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Kutt Calhoun And Strange Music Have Decided To Part Ways

Published: September 23, 2014 in Strange Music by

Strange Music Announcement

Kutt Calhoun and Strange Music have decided to part ways. Kutt fulfilled his commitment with Strange and has decided to pursue other opportunities. Kutt Calhoun has been an integral part of Strange Music for many years and released an incredible catalog of work with us.

While he is no longer signed to Strange Music, all of us here at Strange wish Kutt the very best in his future musical and creative endeavors.

– Strange Music Inc. –

  • Ollie Gates

    Im glad I got to meet him and see him perform when he was apart of strange. Just hope he doesnt sign to atlantic records or some shit.

  • N0d0ze

    Damn and tech said that he would never do anything to regret a snake and bat tattoo. What a loss for changed music. Kutt is the most underrated artist that keeps it gangsta in that whole lineup. It will eventually come back full circle and bite them in the ass. Real Talk

  • Ryan N

    Where we don’t know the details let’s not be quick to place blame. It very well could have been mutual, unfortunate as it may be… Hopefully this isn’t the end of 816 Boyz collaborations

  • TruthSerum

    Anybody looking to take a side on this shit is an idiot. Whatever happened is between the 2 of them and nobody else has any business in it. They are both musicians, if you like them, support them and that’s all you need to do. Leave the personal Bullshit to the people it involves. Your just an onlooker with no say so in it.

    I’d also suggest to Tech, Kutt, Snug and whoever else that they remember that they are all grown men and stop arguing on twitter like a bunch of teenagers. It’s a bad look for all involved.

    I hope Kutt is able to sustain himself on his own. It’ll be rough, he never sold records like that with a big name crew behind him, I can’t imagine he’ll do any better on his own. I’ll be rooting for him though.

    It seems to me there are more fans coming out the woodwork complaining about him leaving then actually went out to buy “Black Gold”. That’s the problem right there. As many of you seem to be upset, it’s ironic that Kutt is one of the lowest selling artists on the label. Rittz, Brotha Lynch, Krizz Kaliko, Mayday….. They all sell twice as much as he does, at least. If more of you would have went out and supported his music, we might not have wound up in this situation. If he were making money he’d have likely been content to stay. The man has kids to feed and if Strange fans weren’t supporting his music, what else was he supposed to do??

    That’s just my opinion on it though. Peace to everybody involved. Artists leave labels every day, it ain’t the end of the fucking world.

  • Patrick Voss

    Damn bro hard words, but i do agree with you,.. Real talk,

  • Patrick Voss

    Really hopes 816 boyz are here to stay, 100!!

  • JAYCook79

    Wow wish nothing but the best for him in the future. It was great to see him perform and really never imagined this happening. I wonder where or if he’ll sign with another label. Maybe he’ll have his own label or retire I hope not.

  • TruthSerum


    I’m not trying to be mean but let’s get serious man, Black Gold sold like 4K copies it’s first week, Atlantic records wouldn’t even let him in the building. There looking for acts that can sell records to the masses over there.

    He’ll probably end up starting his own label or doing something like that.

  • N0d0ze

    Something went down if he’s selling his snake and bat chain on ebay for 22k

  • N0d0ze

    I support all of strange music artist have either
    pre ordered or picked up a copy at hastings since day one and continue to support artist that have left strange. Also was the street team captain in Albuquerque, NM for a while from 08 to 12.

  • N0d0ze

    Cognito 2009-2010
    Grave Plott(Killa C & Liquid Assassin)2008
    Project: Deadman(Prozak & Mike E. Clark 2004
    Skatterman & Snug Brim 2004-2009
    Young Bleed2011-2012
    Kutt Calhoun 2004-2014

    Cognito ,Skatterman and Snug brim left strange now Bloody Kutty Cal wtf . The money going to Techs head. Mainstream Has Taken a hold of Changed Music. Stage shows will never be the same without Kutt. Get your walk on B get your walk on.One of the three kings have fallen now watch all of strange come crumbling down.

  • Thanatos

    A lot of Strange Music fans didn’t support Kutt like they should. I believe it’s because he’s different from the other Strange artists: he doesn’t rap double-time and he’s more street-oriented. He’s a dope rapper and it’s honestly a shame how under-appreciated he is by a good amount of Strange Music’s fans. For some reason a lot of Strange fans think rapping super fast = better lyricism which isn’t true. And they aren’t as receptive to more gangsta type rappers like Kutt.

