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Hip Hop Hypotheticals: What If Busta Rhymes Signed To Strange Music?

Published: July 24, 2014 in Strange Music by


Much like Tech N9ne, you’d be hard pressed to find a legit hip hop head who is unwilling to admit the influence Busta Rhymes has had on hip hop in his 25 year career.

Busta’s innovative delivery and flows have found the east coast emcee almost perpetually relevant within his expansive career, and his experiences with different hip hop labels are almost as numerous as his contributions to the culture themselves.

With Busta recently announcing that he has left Cash Money Records, DJ Booth asked on their official Facebook page, does it still make sense for veteran artists to sign with major record labels?

In an era where the indie label is quickly rising and many artists are finding success without a label at all, does an artist with Busta’s status really need the help of a major label?

One commenter suggested he sign with Strange Music, an idea that sounded good to many others including DJ Booth themselves:

Busta T9 4

While this is purely hypothetical, it definitely has us thinking: What if Busta signed to Strange Music? Would he fit in? What collabs could come of it? How would the fans react?

Of course in this theoretical land of rap magic, our first thought is how epic it would be to have both Busta Rhymes and Tech N9ne on the same label. The collaborative potential is just insane, as we know from “Worldwide Choppers“, but to have Busta actually be here in KCMO to collaborate extensively with Tech would be a whole new realm of possibilities, and with both the veteran emcees seemingly as hungry as ever, the resulting music would probably make faces melt around the world.

Busta T9 5

We then started to think about how Busta would pair with other Strange artists. Long time fans of Wrekonize can point to “Out To Get Me” as an example of a perfect pairing, but what about the rest of the crew? Can you imagine Busta rhyming double/triple/quadruple time alongside Rittz? How about a track with Lynch?

Daydreaming of potential collabs is great, but the number one question we’d want to ask is how would you, the fans, respond to this alliance? Would you like to see yet another rhyme innovator added to the Strange roster?

Again, it’s all hypothetical at this point, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with the idea!

Let us know what you would think in the comments section below!




  • What Strange artist would Busta sound best with?
  • What other veteran emcees would fit well with Strange Music?

Give us your opinion below in the comments!

  • Patrick Voss

    To have Busta on strange would be CRAZY AS FUCK! Some would say it would be goin mainstream, but I THINK it will just show that strange is the place for the best rappers, and i think Busta could do just fine whit strange music, he will be welcomed by me. Do it and lets give the World the middelfinger and show that strange are here to stay! IT GOES UP!

  • Gerard Garay

    HOLY FUCK! That would be the DOPEST thing to happen to Rap since its creation! And with the amount of fame he already has?! That would just piss the rest of the world off even more.
    #STRANGE #MakeItHappen

  • TruthSerum

    He’s one of the few major label artists I think would fit in well here.

    I’ve always considered Tech to be sort of an Underground Version of Busta Rhymes. They both have their own, unique style of fast rapping, they both get along with everybody and are rarely involved in any “Beefs” or controversy, they are both Highly collaborative and have worked with practically everybody, they both frequently steal the show on guest spots and they both have had long, successful careers beginning in the early 90’s.

    Out of all the mainstream artists, I think Busta would make the most sense on Strange.

  • Brastaman

    That would be DOPE!!!!!!!!

  • Steven Pedroza

    Busta with Ces Cru

  • Ryan N

    I got chills thinking about the possibilities…

    Busta spittin over a Seven beat… Make way…

  • Brealest

    It would spur a new chapter in Busta bus career.. strange pumps their music and is on a grind like no other..

  • Aaron Scott Mianscum-Weizineau

    Make it happen !! 😛 😀

  • Ethan Sharp

    Let’s get this Rollin. Its a fuckin great idea!

  • Darren Wild

    Busta would be an insane addition to the strange roster could you imagine the next collabos album?!

  • Afroragga

    My GOD ! They kill the all shits togheter !

  • Skyler Hurd

    def do it

  • AJ Escamills

    Tech should be reading this and see how much positive feedback is coming from this idea. But it all depends if Busta would want to…think of this…Stevie and Busta? The whole Strange roster is just massive and this would be a great addition and Busta would have more room to do what he never even dreamed off if he hasn’t already did what he wanted to do in the mainstream outlook

  • Qwanel

    I’m For Busta Rhymes on da strange power house

  • Ian Looije

    I’ve always thought signing to YMCMB was an odd move for Busta. I beleive he’d do great at strange music. Who cares about commercialism and mainstream – remember mainstream will go strangeland. As for collabos, I’m sure you guys will start off having some fun in the study, the songs will come rolling out in no time.

