Hip Hop Hypotheticals: What If Busta Rhymes Signed To Strange Music?

Jul 24 2014


Much like Tech N9ne, you’d be hard pressed to find a legit hip hop head who is unwilling to admit the influence Busta Rhymes has had on hip hop in his 25 year career.

Busta’s innovative delivery and flows have found the east coast emcee almost perpetually relevant within his expansive career, and his experiences with different hip hop labels are almost as numerous as his contributions to the culture themselves.

With Busta recently announcing that he has left Cash Money Records, DJ Booth asked on their official Facebook page, does it still make sense for veteran artists to sign with major record labels?

In an era where the indie label is quickly rising and many artists are finding success without a label at all, does an artist with Busta’s status really need the help of a major label?

One commenter suggested he sign with Strange Music, an idea that sounded good to many others including DJ Booth themselves:

Busta T9 4

While this is purely hypothetical, it definitely has us thinking: What if Busta signed to Strange Music? Would he fit in? What collabs could come of it? How would the fans react?

Of course in this theoretical land of rap magic, our first thought is how epic it would be to have both Busta Rhymes and Tech N9ne on the same label. The collaborative potential is just insane, as we know from “Worldwide Choppers“, but to have Busta actually be here in KCMO to collaborate extensively with Tech would be a whole new realm of possibilities, and with both the veteran emcees seemingly as hungry as ever, the resulting music would probably make faces melt around the world.

Busta T9 5

We then started to think about how Busta would pair with other Strange artists. Long time fans of Wrekonize can point to “Out To Get Me” as an example of a perfect pairing, but what about the rest of the crew? Can you imagine Busta rhyming double/triple/quadruple time alongside Rittz? How about a track with Lynch?

Daydreaming of potential collabs is great, but the number one question we’d want to ask is how would you, the fans, respond to this alliance? Would you like to see yet another rhyme innovator added to the Strange roster?

Again, it’s all hypothetical at this point, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with the idea!

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  • What Strange artist would Busta sound best with?
  • What other veteran emcees would fit well with Strange Music?

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