  • First met Kutt at KC Trends and he offered to take a picture of me with tech. I didnt even ask him.. Didn’t really see him much at strange but hopefully his career path will work for the better. Nobody truely knows when they have to change job or even career paths. Best of luck the Kutt.

    Hope kutt hangs onto his chain instead of just selling it because it’s not only a pricey piece of jewlery but a memory as well.

  • Jerry Young

    I have been listening to hip hop since 1983. I own over 1000 albums, and I am an old head when it comes to this music. I am going to share my thoughts on why Kutt, Snug, and whoever else didn’t sell many records. Some will argue with my point, but its really obvious. All of them can spit on the mic, and have some dope material, but the truth is…gangsta rap is not in no more like it was. That is across the board, not just at strange. There is only so many ways you can talk about hoes, guns, and money. Hip hop started out as party music, then battle songs, then lyrical and conscious rap, and then the gangsta music came in. Schooly D, Ice T, NWA, and so on. It was huge for 15 to 20 years. Look now though. The only really gangsta albums that sell are from established artists that have been in the game for a long awhile. A lot of the hot artists nowadays are either sing/songy rappers (Drake), or lyrical and ones that are diverse in topics and tough on lots of different things. Kendrick, J Cole, Kanye, Lupe, etc etc. I am just spit balling names. Gangsta music hasn’t been hot for a long while. Even look at Tech. Tech started out more gangsta if you listen to his old music. Yes, he was original with his style, but a lot of his topics weren’t at first when he hit local. But then he started to open up and let us in. He started rapping about other things, and really expanded his portfolio of topics for rhymes. This is when he finally started to blow up. He could always spit and kill your favorite rapper, but its when he branched out that he really took off. Kutt and Snug can rap, but its the same street stuff that has been said a million times over. All you can really do with it is say it in a slicker way I guess, but its still the same street stuff. I understand hip hop came from the streets, and it will always be a street music, but theres more to life then girls, guns, and money……unfortunately hahaahaha I am just being real. I consider myself an expert or historian on rap I guess you could say. I listen to it all and have albums from people you never heard of, to some of the most mainstream shit you can think of and everyone in between. They should hire me to be an AnR or a talent scout. haha I laugh, but its true really. I might get bashed for this, and I know some only want gangsta music, but that’s the minority of fans. Most music and rap fans want something deeper, something with meaning, something that resonates you with you inside….with a banging ass beat. Period.

  • damien

    what the fuck man kutt is the shit …..i will buy his records wherever he ends up

  • Kitty Cat Randy

    Would you qualify Freddie Gibbs and ScHoolboy Q as gangsta rap?

  • Ryan N

    Saw your user name and heard “Naa Nana Na Na Nana Na Na Naa” in my head

  • Jerry Young

    I would. Freddie Gibbs has a dope album. But did it sell? School Boy Q I would say is more original then Kutt and Snug, but his record sold because of Kendricks hype. All of TDE will sell because of the buzz of Kendrick. Not that I don’t like School Boys album, or think TDE is dope because they are, but that is the truth. I like gangsta music. Shit, I like all kinds of different hip hop. I like Kutt and Snugs music. I am just flat out telling you why it doesn’t sell. And I guarantee Kutt and Snug sold half their records just because of their affiliation with Tech. Just the way the game goes. Theres no love that should be lost about it. And in no way am I telling them to chance their style or subject matter, but know going in that this is the landscape of hip hop right now, so maybe you should see the situation for what it is.

  • Kitty Cat Randy

    Good points. Although ScHoolboy Q has shown the ability to make some hits, the Kendrick hype didn’t hurt much. Gibbs’ album did 9,500 the first week, which isn’t great but not terrible for an independent release.

