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Tech N9ne Says Eminem Is His Favorite Emcee And Dream Collab In XXL Interview

Published: May 7, 2014 in Big Scoob, Brotha Lynch Hung, CES Cru, Krizz Kaliko, Mayday, MURS, Prozak, Rittz, Stevie Stone, Strange Music, Tech N9ne, Wrekonize by


In a game of 21 questions submitted by fans to XXL, Tech N9ne revealed his high admiration for a fellow God MC.

In a XXL’s article “Ask Tech Anything”, one fan posed the one of those quintessential questions to Tech N9ne that you’d wonder why he hasn’t answered it already: “Who’s the best rapper in the game?” Tech answered none other than St. Joseph, Missouri-born emcee and hip hop icon Eminem.

Why? Well let Tech tell it…

Best rapper in the game? Man, Eminem is a complete MC to me. He’s a complete MC, man. Not everybody lets you in; I’m one of the ones that lets you in. Personal life and everything. There’s no personal stuff about him because he’s the most lyric flipping motherfucker in the world like he is. But he has substance as well. I really like that. I really like people that can let people in. I told that to Slaughterhouse when they first got their deal. Everybody knows y’all master rappers. It’s cool that you have that on there. But let people in. That’s how you gain fans. That’s something that never goes away. That’s why Eminem is just humongous, because he has talent. He has rhythm. He has substance and he has flow like no other. There’s other fucking murderous MCs out of there. Don’t get me wrong. Joell is a murderer. Crooked I is a murderer. Twista is a murderer. Same as Busta. Eminem is at the top of his game when it comes to patterns, when it comes to wordplay. When it comes to substance. That’s some hella competition boy. Friendly competition, but hella. Oooh, shit!

That’s what I go buy! I gotta go buy the hardest niggas to push myself harder. I obviously see what Eminem and Dre and them be doing because I want my shit to measure up to that. I feel like that’s my lane. I feel like that’s where I should be doing music at that level. Eventually, I’ma be doing music with them niggas. Straight up. Even if it’s just a collabo, you know what I am saying? ‘Cause I know I am dope enough to do it. I know I got a lot of substance, motherfucker. There’s nobody that sounds like me. I met all the qualifications.

On top of that Tech gave the same answer to the question “Who is your dream collab?”

My dream collab has always been Eminem.

The admiration is mutual, as Eminem has expressed his recognition of Tech N9ne’s skills in past interviews. Will the two ever get on a song together and give hip hop the track it so desperately wants? As fans of great music, we can only hope!

On top of that Tech answered questions like…

  • Who’s Tech’s favorite X-Men?
  • What’s up with Kabosh?
  • What’s Tech’s favorite movie?

Shout outs to XXL for the dope piece.




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  • Are you still waiting for the Tech N9ne and Eminem collab?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Patrick Voss

    Thank you for “sut mig” Tech (one of my favorite on the album) we feel your love here in Denmark, and we are sending you a lot back 😉

  • Ali

    Make a fuckin song together !!

  • Strange Ron

    Fuck Eminem

  • SkandƎr Shatty

    tech n9ne with eminem that’s gonna be best collaborations ever made

  • sdgdsg

    eminem sounds like a lil school girl who wont shut up… fk eminem

  • Indigo

    Tech you have been trying to collab with Eminem for years and he knows how big you are now and he knows everyone wants you and him to collab, but if he don’t respond to you then honestly he is scared that all his fans that never heard of you will hear of you and start listening to your music, and eventually start swaying over to be a Tech fan recognizing that you truly are the best rapper and he don’t want his mainstream throne to be taken over from an independent underground artist.

  • d_wreck

    Ron is a fuckin flip flop ass wishy washy ass act cool to dis someone who made it from nothing ass wannabe ass PUSSY

  • d_wreck

    Jealous much

  • Mad Parazitu

    with your mom

  • Matthew Triksylilhobbit Deible

    It’s quite possible to love both artists

  • Matthew Triksylilhobbit Deible

    They have been in a song together before, but something new would be sick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EVHKGMQFyk

  • sdgdsg

    only one of his 11 yr old groupies would think anyone could be jealous of eminem lol

  • Bryan

    they are much better than this now

  • Bitch Please..

    So you’re a Tech fan, and not an Eminem fan? Do you how strange that is considering Tech had stated many times that he gets inspiration through Eminem’s style. Therefore Tech and Eminem are very similar rappers, and yet you say “Fuck eminem, he sucks”,,, lmfao?

  • sdgdsg

    tech thinks killa c is talented.. enough said lol

  • Rick Sorenson

    You must be a retard and know nothing about rap there isnt one top rapper in the world even willing to battle him knowing theg could just get worked. What goes into making versus in rap songs or many for that matter theres no one that even touches him. Your a single minded materialistic junk music listener. Keep sleepin son

  • Marvin Konverse Balcom

    It’s not the same though because it isn’t one of their songs. This shit was legendary. But a collab is with Em coming to a Tech song or vice versa.

  • Jacob Trower

    Sooo want that collab to happen Eminem is one of my favorites always has been and Tech is also one of my favorite do it Tech

  • sdgdsg

    your a eminem fan..nothing lower..

  • cQNS

    Nice one! itll be the only song i ever listen to ever again!

  • Shane Bruce Helies

    tech xzibit eminem now thats a concert id go to see

  • Jessie

    Them 2 should do songs together. If it happens, I know it will be beast

  • Jessie

    I done seen this video already. Eminem’s verse was from another song he did before

  • Are you serious? I was thinking exactly the same thing when I was reading the post. Nice! 😀

  • JRB

    That’s the wackest crap i have ever heard! fleminem don’t deserve to be any where near a tech album. That track will ruin the whole cd. I aint down with hearing that white boi whinning the whole time his verse is playing. Sure piss off alot of juggalos for sure. Remember who your first family was icp and kmk. Their fans are for life as well as techs. Slim anus just ruins everyone’s track that he gets on… JRB…

  • redwolf

    Look id say a collab with eminem would be nice, but don’t insist, if you asked and he said no, fuck him! eminem doesn’t come close to your talent tech, your a beast, killin it ever since you picked up the mic, SMI ALL DAY

  • Lewis Corchado

    I’m sorry but Tech doesn’t need to admire anyone but himself, I think its time to stop and think “whos put out more albums and who has been more loyal to his fans than tech?” Not eminem thats for sure. If anything Emenim should admire Tech N9ne. Nuff said fools

  • Strange Ron

    Thanks , she would love that


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