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MIXTAPE: Our 20 Favorite Verses By Brotha Lynch Hung

Published: April 10, 2014 in Brotha Lynch Hung by


In hip hop, there’s emcees and then there’s Brotha Lynch Hung.

More so than most artists in hip hop, Lynch has carved his own niche into the genre. With his “What the fuck?”-inducing graphic content and flow patterns that string words together in a way unlike any other rapper in the game, Lynch is one of the few emcees that is all his own and without comparison. Sure there’s other rappers that talk about some sick shit, but can they flow to the degree of mastery of a Brotha Lynch Hung? Nah.

In anticipation for what is sure to be a sick display of bars with his appearance on the upcoming Tech N9ne Collabos – Strangeulation, we’ve tallied up our 20 favorite verses from The Coathanga Strangla. The list started at ten, but with such a prolific career and so many classic records under his belt, we had to stretch it to 20.

Even at this point, we fully expect this verse to get ripped apart like one of Lynch’s many victims. We welcome it. Tell us what verses you think we missed in the comments section below.

Regardless, we asked the fans what they thought and combed through a LOT of songs to come to this list and can assure you that there’s an incredible list below that everybody who’s a fan of sicc flow, lyrics and delivery needs to peep as soon as possible.

“Refuse 2 Lose”The Ripgut Collection – 2nd Verse

“I gotta watch my back,
Cause these niggas wanna throw me up in a black
Leather sack, and throw me over their back
But fuck that!
Why you think I got extended clips?
Cuz I’m so high
Most of the time I just can’t miss nigga.”

“Mannibalector”Coathanga Strangla – 1st Verse

“Diabolical, after I follow you
I eat your meat up
While you swallow
I swallow a bottle as I eat the
Anatomy, Amityville
Mannibal can and he will
Man I’m an animal
When I’m heatin’ ’em up, I’m lethal.”

“Liquor Sicc”Season Of Da Siccness – 1st Verse

“Look up in the sky it’s a motherfuckin’ slug
Some nigga done let one off and only my cousin’s sheddin’ blood
That loccest muthafucka from 29 St. throwin’ up his flag
So nigga got mad and went to the crib with a .45 mag
Returned to the set-up and let my cousin have it.”

“Die; 1 By 1”Loaded – 1st Verse

“Siccmade music comin up out yo seat
Catch the reaper, night crawler creeper
Dig a ditch, get a bitch, nigga dig a ditch deeper
I’ma take yo head with this street sweeper
Leave yo brains on yo speaker
Smash off in yo Jeep”

“Return Of Da Baby Killa”Season Of Da Siccness – 1st Verse

“Biatches keep fuckin’ and suckin’ and keepin’ it comin’
With they drama. POP! It’s baby killa season
Put 6 in the clip, put it up that clit
And watch them baby’s brains
Drip out that fetus.”

Tech N9ne – “My World”Everready

“Wait a minute, I’m from the West Coast Conference
Like Kobe or James Worthy
You could just call me the King of the Valley
All I need is a game jersey
Nigga nuts and guts get served up
When I get it, I’ll spit enough, aim sturdy
Cut it up, gut it up, with colds cuts
And in a oven I’ll heat it up, came dirty.”

“Welcome 2 Your Own Death”Season Of Da Siccness – 2nd Verse

“Some niggas don’t know me, niggas don’t know my clique
That O-loc-double-C-O-G rip gut cannibal type of shit.”

Tech N9ne Collabos – “Sad Circus”Welcome To Strangeland

“I can’t you do it without you nigga
Can’t be done without me nigga
Well, yes it can, wait, please don’t do it without me nigga
Strange move on without these lyrics, makin’ it to where these fans can hear it.”

“Rest In Piss”Season of Da Siccness1st Verse

“It’s EBK everyday all day to the day I die
I’m creepin through your set with a mini Mac-10 AR one five
Rugga with a 12-gauge pump in the trunk and a black beanie disguise
That nigga that you can’t see just cause of them bloccsta locs over my eyes.”

