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SPECIAL EFFECTS: Tech N9ne Shares Collaboration Wishlist For Upcoming Album [Video]

Published: July 3, 2014 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Interview

If Special Effects goes as planned, expect one of the most eclectic albums in the history of hip hop.

In this interview with Dallas Weekly, Tech N9ne went on to reveal his wishlist of collaborators for his next solo album. Amongst the esteemed wish list? Jay Z, Rick Ross, Trent Reznor and Metallica just to name a few.

Want to know the rest? Then watch the interview below!




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  • Alex Blair

    Strange is the LEADER, the World just needs to realize it!!

  • Dem

    Get Ja Rule ..Trust me he can merk it!! Your voices would mesh great!!

  • marty

    damn even excision special effects gonna be all over the place haha

  • Josh

    he looks geniuinely hurt emotionally near the end of this video.. i feel his pain

  • Johnny Gresham

    I loved Big Scoob & Rittz on the cyphers… I love Strange Music.

  • Maniac Alii

    Tech got to make a song with Eminem!!

  • Daryl Bentley


  • Get Marshal on a track!!!

  • Keep doing you tech. Don’t stop.

  • I have the same struggles with religion man…. Shit is crazy….

  • Aaron Scott Mianscum-Weizineau

    Always really so excited too to hear what comin’ next for y’all strange music artists

  • Roger Schwarzinger

    he has tried many times! Eminem is the one turning it down every time! first Tech N9ne asked Eminem if he could do a song with him called Psycho Bitch 2 but denied it for some reason so Tech got Liquid Assassin , second Tech asked him to do a song with him called So Lonely but denied it so he got Blind Fury on it and than he said he asked him to join Fragile but couldn’t again! so asked Kendrick Lamar but now Tech N9ne is thinking of getting Eminem on Psycho Bitch 3 but we all probably know that Eminem will say no. And Eminem has a lot of time man! there is no reason to turn Tech down because Eminem just collaborated with Busta Rhymes on a song called Calm Down! but couldn’t do any songs with Tech N9ne

  • MeDDiocre

    nigga naaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • Emin Demircan

    @Rogar you are just spittin bullshit. Thats all wrong. Eminem didn’t deny Tech N9ne, ever, you are wrong. Psycho Bitch II is wrong example. Tech would make song with Eminem on My World but Proof died and it’s cancel. After that, Tech would make song with Eminem again on So Lonely but because of the time issues, it cancelled too. And all of other examples like Fragile or Psycho Bitch 2 is wrong! WRONG! Eminem never deny Tech. In fact Eminem love Tech N9ne. And here’s the video, Eminem said “Tech N9ne is fucking ill. Tech N9ne is fucking crazy.” (In a good way) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFmgf2XV-mY Em said tech is Ill tech is fuckin crazy. On his radio show right before he played techs song.. Look it up he’s been dodging him because they both have busy schedules. Tech sends him a song with little time to record a verse and send it back em puts heavy time into verses he needs a flex room of a deadline and tech hits him up with a song weeks before it’s put into his album. They both run labels me is a producer for every artist plus himself in shady records. On top of that he’s got shows and appearances to live up to plus keeping intact with family which he’s even said he put more time towards since rehab. And from the headlights song his mom sounds to be in bad condition and or headed to it and he wants to reconnect with her. Tech also has shows music he constantly puts out and strange music to manage himself.


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