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Tech N9ne Is Already Writing New Material, Reveals Bars In Interview With Huffington Post

Published: July 8, 2015 in Strange Music, Tech N9ne by

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It takes a special kind of artist to still be hungry after 20 years in the game. Tech N9ne is that kind of artist…and then some, as he reveals in this interview with The Huffington Post.

When asked what continues to fuel his boundless creativity, Tech N9ne revealed to The Huffington Post that just because his success as an artist is at an all time high, it doesn’t take away from the simple fact that life happens. In his answer, he also reveals a brand new lyric to one of his upcoming verses (for Strangeulation 2? The Storm?).

What still inspires you as an artist?

Life, my fans, my children. I write my life. Life is happening to me everyday. Some years ago, the IRS came after me because me being young and not knowing too much about handling my business, I had to pay back a lot of money. So when the IRS takes all your money, either you’re going to break down or you’re going to use that pain. I’ve been using that pain for a while because I’ve been building my life back up after my mistake. It could have been jail time. They ain’t playing. By the grace of God, thank the Lord that I have fans that can help me fix this problem. If I was an artist that was failing, I don’t think it would have been a brighter day. I’ve always been hungry, even before they took my money. It fueled me. It’s still fueling me. ‘People want to know how I’m still hungry but they don’t know how the IRS hung me’ is what I say in a new rhyme.


  • What do you think of Tech’s artistic output as he’s progressed?

Let us know in the comments section below.



  • Brandon Lindo

    Tech? are you really doing a song with Jay-Z?

  • Flaco Hërrërä

    The lyric he revealed was from his feature on the Southpaw soundtrack. It leaked quite early, but it’s a dope track. Him, Busta, and Crooked all murdered their verses.

  • joshua colbert

    Lol “off his up coming album” than we find out it was really just a feature off the southpaw soundtrack

  • Gamster


  • Travis Gerhart

    I believe Tech is making leaps and bounds into the next stratosphere of hip-hop! He’s always been in a class of his own but now he’s finally beimg recognized for the true genius he is and he’s getting the proper collabs he should have had years ago! One thing I would personally like to see him do is get back to his movie references (“Falling Down like Michael Douglas” “My name is Inigo Montoya; I’ve got an evil plan for ya”) Those are the little things I noticed in his music that first turned me onto it, it was like finally an artist was making my style of music. I love your shit Tech, Techn9cian till I die, but I havent seen very many refernces lately and it’d be nice to see what you could come up with!


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