first i was skeptic as anyone else would be, but then tormented came on and i about lost it. I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my headphones. A few minutes later i ended up stealing Anghellic from my boy and copying it (i later went out and purchased it) and immediately had a new favorite rapper. Nothing has changed over the 14 year period, there isn’t another rapper out there comparable to tech period. I’ve tried listening to other rappers but its like whatever mood im in tech has a song to co-aside with it. I think the most influential song over the years to me has got to me Mama nem. I lost my mom in october of 2011 and i can honestly say if it wasn’t for that song i don’t think i would have made it out without some kind of serious depression or worse. I know you hear this all the time tech but i just wanted to let you know personally i thank you for everything you done and everything you continue to do,

  • Emre Kealoha

    I started listening to Tech N9ne 8 years ago. Wasn’t actually that big on rap at the time. To be honest I just thought it was a bunch of dudes talking about how much money they make. (Which is unfortunately what a lot of it is now). But, I wanted to be diverse in my music tastes as I had a lot of friends who liked rap and hip-hop. So I put a bunch of random rappers on my iPod, and went on my way. The only guy on the entire playlist of rappers I had made that ACTUALLY stuck out and made me keep coming back to the song was Tech N9ne. Hadn’t even realized I was really digging it until I came back to the same song for a 6th time just to listen while walking. The dude moved me onto a lot of other rappers that speak from emotion, as opposed to dudes like Lil Wayne who speak from their dicks.

  • Harris

    The first time I heard the Tech N9ne was…
    I was looking for fastest rappers(2years ago) and saw Worldwide choppers
    Heard TechN9ne, from that moment I was impresed and amazed
    His shits incredible lol <3


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