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WATCH: Tech N9ne Says He’d Do Collaborative Album With Hopsin [Video]

Published: February 3, 2015 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Hopsin collab

Tech N9ne reimagines the old-school group Nnutthowze in the modern era in this interview with Sermon’s Domain.

In the final part of this two-part interview, Tech N9ne answers the question: “Who would you do a collaborative album with?” Tech N9ne picks another lyrical psycho in Hopsin for the task, but also says he’d be open to a collaborative album with B.o.B., citing that the two just make great music together every time.

Tech also expresses his views on love, talks guests on Special Effects, and shares the best concerts that he’s ever been to.



Tech N9ne Special Effects Splash

  • How do you like the idea of a Tech N9ne and Hopsin project?
  • Who would you want to see Tech do a collaborative album with?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • P. Jay

    Tech N9ne and Hopsin together would be amazing!!! Look at Rip your heart or Am i a Psycho out if we could get some songs like that it would be insane!!! I have been down with Tech N9ne since 2006 when i was in 10th grade Special Effects is going to be epic!!!!! Keep up the AMAZING Work Tech some of us will never Leave or call you Mainstream!!!! I wish you success and prosperity forever Tech

  • iamerikah

    I would love to see Tech and Hopsin! It would be amazing! I really wanna see Tech and Eminem too 🙂

  • Numbface

    I never 100% understood the “tech went mainstream” stuff that some people are talking about. I mean what “mainstream” rapper is doing everything that tech is did on something else and strangulation? I don’t think many rappers mainstream or underground would or could do something like make waves. Tech’s still freaking raw mang.

  • Jalil Middleton

    Most mainstream rappers don’t make any money. Only a few of them do. To be fair, most underground rappers don’t make enough money. But Tech N9ne and Immortal Technique undid all of this. Though K-Rino still stands as #1 in my book.


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