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Did Members Of Anonymous Visit Tech N9ne At Strange Music Headquarters? [Social]

Published: January 25, 2016 in Tech N9ne by

Anonymous BLOG with Quote

Members claiming to be part of the hacktivist group Anonymous, visited Tech N9ne at the Strange Music Headquarters over the weekend, as part of an ongoing conversation.

Though Anonymous does not have a centralized philosophy, they are self-described as “a very loose and decentralized command structure that operates on ideas rather than directives”. Their latest idea, which has not yet been released to the public, stems from Tech’s song “Aw Yeah (interVENTion)?”. In the song, Tech gives a shout out to Anonymous, with the line “At least Anonymous is hacking for peace.”


Anonymous, grateful for being recognized by Tech, responded with a message of their own:

Mr. Aaron Dontez Yates, you are the chosen one on Earth whom we’ve selected for a special project which will change the world forever. You wouldn’t want to miss this. We’ve got a secret idea that you would be honored to be a part of, that will place you higher than any other musician in all of history, which will also make it extremely difficult for anyone else to surpass your achievements ever again in the future as well. This opportunity is bigger than any Grammy Award and is extremely rare to come across. We assure you that Strange Music will forever be renowned for its Godly influence on humanity in the 21st century with the release of this. Let us join forces, brother!


Over the weekend, Tech posted a video of himself laughing in the infamous Guy Fawkes mask, followed up with several pictures taken inside and outside of the Strange Music Headquarters. According to a post from the Facebook group Secret Anonymous Idea?, they’re claiming that the two men with Tech are their representatives.

Check it out:

Anon T9 FB Post

A video posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on

A photo posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on

A photo posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on

A photo posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on

  • What do you think of the legitimacy of this visit?
  • Are they really part of Anonymous?
  • What kind of special project do you think Tech N9ne and Anonymous have in store?

We want to hear from you! Let us know below!



  • Lunatikzwikid Oldwayz

    There is no conceivable way for me to express the joy inside right now…..and on the night when I had finally decided to end my life…this is why people like tech and groups like anonymous as well as like-minded individuals are so truly special and valuable in these time. ….they make real differences no matter how large or small….thank you tech n9ne and anonymous for saving yet another life…..AHOO!! AHOO!! AHOO!! WOOP!! WOOOOOP!!


    Amen brother

  • technonymous

    Tech orchestrated this…its badass but its an act

  • Pollux Kerman

    Yeah upon further inspection this would be really cool but is unfortunately a fabrication. Damn.


    Nope. It’s not lol


    Lol nope. Not fake

  • Sarah Winton

    Tech is holding a paper to his heart, there is something to this. Something big happened this weekend Tech doesn’t just post pics like this for nothing. He’s letting us know without saying much that there will be a future event that will reveal this surprise.

  • Chuck Finley


  • K. Ri0t

    Not to shit on anyones parade here but it seems like a lot of people are still misinformed about what anonymous actually is. Anonymous is a collective of people, individual and groups, that share the same core goals and principles, but are not confined or obligated to act in a synchronized way. The people that visited tech n9ne do not represent anonymous, just for the simple fact that NOBODY can truly represent anonymous, only their individual ideals/goals/principles as they interpret them.

  • snoɯʎuouɐ_ANUBUS

    no one speaks for anonymous…there are no real anons…..anonymous is not a group or an organization…we have no leaders….we are simply an idea.. and ideas are bullet proof..

  • snoɯʎuouɐ_ANUBUS

    Damn!… well said sir!

  • Dr. Hell-No

    If there is no centralized structure, only a collective of people that share principles and goals, couldn’t really any member of anonymous approach them with an idea? Doesn’t one member represent anonymous just as much as the another (or a group of others) in that case?

  • Gina G

    Whether or not the two gentlemen are part of Anonymous or not seems unimportant as long as the strong meaning to the lyrics are getting a second listen. I have grown to truly appreciate the talented poets at SMI, and this song’s anguish and appalled frustration speaks both for the many damaged and despairing, and to the global inhumanity.

  • Dizzle

    I want to know what’s on that paper!!!!

  • Sarah Winton

    Thank you brother! You said it best. Everyone needs to use this idea to change the world with us, that’s why it is here.

  • Clownsec

    Anonymous is filled with attention whores, they claim the media is crap, then they beg for media attention. This is another example of people using the blanket term of anonymous to somehow give them special privileges.

    It is all about publicity and being part of the trendyness

  • Anonymous

    That is true. And that’s the idea. Everyone is anonymous. We are your teachers, bus drivers, neighbors, that homeless man u pass everyday without batting an eye. We are everyone and everywhere. We represent the 99% and we are against the 1%. There were numerous people posing to be anonymous and give us a bad name and they were warned.

  • Anonymous

    Your wrong. We make our videos and the media choose to publicize it. We are in a world were media is everything, so we use the media to our advantage. We post on youtube to spread the word of our ops. Like I said we post our videos and make our videos to purposely get media attention because it is the fastest way to spread information. We warn people about the consequences of the bad they do, then we act on it if they don’t stop.


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