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Tech N9ne Addresses Police Complaints, Big Scoob and More In Interview With The Source

Published: May 30, 2014 in Tech N9ne by


One noise complaint (or in this case, 70 of them) don’t stop the show when you’re Tech N9ne.

In an interview with The Source, Tech N9ne responded to the fact that a recent show on the Independent Grind tour 2014 received a hailstorm of complaints from surrounding residences.

What did Tech N9ne have to say to the controversy? Read below…

The Source:Recently on your tour you stopped in Lewiston, Idaho for a show where your performance received more than 70 police complaints coming from as far away as a mile and one resident saying “It was like an X-rated movie, only audible”. What’s your reaction to a situation like that?

Tech N9ne: My reaction is that if it really was like an X-rated movie but audible, I would not get booked for shows. If you move into a neighborhood surrounding fairgrounds where they’re performing concerts, you have to be ready for what comes with it, you know what I mean? When they ask for Tech N9ne, they’re going to get Tech N9ne. Your not going to come to me 5 minutes before the show right before we go onstage and say we can’t cuss, we rehearse these songs like “Whose got this mother fuckin house on lock, Einstein; Tech N9ne.” I’m not changing that last minute. You can tell me before we start the tour so we can have a clean show for those places. They’re not going to fuckin dictate what I fuckin say. If the promoter says its OK, then we got it, that’s the promoters problem.

Tech also addresses the Big Scoob’s rap career and much more!

Click here to read the entire interview.




  • Would you let your kids go to a Tech N9ne concert?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Cecilia Silkwood

    I took my son to see Tech N9ne AND Immortal Technique, Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Evidence & Alchemist. I don’t censor my son because it’s pointless and he has critical thinking skills. Police pulled the plug on the Step Brother’s tour in SLO, CA because of the f-bomb. That didn’t stop Mistah Fab from breakin out a freestyle

  • HipHopHead999

    I wish we’d get another album from Big Scoob. He’s so underrated. A lot of these new Strange fans don’t even realize he’s on the label, they always leave him and Jay Rock out of the discussion. That’s another reason having Scoob and Rock on the cypher would have been incredible, people would wake up and realize those two dudes can spit!

  • YoungKorgy420

    I know, it’s maddening when people say that those two are mediocre. Rock and Scoob are on that gangsta tip, but that don’t make them any less elite.

  • HipHopHead999

    For real. To me, Jay Rock is one of the best newer rappers out now. He’s also one of the few traditional gangsta rappers nowadays–sure, there’s all these “gangstas” out there who are glorifying violence and rapping complete ignorance, but Jay Rock’s different in that he doesn’t exactly glorify gang-banging, instead his music is more about telling stories and describing his past life as a gang-banger. Kevin Gates does the same kind of thing; he’s a smart guy that happened to take to the street life but the doesn’t attempt to glorify it by any means.

    And as for Scoob, he’s an OG who’s already proven himself to be a dope gangsta rapper but yet people are sleeping on him anyway. And I think the reason Jay Rock and Scoob are slept on so much is because the typical Strange Music fan only wants to hear speed-rapping and emotional/horrorcore-esque subject matter in Hip-Hop. They seem to be under the misconception that any rappers who aren’t rapping double-time and are instead rapping about gang life in their music are wack. It’s a shame.

  • Steven

    Honestly. if your a strange fan, you apreciate all of the music produced under this label . period. if you “sleep” on scoob and jay rock, you aint no strange music fan GTFOH

  • Lewis M

    Couldn’t have said it better my self


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