  • Jerry Young

    Yes, 9500 is respectable. And it was one of the best albums, so its a shame it didn’t sell more. The problem is to is that NO ONE sells albums anymore. Everyone just buys songs. The CD is going the way of the DoDo bird which to me sucks. I am a collector, and my CD collection is huge. I don’t want to have to get my music digitally. I don’t want to just buy songs. I want to go to the store and buy the CD. I want to unwrap it and check out the inside cover out, all the info of the songs, and the thank yous. I want a full album of songs, the way it is supposed to be. All the youngsters nowadays just want to pick and choose and they are missing out on the whole point of an album. Maybe I am old school, but that’s my feelings on it. I just bought the Rittz, and just something about opening it up, popping it in the stereo, and hearing that first song come in bumping while your reading the credits and you are still in the parking lot of the Best Buy or wherever you buy the CD is still one of my favorite moments. I check every Tuesday for the new releases and I never miss an album I want and that is basically how it goes every time. It will be a shame when you cant do that no more. I totally went off the subject now haha

  • Kitty Cat Randy

    Can’t say I don’t agree with you man.

  • Vegas Hustle

    HE WASNT SHIT AYWAYS.. HE SOUNDED OK ON SOME FEATURES BUT HIS ALBUMS ARE/WERE TERRIBLE!! He raps about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I SUPPORTED THE 2 ALBUMS BEFORE BLACK GOLD LISTENED ONCE AND IT WAS A WRAP. Its not techs or anyones fault that KUTT and Skatt/Snugbrim, whos also TERRIBLE music didnt catch fire.. its not like strange doesnt want them to be successful they are investing their own fucking MONEY in their artist. REALLY THOUGH, HOW MUCH OF YOUR OWN MONEY WOULD U KEEP INVESTING IN A RAGGEDY ASS CAR THAT KEEPS BREAKING DOWN BEFORE YOU MOVE ON??? Tech has built his shit on hardwork and dedication to his CRAFT. If you listen to a tech verse from today and compare to his early days you here growth, maturity, new styles, new sounds, relevant subjects. Not Kutt, snug and skatterman they still sound the same as 5 years ago. YOU RE RUNNING IN PLACE CAUSE YOU HAVE NOT GROWN OR CHANGED AND IT SHOWS IN YOUR MUSIC. ITS NOT STRANGES FAULT.

  • TruthSerum

    Out of all those artists you named, have any of them experienced even a small amount of success since leaving the label??

    None of those dudes can even get their records carried in stores anymore. So, it’s not as if they proved Strange wrong when they left. They sell even less now.

    If anything, your post proves how worthless they were to the company. The only relevant part of their careers was the small time frame in which Tech let them be a part of his, and even then they failed. Without him, their non existent.

    I like Kutt, and I even download new Skatterman mixtapes when they drop, but no other companies are beating down their doors trying to give them record deals. Tech gambles on Kutt for over 10 years, invested his money in putting 4 albums and a few EP’s in stores, took him on something like 20 national tours, and never got a return on that investment because Kutt never made an album anybody bought.

    If we could look at the financial records, I bet Travis and Tech probably lost close to a million promoting albums for him that never sold shit. Friendship is one thing but after a while you can only give so many handouts.

    I’m sure Kutt works hard, and he seems like a nice guy. I, personally, like his music. But, as someone who runs a business myself, you got to look at it logically. I’m not gonna carry a product that my customers don’t buy,even if I love it myself, because you lose money that way. There is no point in patronizing one another when the situation clearly wasn’t working. Strange fans never got into Kutt’s music, they might have cheered when he was on stage with Tech and Krizz, but on his own the fans didn’t support him. It was inevitable they’d go separate ways.

  • As I do agree with about half of what you said… How do you explain the support and success within Strange Music and Strange Music’s fans of Stevie Stone then? Or even Mayday?

  • Thanatos

    Stevie and MAYDAY are newer, but so far fans are supporting them as much as they could and should either. Just like Kutt said in his song “Calling My Name”, you can say you support him and fuck with him all you want, but if you aren’t buying his album you’re not really helping. And fans seem to be doing that with Stevie and MAYDAY too, since their numbers aren’t that great either. MAYDAY’s first album on Strange sold 5400 first week and their second sold 5100. Stevie’s first album on Strange sold 6600 and his second sold 4700. That isn’t that far off from Kutt’s last album’s first week sales of 4300. Obviously part of this is due to people pirating music and streaming more and more but still, people should support artists they like, especially if they’re indie. And also, if you compare their sales to Tech it’s a pretty wide margin, which doesn’t make sense because a lot of fans say they support MAYDAY and Stevie and all that but it looks like they’re only really actually buying Tech’s stuff when it comes down to it.