“One Mo Pound”Loaded3rd Verse

“And I was late gettin’ home, intoxicated
Fight with my old lady
She was comin at unreal, hit the blunt and now she’s animated.”

“Sicc Made”Season Of Da Siccness2nd Verse

“Baby barbecue ribs-n-guts, and uh, don’t let me get to deep-fryin’ baby nuts
Sluts, get ate out like a dank, these crooked teeth hurt
I pull that Tampax string out and straight put in work”

Young Bleed – “How Ya’ Do Dat’ Again”Preserved

“Ew we coming raw with it
Doing it like all did it
Twisted two middle fingers west coast
We all did it
Don’t matter the color
We threw it up
We all lived it.”

“I Tried To Commit Suicide”Dinner and a Movie1st Verse

“Suicide I had alot on my mind
I couldn’t figure nothin’ out
And my momma just died, it’s just like
Damn everything was blowin’ up in my mind
I couldn’t determine what was wrong or right
I’m goin’ Madesicc (foe life).”

“Situation On Dirty”I’m Bout It Soundtrack2nd Verse

“A couple of down ass top notches I used to know, had a spot
I was good for four days off yack and chronic and makin’ a plot
Cause murder was the case, when I saw his face
Took his life, left his brains all over the pillow case
What would you be thinkin’ of when your momma’s yelling STOP!
My first thought was cut him in half and drag the other half to his stash.”

“Meat Cleaver”Mannibalector2nd Verse

“Cut ’em in half, bloodin’ that ass when I chew ’em
Choppin’ ’em up then I get a brand new one
And I always love it, I just jack off when I’m thinkin’ of it
You better back off I’mma heat the oven
I’m like Jack Frost and my teeth is ugly.”

“Savage Wayz”Book III

“Pop! One for your set and one for your mama’s clit
Nigga you know me, I can’t leave until I’m putting one in your hip
And nigga I been sick, and sick em with that Old E english rip
I gets to loccin’ up and stick that nine millimeter in between your lips.”

“Devils And Gun Smoke”The Ripgut Collection1st Verse

“Close my eyes, and all I see is little bloody babies in a Glad bag
Nigga, Manson ain’t shit
I got niggas killin mamas and niggas on the devil’s dick
But now it all adds up the this locc
Niggas hatin God and all I see is devils and gunsmoke.”

“Split Yo Face”EBK41st Verse

“Can I get somewhere? I don’t care
Gimme the green so I can lean with the machine
Out the window if it comes to that
Cause I’m sick and you’re a victim
Comin’ up in a black Cadillac”

“Sicc Wit Shit”Appearances: Book I2nd Verse

“Heaven ain’t nothin but a casket
I told my mama as the gat stuck straight in her mouth
Yeah I love ya but yo time’s up
Before I let that dope get ya
I’m going to put so many slugs in your throat
And put your guts in my coat
And straight vanish.”

“Don’t Worry Momma, It’s Just Bleeding”Dinner and a Movie1st Verse

“It’s the Season Of Da Siccness times three
Spitting the venomous IV full of white weed
And my nine get a tight squeeze
And I’mma die with my dick in a tight breezy
Believe me I leave these – bodies they’re probably gon’ have my face on the TV
I’m like Jason in 3D, who in the game want to see me?”


Tech N9ne - Strangeulation (Deluxe Edition)

  • What did you think of the list?
  • What did we leave out?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • dose321

    Got you tore up like a pitch bin feelin dickhard well you better get yo bitch the it gets thin… one of da las sicc niggaz! How could you forget this one? Cuz they be at my check with them axes my twenty sacks is. In the backseat . Im license-less hope my mother fuckin baby momma aint no shiesty bitch…

  • Ecstasy

    Only one Lynch verse on the album, smh.

