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WATCH: Tech N9ne Discusses The Most Entertaining Rap Beef Of All Time [Video]

Published: December 22, 2015 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne

What’s beef? In hip hop, it’s (fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) one of the fixtures of the genre.

Tech N9ne gave Montreality what he thought was the most entertaining beef of all time in hip hop. Who did he pick? None other than Canibus vs. LL Cool J.

The beef started when Canibus requested to borrow LL Cool J’s microphone tattooed on his arm for his initial and unreleased verse on LL Cool J’s song “4,3,2,1”. LL took offense to this and asked Canibus to change his verse. Canibus obliged, but LL, on the other hand, proceeded to lay into the then-newcomer on the song. Canibus returned with “Second Round K.O.” LL Cool J returned with “The Ripper Strikes Back”.

Tech N9ne relays that he loved the beef because it was entertaining and it pitted the classic match-up of the veteran vs newcomer. The best part of the beef? It didn’t result in any violence.

Tech talks about the beef at the 7:39 mark below


  • What’s YOUR favorite rap beef?

Let us know in the comments section below.



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  • Christopher Halligan

    The answers in this video are the reasons I hold this man in a higher regard then all others. His mind is always outside of a box that most minds suffer from. (If he was to red this I would suggest Cheesy Jokes.com for the elevator technique, I felt a similar way along time ago, now I just use lame jokes to meet people). In closing I will add a little truth that I know! Monday = Moons Day, Tuesday = Tyr’s Day, Wednesday = Woden’s Day aka Odin, Thursday = Thor’s Day, Friday = Freya’s Day, Saturday = Saturn’s Day, Sunday = Suns Day. Also people say all the Planets have Roman Deity names but ours? Mother Earth = Tella Mater aka Terra Mater, a Roman Deity. Thanks again Tech for just being you my friend! I always look forward to your visits at Val Air! See you soon!


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