  • Aside from album sales, which are never outrageously huge in numbers for Independent artists under a label with a headliner like Tech N9ne, success and support cannot be determined by album sales alone. People fuck with Stevie Stone & MAYDAY because their style is unique and they have more mic presence than Kutt. Strange Music fans genuinely have a certain taste in music which consists of the obvious “chopper” style rhymes, melodic rhythms, lyricism, and that Strange Music “sound”. Kutt has lyricism and had the Strange Music sound, but what he didn’t have is versatile content. He is a street-lyricist and the majority of his catalog doesn’t reach any further than that. Overall he has one style with no real unique mic presence. Of course he has fans, I think he’s dope and I’m disappointed he left, but his fan-base is very limited because his versatility is next to nothing. It’s an obvious fact that most Independent artists get the majority of their profit from Touring & Merchandise, although Kutt was releasing albums he wasn’t touring as much with Strange Music. Stevie Stone, MAYDAY, Krizz Kaliko did their own tour without Tech N9ne and did great, because they music is versatile and it’s what the fans expect and listen for. As where Kutt did his own solo shows and he only reaches one audience, street rap or possibly a few real Strange Music fans. That leads to no real money coming from Touring, and since his fan-base is so limited, his merchandise being sold is limited as well. At the end of the day this doesn’t mean hes not a great artist, it just means his time was up with Strange. However I don’t think parting ways is going to gain him any extra success or profit, hes still a limited rapper with one audience so I suppose we can hope for the best but I doubt it’ll get any better than being with Strange Music.

  • Thanatos

    I never said album sales solely determine success, but that is what Kutt has complained about in the past and thus that is why I brought sales up. You state that Kutt isn’t as successful as MAYDAY or Stevie Stone because he lacks versatility. Well, I don’t necessarily agree with that…. Like I said in my first post, Strange Music fans seem so limited with their music preferences: if a rapper doesn’t rap super fast or rap with a horrorcore style, they don’t get that much support. It was the same with Skatterman and Snug Brim and Young Bleed. They also had a more gangsta rap style than the rest of the label and look how little the fans supported them as well. And then what happened? They left too. The truth is a lot of Strange Music fans are pretty close-minded and don’t embrace the more street-oriented rappers, even though they were good at what they did and could have easily succeeded on another label with a more open-minded, supporting fanbase. I feel a lot of the blame lies on the Juggalo pprtion of the fanbase since they are so against so many types of music…. They hate any type of rap that sounds like it could be played on the radio, and Kutt had some solid radio-ready records that became missed opportunities. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if Kutt Calhoun had never met Tech, could he be 100x bigger than he is now? If he signed with a different label with more supportive fans I think he could have made it really big. When he signed in 2004, his style of gangsta rap was quite popular and I can imagine him crossing over into the mainstream quite successfully. Oh well, he signed with Strange and stuck it out 10 years and now he’s left the label. I hope he has more success on his own or with a new label but like you, I doubt things will improve too much, unfortunately.

  • bread1975

    No gangsta rap did not play itself out, it was put out of commission by protest from the community, thus putting pressure on the music industry to faze it out, and what about R&B? Except for the late 1960’s/early 1970’s era where there was a lot of songs with a message, all R&B artist been mostly singing about since the 1940 is making out in the bedroom and people still buying it, and just like some people are tried of hearing about guns, women and money, I’m tired of hearing those conscious rap songs and yet things are still bad in certain hoods, and by the way I been listing to hip hop since 1979.

  • Jerry Young

    I am not here to get into an argument over logistics. But first off, anyone who has 1975 in their name usually means they were born that year. Thus making you 4 when you started to listening to hip hop. This I highly doubt. Second off, the community did put pressure to faze it out. However, Anytime the powers that be tried to condemn it and stop it, it only grew bigger. Look back at the 90s, C Delores Tucker, and others like her trying to stamp it out….it only grew. And you are saying RnB still sells? No it don’t, It definately don’t sell like the 70s, or even the 90s with Jodeci, Keither Sweat, Boys 2 Men,and others that were big. To be honest, most music doesn’t sell. I also agree Things are bad in certain hoods. Always will be. But actually violence is down across the board in America. That is another fact. I didn’t say that NO ONE wants to hear gangsta rap, I still like it to. But it has lost its popularity, and it is definitely not original anymore. Like I said, there is only so many ways to talk about money, drugs, and hoes. Rap is way away from its heyday in the early 90s. It is good to see some of it coming back slowly but surely because the snap rap, ringtone shit, has been flooding the game way to much for years. Period.

