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Tech N9ne Says Fan Comment Inspired Words For New Song

Published: November 21, 2014 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Instagram Pic

Attention fans! In case you didn’t already know, Tech N9ne really cares about what you think.

As if the constant touring, meet and greets and hella releases wasn’t enough to prove this point, we have this tidbit from a recent interview that goes to show that Tech is truly one with his fans.

When asked if something a fan said has ever fueled as inspiration, Tech had this to say:

All the time man, all the time. I look at YouTube comments, I look at Instagram comments, Twitter comments. I have a song on my new album “Dyin’ Flyin’,” it’s about my fans. Some of my fans don’t want me to get as big as I’m getting. They don’t want to see me on “Jimmy Kimmel” or hear “Fragile” on the radio, which I have no idea why.

I wrote this song off of a fan on Instagram who said “ever since 2010 he hasn’t been doing any good music.” I wrote this song about how I’m flying high as hell, but I’m dying at the same time because some people don’t want me to get as big as I’m getting. Because of that guy, one of the lines in the second verse is “how the hell are you saying that all the records I’m playin’ since 2010, I’m not obeying the Strange Law, remain raw.” If he hadn’t said that, I wouldn’t have written it. I’m always in tune with the fans and always inspired by the fans. Whoever said that is gonna know, “Wow, he’s talking to me.”





  • If you were Tech, would you care that much about what the fans had to say?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Ollie Gates

    Hey tech! big ol tittys!

  • esthert9x

    Hello Tech, i want to thank you for such amazing music that does come from your heart, soul, and mind that is what makes it so amazing it is all you that is why we as true fans feel a connection with you as if we are friends or family. I have told people that your music is a book about you life and each cd are different chapters in your life thats is why all your cd are different you of course have changed as a person through out the years you have grown to be a huge inspiration in our life and have help us through our life’s by sharing you most deepest secret and feelings in your own life that we can relate to i understand your pain in loseing someone so dear to your heart ( L.A.J.F.A.) I lost mine in 1-11-14 she was ill for several years with her liver and then her kidneys i took care of her and took her to Dr’s , er many times for drainage and blood transfusion i watched her everyday for a year slip away as she got weaker, sicker and in so much pain i held her hand and told her i love you mom and you will never be alone as she took her last breath and i felt the warmth of her life go. You keep on keepin on being you God gave you a gift to help take care of your mom and family Enjoy being blest Thank him for all the pain and good cause thats what makes us stronger to keep on keepin on Tech MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT estherfromfresnoca ♡

  • KristianJames Lee

    you are an amazing human being

  • Tim Johnson

    Tecca Nina I think I could really be a strong asset to Strange music
    I gave RITTZ a demo at the Cleveland show last night I’m not sure if he’ll listen to it but I really hope he does and passes it on I’ve always loved that strange music and would be im sick of people tellin me that I need to write more simple fuck that, just please get back to me on this matter I’m chasing my dream and u have the power to make it reality
    contact me at

  • Tim Johnson
    I’m a huge fan and have always respect for u and strange music we’re not a dyin breed there are still real *artists* out there who do it for the music and the fans. At the very least listen and if u got the time get back to me on wat u think u can help Make my dream come true

  • cordarrel lyrek Lyrek

    Keep doing your thing Tech!!! In my opinion you are the best lyricists out there!! Sorry I missed your last show in MN. I got called out of town for work. Really wish I didn’t miss you and Stone!

  • Kevin

    My dream is to be apart of the greatest music empire ever assembled, strange music. I grew up with the doors and I’ve always been a misfit all my life, I started writing poetry when I was 10 and I’ve always loved rap but one day my dude JJ throws on some tech and I was in awe for about 30sec until I was bobbin my head and then on for me tech has not been only rap god but salvation. I started rapping and all my friends are asking why I rap so fast, and I’m like, cuz I’m destined to be a chopper, and in the process I don’t strive to be tech, or be like tech, I’m gunna be me so hard that maybe tech will see me and ask me to join the family but until then imma keep up my speed and poetic style and strengthen these skills for strange to unveil this yet another unique rapper from the midwest.

  • Dustin Shoemake

    All I hear is wah wah wah… Cry baby!…

    Eyy Tech, Elyzian here… How many concerts do I gotta see before your music gets old? not enough… Your music always been Ruff dawgy!

    Stay up G.

    -Dustin Shoemake


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