  • Ro-nin

    Me I hate women all the time (i really mean) exes
    Dream about
    Leavin em in the back of the lexus
    Cut throat legs spreaded open like Texas
    Razor blade pussy lips nigga she died gaspin
    Murder without a motive its ya boy I gotta passion
    N I be puffin on that kush like Ashton, Sebastion
    You dont wanna fuck around gattin
    Music either I gotta couple of them fat ones

    “can I have a napkin”

  • Brandon Melanson

    “Nigga guess who’s back its that sicko psycho south sacramento schitzo pistol totin’ in all black like oprah chyyea spideys still smokin, still eatin out red pussies motha fucka dont push me” Lynch in “The Siccness”

  • Treyvon Thompson

    roll me a motherfucking joint
    check my gat nigga get my point cuz I jack
    roll on foos like vice and my nine milla meter ain’t nathan nice
    I start jacking for blunts a black jacket and ones I get dank
    Im sending niggas blood to the blood bank
    you better hook me up proper
    or die from my loaded heart stopper
    like nut smoking up blunt for blunt
    and one time you can take me if you check me if you want
    cuz soon as I get my dank
    you know it ain’t 10 minutes later for I’m planning my next gank
    and even if your down with my crew

  • Mansa Keita

    The second and third verses from “Split Personality”

  • Josh Leighton

    Had to gat ya, second verse. My mind aint right, second verse. Too many to list tho.

  • Ecstasy

    What about D.O.A? Therapy Session?

  • Scott Mortenson

    Spydies birth and I went from are top notch!!!

  • Rocksteady Mary

    His verse on ghoul a fiend a zombie monster with tech and e40.

  • jory krause

    A nine in my mothafucking guts, so cold
    (…My nine is easy to load…)
    So I keep the mothafucka on safe
    Cause a nine in your dick ain’t safe
    Rolling up in a devil rag Caprice
    Triple-6 the Bounty got the clip to my piece
    Roasted dark meat tonite we gonna feast
    Load’em up, Nigga Deep on a creep, boom, boom
    Let’em see what’s up, the Brotha Lynch
    Straight using my life broke
    All I see is devils and gun smoke
    But they wanna be heaven sent
    Boom and that’s how my trigga went
    Gotta fix that crack
    Mama gotta grave, nigga shit like that
    Put a nigga aching, having fits like that
    Guns on safe but it clicks right back
    (…Going out on a mothafucka like that…)
    Now I’m dead…

    The nigga with the mothafucking sickness
    Cut ya pussy with a razor blade, bitch
    Come sit on my face, bleed all over my face
    Get up, now let me nut in ya face
    Nothing but the atheist talking that crazy shit
    Something like the triple-six sickness
    Bitch, ya betta be used to be a bitch
    Ya betta be used to me when I picture six six six
    I’m layin’ on my bed like a grave
    Praying I’n not that way, I’m like this:
    Put ya wound on my lips
    The Brotha Lynch biting to the skin rips
    X-rated flicks, nothing but the Brotha Lynch sickness, bitch
    Fuck him if ya nigga wanna talk some shit
    Punk mothafucka [Gunshot]
    I’m the mothafucking Brotha Lynch…
    (…Going out…)
    Loadin’em up!
    (…on a mothafucka…)
    Blowin’em up!
    (…like that…)
    Nigga, I’m sick of this shit
    Bitch, open ya legs for this
    Now guess where my trigga went…

  • jory krause

    E 40 is a snich but its still a good track kung fu vampire should have had a verse instead of just the chorus

  • Jon Olson

    I’m a hostile and it’s possible that I cut you up so much
    That it ain’t no need for the hospital
    Math couldn’t even make me logical
    You tryin’ to fuck with me, that’s who, that’s why your whole roster broke
    So many can take this wrong, I better watch my back
    These niggas’ll pop at me, but nigga, I’ll pop right back

    sweeney todd


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