  • Seph Sais

    I honestly cannot think of a single reason why this would disappoint me as a fan of either rapper. I’ve been waiting for this moment since I first listened to “Worldwide Choppers”…

  • Tee

    Oh mother of all things holy. Can Tech please make this a reality? Both of my idols murdering side by side on something other than WWC. Busta would be a hell of an additional to the Strange roster. His persona and style comments well with the rest. Tech, Murs, and Busta collab

  • John Tomlinson

    This NEEDS to happen, i think he would fit with the label perfectly, and any collabs birthed from such a signing would be perfect.. just think of the potential not jsut for collabs, but Busta would DESTROY some of SeVens beats too, Whats the harm in approaching Bus and seeing how he feels, you dont get shit if you dont ask..

  • Áron Bálint

    I don’t like YMCMB, it is a good idea to add Busta to SM, but don’t stop at this point… the other act which has no place in YMCMB is Limp Bizkit, so how bout you guys add them to the label too? how bout makein’ a Strange Conglomerate sub-label, and a StrangeCore too? and if you asking me who else, then i have to say, you should sign Koll G Rap too to do some unique stuff with ces, and mayday. and after if we speak about veterans, than you should add dub c (WC) too, from the west coast to the strange west label 😀 oh and another good idea…you should sign q-tip, a tipical indie MC 😀

  • Aliciaa ND Josee Yciano

    With all the fastt rappers in strange music he would fitt reall well in strange music 🙂

  • Patricia Locz

    I think it would dope as fuck!!!! But I also think strange music needs 1 female rapper and it should be snow tha product ! She has obviously done her thang on the mic with not only tech but krizz kaliko! We need her ! I highly suggest yall snatch her up ! It would be epic!

  • Dustin Shoemake

    Busta, prozak, and JL

  • Justin Valentine

    Busta and Strange?………… they would take over the world!!!!!! I could see busta, tech, ces cru, and rittz all on the most illest song ever heard ever!!!! It would b epic!!!!

  • Patrick Voss

    Tech says that if the label she is on now fuck her up, he is right there to take her 🙂

  • Joe Harris

    Two legendary rappers on the same label Busta would be a great addition

  • Richie Sutmig Mist

    Undecided kutt Busta Mashup nawww who am I kidding it’d be sicc as fuck

  • Jeremiah John Sullivan

    BUSTA is a beast. there is NO question about it but each artist has different styles that go with different tracks. I personally am not fond of his mid- career stuff. What i think would be really interesting to see (which we already are getting a piece of with Murs) is what will happen to the style of a Legend when they’re music moves to Strangeland instead of just visiting. Look at Twista for example. He has always been good but the first time we heard him with Strange, (Prozak’s “Why??”) it was like we were back to “Kamikaze” and “Day After Tomorrow.” The same goes for “World Wide Choppers”. Yes Busta has been goin’ a lot harder in the past years then he has in a while but I find it to be quite the coincidence that a lot of artist (i.e. Twista, Busta, Paul Wall, Hopsin, BOB ect the list never ends) have cleaner, stronger, heart stopping viruses then before. As for colabs???? OMG a Stevie Stone, Tech, and Busta track???? Mayday with some techno chopping??? Godi, Busta, and Burnz??? Strange did not change anyone; however, the amount of strength it gives is ABSOLUTELY UNSTOPPABLE. I think the best people to talk to about this (interview hint hint) is the ones that have been clawing there whole career and found liberation through strange; Mayday, Ces, Stevie Stone, RITTZ, MURS. Im going to end this rant with a straight forward statement. Busta- you can come visit Strangeland ANYTIME you want; however, if you want a home for life??? I think we have a residency with your name on it. ALUCARD MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!

  • Ryan N

    Got me thinkin about ces rappin over some of Bustas tracks… the cru on something like dangerous.

  • James Garrett Bingle

    I think strange should sign talent. And Busta has a lot more talent than a lot of people in the game. Don’t just sign one more well versed hip hoppin’ mother fucker, sign Busta get all the talent you can. World Domination get easier the more people you got behind you 😛

  • Ricardo L Ortiz


  • Schylar Carrozzeria Wilson

    Make that shit happen! Strange is like a label of chopper gunners and one more would make it absolutely crazy! Go for the gusto!

