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5 Songs We’d Like To See Tech N9ne Perform Live

Published: February 6, 2015 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Live Songs

The Special Effects Tour is creeping on up. With a new tour comes new expectations. Here’s hoping that Tech N9ne throws us some curveballs the next time he hits the road.

We put together this short list of songs that Tech N9ne has never performed that we would more than love to see him do. Let us know if we hit the mark in the comments section below.

“Fuck Food”All 6’s and 7’s

How has this not been a thing? Reports have said that this track has been performed a handful of times, maybe only once, but it just goes with the pulsating energy that would serve as a great turn up number. Krizz is more than equipped to bring justice to T-Pain’s manic hook and the carnal subject matter would serve as a great outlet for Tech, who’s forever got vagina on his mind.

“Check Yo Temperature”K.O.D.

The livest song on the darkest album of Tech N9ne’s career. Perhaps this one gets overlooked because of the wealth of fan-classics on K.O.D., but “Check Your Temperature” is one of the most rowdy songs that Tech N9ne has ever done. With it’s pounding drums and manic piano riff, Youngfyre’s production seems like it was suited for a live situation. Tech’s anthemic chorus makes this a no-brainer for the venue.

“Strangeulation I”Tech N9ne Collabos: Strangeulation

One of Tech N9ne’s most quintessential verses, it serves as a mission statement behind him, his label and what he represents. Alien Warr on the live drums and the ferocity of his delivery would make this an amazing live show experience of the highest order.

“Make Waves”Tech N9ne Collabos: Strangeulation

With the Band of Psychos hitting the road that means Tyler Lyon’s on guitar and some backup vocal duties, so it only makes sense that Tech perform this rollicking number. The screaming chorus and Tech’s maniacal chopping makes this fan-favorite a must-perform.

“Killer” – Killer

Due to clearance issues this song was never able to make the final record, but Lord knows it would have been a classic had it made the sprawling Killer double-disc album. Flipping a “Thriller” sample in the dopest of ways, Tech N9ne lays out a murderous flow and Krizz Kaliko plays the role of spooky narrator to a T. With the song’s start-and-stop rhythm section, it would lend itself to some pretty amazing dance moves from the most coordinated emcee in hip hop.



Splash Update With DVDs

  • What songs do you want to see Tech N9ne perform on the Special Effects tour?

Tech’s been reaching out to fans for feedback, leave yours in the comments section below!

  • Numbface

    MAKE WAVES!!! It’s gotta happen mang. That would be the craziest mosh pit ever. I would get socked in the face by some fat person but it would be worth it. Freaking crazy.

  • dakota smith

    definitely hit the mark with this list

  • Dan Smallidge

    definitely a dope list im excited to see your set with a full band this time around another dope song would be love to dislike me with tyler

  • Manuel Maes

    After that, you’d have a numb face.

  • Numbface


  • Todd Perry

    Lets hear leave me alone in Worcester never been to a concert so this would be my first one but been a fan since ur first album tech

  • Matt Sindelar

    Come Gangsta, Jellysickle, or My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl. Three pumped up classics from Everready!

  • Jared

    Id really like to hear Dysfunctional and Hes A Mental Giant…. Worcester,MA

  • Timothy J. Augello

    Damn would be dope as hell life. Didn’t do it last time.

  • Chris Hagedorn

    He did dwamn in Milwaukee a few months ago

  • Chris Hagedorn

    I would love to finally hear ‘Little Pills’ live. Most underrated strange song..

  • Veronica

    Sinister Tech, Imma Tell, My Wife My Bitch My Girl, Tormented, EBAH. See you in Honolulu!

  • savannah

    Kod and party the pain away! Pleeeeease!

  • Dillon Crommelin

    Now it’s on, Breathe, 009NA, Dysfunctional, & Delusional.

  • Tyroniuz Oz

    Beast- that would be killer…..

  • eliott mills

    “Take a Picture” would be the hardest track to see live hands down followed by “Mitch Baid, Like I Died, Twisted, Blackened the Sun” 5 bangers for the ages

  • Stay1deep4life

    Hope for Higher Power
    Come Gangsta
    Pu Wah Wah
    Far Out
    Jumpin Jax

    Just a list to look at and see what’s up with playing them 🙂 🙂 YEAH (TechN9ne voice)

  • Kyle Ray

    I wanna Hear. Fortune force field! Or Slave! Or burn the world! One of those please!!!! & when are you gonna add some Colorado dates?! Other then that in-store signing?

  • Timothy J. Augello

    Gotta hope he does it soon!! 😀

  • Ethan P

    Mitch Bade, Pinocchio, Industry Is Punks, T9X & Little Pills.


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