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HUGE: AT&T Partners With DASH Radio To Offer Service In Cars

Published: January 5, 2015 in Strange Music by


Only one year after launching two major initiatives focused on innovation in the connected car market – AT&T Drive and AT&T Drive Studio – AT&T* announced further plans to lead the ecosystem by making it easier than ever for automotive manufacturers to integrate apps from top companies.

Today at the annual AT&T Developer Summit, the company announced Dash Radio as one of five new applications for the company’s industry leading connected car platform, AT&T Drive. The apps will be available to auto manufacturers for their connected car options. These apps can provide drivers with a wide range of services including remote diagnostics and streaming audiobooks and live radio.

AT&T Drive is the company’s connected car platform – a modular, global solution that allows automakers to pick and choose which services and capabilities are important to them in order to differentiate their solutions in the marketplace. From connectivity and billing solutions to data analytics, infotainment, and firmware over-the-air updates, AT&T Drive allows automakers and developers to implement their own innovative and customized connected car solutions. Drive’s cloud-based app platform can deliver speech-enabled applications designed specifically for cars, so that drivers have access to the information they need while on the road.

“We want to give our connected car drivers applications that provide enhanced in-car experiences while continuing to focus on driver safety,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things, AT&T Mobility. “Our goal with AT&T Drive is to bring together the top players in the industry to collaborate and drive innovation for end users — and these players do just that.”



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  • What do you think about this move?
  • What does this do for DASH and to the competition?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Senbo No Shi

    I always liked the idea of colab for tech integration. Like the sync system for Ford (not a ford fan but the concept) or the Xbox compatibility because of Microsoft’s foundation (again not an Xbox fan). I always thought Macintosh would jump on that kind of thing with Sony and PlayStation. But having app service is inevitable in this age, so the first to dominate will already be ahead of the game. I just don’t want some absurd pricing for app use. Maybe if you are are already an AT&T customer there could be perks or get auto-app service free. But if this indeed becomes large, it won’t be long until fully capable CPU and system storage is installed in cars…


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