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The Rock Praises ¡MAYDAY!, Tech N9ne, & Strange Music ahead of WWE 2K18 Release

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Published: February 27, 2015 in MURS, Strange Music by

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My name is Murs. I’m the newest signee to Strange Music. I’m also a weirdo from Los Angeles, California. I’m into comic books, gangster rap, and pro wrestling among other things. Some people think that’s Strange and that’s perfectly fine with me. I’m typing to you a couple days after releasing my first solo song on Strange called “The Strangest”. It’s not on my new album. It’s a gift. To all my fans and especially, the Technicians. Thanks for having me.

Now I will rant…

In the new song, I reference Game of Thrones. I love it and I need it to start now. It actually starts while I will be out on the Special Effects Tour. How many of you think the party on the bus will stop long enough to let me watch it? NEVER! So I will have to suffer the anticipation ’til the next morning when I can watch it on HBO GO. See the sacrifices you must make to be rap star?!!!

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. ‘Mania 31. Some of y’all are mad AF. I still smell a swerve. DB has to make his way into the main event. There is clearly no other angle being set up for him. I say replay of last year. DB a.k.a. the Goat a.k.a. Mighty Mouse pulls it off again against all odds. YES! YES! Wait! Here comes Seth Rollins and his briefcase.

I don’t like Joe Rogan very much. I think I want to fight him.

Comics you should be reading: Saga, Southern Bastards, Thor, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and The Walking Dead.

How excited is everybody for Special Effects?! The first two songs from it are dope as hell right? Wait to you hear about all the special guests!!!

Stop Snapchatting me videos of you smoking weed or taking a shit already!!! I want to see your tits, your grandmother, your grandmother’s tits – I don’t care! As long as it’s not you smoking weed or doing dabs while you take a shit. I only need one of those a day from each of you. Sheeeeesh.

I’m currently in Germany. Everyone here speaks better English than me. It makes me feel dumb. So I just walk around with my headphones turned up blasting “Try Me” by Dej Loaf. That way I know that even if they all have higher IQ’s than I do, they are definitely not fucking with my street Cred. Listening to that song makes me feel super hood.

These Berlin streets ain’t ready BRO!


  • What do you think of my column?

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  • Adam Tollefson

    Cool column. Looking forward to the new album Murs as well as Tech’s. How about another Felt joint sometime too?

  • Scott Cline

    You came to Kc w/ Mayday,and I missed ya’ll. Super bummed about it. Maybe you’ll come back again since signing to Strange. The production and beats on that album are just incredible. Tabletops comes in so hard on that album! I love your track Everything off Murs for President, probably my favorite of yours. Much love from Kc! See you next time! Another Felt lp, with BK-One, or Abilities?

  • Priscilla

    Whatuptho!? I get to see you April 18th in Cali for the first time and I’m super stoked!! I already know it’s gonna be superb

  • Condro

    Your comic list is missing Dr. Strange respect to the rest though! Kill it out in Germany! The !Mursday! show last year in Fresno was beast I am totally ready for the Special Effects tour in Sacramento!

  • Kno

    hahah super dope i fuck wit murs forsure.. got to see him in colorado when they were doing the signing on the release day for mursday.. im excited for the solo murs strangemusic album!! yo murs how long you plannin on workin wit mayday on the collab albums?? thats shits tight..

  • Mario Trujillo

    Whats up with Joe Rogan?

  • Alex Cluck

    Lol ya’ll are oblivious to what he said besides Trujillo. The column is great man allows u stay sharp in the mind. Or as i always say “Allows you to be foolish in the foolish mind”. While the rest of your thread is star struck im just gonna’ say this. It aint easy what you do, but the lives you touch on, with just your experience alone shows that just because we come from fucked up places dont mean we got to end up as fucked up people. So thanks for not giving up on your dream. True Inspiration.

  • Patrick Voss

    Technician i am ! And im down with your gift bro! The Strangest?! Great song!!

  • Ninjabob

    Berlin is nice. Great street art everywhere.


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