  • bread1975

    Excuse me but first off if music is played all around your house everyday at a young age like In my case you WILL remember the first time RAPPERS DELIGHT hit the airways (didn’t try to talk down to me like I’m a dummy because you will lose), secondly talking about money and hoes does NOT make you a gangster, because if that is the case then Puff Diddy and Mase was some of the biggest gangsters because all they and some Bad Boy artist did talk about was money, cars and hoes, and me growing up in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY guys like this
    would have been robbed by some REAL GANGSTERS in my old hood, and rap today is not on the decline because of too much about money, hoes, etc. it’s on the decline because a lot of these artist that the major labels and the radio stations try to feed us are wack (garbage), just like a lot of R&B singers today can’t sing without audio tune, and since most people act like sheep’s and just go by what is on the radio instead of researching for other types of music artist, independent artists and labels still have to make a big leap to become a success. Period.

  • Corey

    he was always the weakest link. he isnt going to try to be a rapper anymore, i bet he spends time with his kids at home and gets a job.

  • Damien Strange

    B.L.E.V.E. Thanks to the top commenters, Black gold underselling was definately a shame, kutt is highly underrated and am very sorry to see him go.

  • Timothy J. Augello

    Kutt was one of my favorite Strange artists…. I hope he can still release some great music elsewhere.

  • Andrew

    Everyone u mentioned besides skatter snug and kut, signed one album deals. They chose to not re sign

  • Splicage

    Lol have you even heard Mayday? Wrek spits double time on almost every track

  • Nah….I never heard Mayday…
    Actually, I think Wrek spits more “double time” on his solo shit and more melodic and monotone within the band itself. In any event tho, that has nothing to do with what were really discussing. Mayday is a group with their own different sound that strays away from the “usual” artist Strange USE to sign for the majority of the label’s life-span. Meaning Mayday still gets mad support from these long term fans who expect a typical Strange sound but adapted and/or just out of pure respect/support for Strange Music as a label. And yet, nobody has mentioned the Stevie Stone support tho?? All these excuses about “rapping fast so its cool that’s why they got the support” is gettin’ “double timed” really..

  • Splicage

    But you clearly said “Or even Mayday” suggesting they don’t rap fast

  • jesse

    Freddie gibbs is definitely gangsta rap and yeah is album is awesome it’s a shame these rappers don’t get the recognition they deserve but it’s true. That’s the game these days. And I totally agree with you. I hate buying single songs. I like buying in albums. I’ll buy digital but I definitely prefer cd’s and I’m only 20

  • jesse

    Man I hate to see this. I really liked kutt’s music. And I never got to see him perform at a strange show. So I’ll be really dissapointed if I never get the chance. But I hope for the best for him

  • Chad Noblick

    They fazed out gangsta rap to put on bullshit like lil Wayne and Rick Ross dumb down music. Fuck the industry

  • Antonios Magnanimous

    Blah blah blah, rap, gangsta rap, blah blah hip hop blah blah blah…simple fact of the matter is that the market decided what was worth paying for. He could be worth alot more, but people decide the vote with the almighty dollar. A vote in pure form, putting your money where your mouth is for real!

    …and even though Strange Music gave Kutt as much creative control over what he put out there as he wanted, the people made a decision. Wish him well because I like him. Now go blame capitalism, if you want to prove that you’re a real mental midget.

  • Timothy J. Augello


  • William Rein

    …What are you even talking about? Gangster music is HUGE, it’s practically the ONLY thing that sells. Drake is “sing/songy,” but he definitely qualifies as a gangster rapper as most of his material is, as you say, “hoes, guns and money.” Just because he sings doesn’t mean he’s different. Also, Lil Wayne is gangster. French Montana, Rich Ross… Jay Z… Kanye went gangster… the hard music is what’s on the radio right now, for sure. It’s where the money is. The diverse, backpack camp is selling well too, like Kendrick and J. Cole, but not nearly Lupe or others. You don’t know what you’re saying Jerry. Gangster music is DEFINITELY in. Vic Mensa just blew up with “U Mad,” and that’s trap rap, Waka Flocka’s been raking in thousands, along with Tyga and all the club rappers. You’re almost ridiculously wrong.


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