  • Guest

    So much want!

  • Tim Kirk

    So much want

  • Guest

    Tech + Busta?

  • Joey Alyea

    If Busta signed with strange, that would be amazing and wonderful to hear. As you can see from the previous comments made, I really hope tech listens to the technicians all around the world cuz this needs to happen. Imagine Busta tech rittz and Kali on the hook. Very inspiring!!!

  • DarxideGarrison

    ( `-_-) Just sign already!!!!!

  • Robbie Martinez

    I agree if there’s any1 major artist who could join strange it’s Busta he’s always been. Little different anyways

  • Ryan N

    If not Snow, then Liz Suwandi. I feel she has a lot of untapped potential.

  • Yo Busta fits right in there, Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” Gimme Some More, Dangerous just to name a few… I honestly believe Busta would do excellent with all the Strange Family…

  • Chris Ouellette

    Krizz with busta Nvm tech Rittz ces kutty Stevie stone all of em would sound incredible

  • Anthony Michael Watkins

    I really don’t see why this shouldn’t happen, Busta is a veteran which so much untapped skill! The possibilities would be endless not only for Busta but also for Strange Music, having someone as well known as he is? That would only make Strange more known in the long run! I still run into people who don’t know what Strange Music is and don’t know who Tech is, mind you I live an hour away from Tech’s home of KCMO. And people still don’t know who Tech is? Of course they know who Busta is right? I mean who doesn’t? Busta would fit right in with the rest of the roster, dude is a fast rapper too.

    First thing I done when I got here, I looked through the comments to see who opposes and why. I haven’t seen anyone oppose this, so Tech and Travis who ever reads this FOR THE LOVE OF RAP MAKE THIS HAPPEN! If you don’t get him before someone else scoops him up, that would truly be sad and would disappoint a lot of people who wanted this to happen! I mean come on Busta killed it on WWC he is a lyrical genius such as the great Tech N9ne! I mean can you really go wrong with a former Mainstream artist going Indie? Hell no you can’t! The comment Tech made about Mainstream going Tech, so far that statement has been true! I suggest approach him, do it before other labels have a chance to speak with him. Let’s take the world by storm here, let’s show the world Strange is on the map and will be here to stay! LAST TIME I’M GOING TO SAY THIS, MAKE THIS SHIT HAPPEN AND NOW!!!!!!

  • Blake Richard

    Busta and ces (maybe goemis), Busta-Tech-Prozac

  • Corlena Espuma

    I’m with you.. Technicians world wide

  • Dana Ammazzini

    Well I think that busta signing to strange would boost strange’s popularity for sure, and also bring tech into the spotlight for signing busta. The possibilities are endless and I’m sure that most strange music fans would agree that busta definetly has the lyrical ability to match any strange artists. So I think that it would be dope to have busta sign to strange!!!

  • Patrick Voss

    100 😉

  • I hate these kinds of questions cuz when they sound this dope and the possibility of it going down being very real……….. nothing happens. I know it’s a hypothetical question but sheesh. Hahaha. But I think Busta would fit very well. The only thing is, he’d have to loosen up that tight ego of his and just listen to people who are winning without a major machine and no radio play. Busta keeps chasing people that’s big at the moment to keep his name ringing. That’s not a diss. It’s the truth. Whens the last time this dude did anything for himself that was big without someone popping at the time being involved. If he signed with Strange, he could get a whole new fan base and his old fan base would follow right along opening up the doors for Strange music to gain even more fans. Whew. I have carpel tunnel now.

  • Patrick Voss

    Danish technician right here says.. LETS GO! 🙂

  • Lyrical Kalie

    tech would vibe well will busta both fast,

  • Jeremy Jay Ryze Carr

    Get him! Make this happen in 2015! Busta was one of the most influential MC’s back in his prime, and I think YMCMB didnt do Busta Bus too good… but you already know how to handle one mental giant, I dont see any problem with a second one!

  • Endo The CloudWalker

    Ill start buying bustas albums if he signs to strange ive always liked his music. I hope hes definitely considering the idea. Busta with some kaliko vocals. Or speed tracks with tech and rittz. Best thing about strange you can do whatever project you want. You wanna do a rock or metal collab for your next album you can. You wanna drop 5 eps you can. At strange your free to be strange. Not to mention the tours! yo the girls are more then friendly during a tech show haha ^S^


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