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WATCH: Tech N9ne Breaks Down Writing Process, Previews New Song

Published: June 30, 2016 in Tech N9ne by

It’s not every day we get to sit in on one of Tech N9ne’s writing sessions.

Just yesterday, Tech uploaded a string of Instagram videos of him constructing an upcoming track, what seems to be “The Thing”. The videos allow fans to see the process behind a Tech N9ne verse, beginning with bar one and finishing laying the verse over the beat. Being that the videos are just a rough sketch of what could become a massive record, we aren’t sure about a release date or official name, but we do know that it sounds crazy.

Could this be the first look into The Storm? Looks like we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Check out the Instagram videos BELOW:


Wanna write this wit me to see what its about? Lets go!

A video posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on


8 bars gotta take a leak! I shall return!

A video posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on


4-more bars and Im done with the first verse!

A video posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on


Now to my recorder to get the pitches right so I won’t forget the tone!

A video posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on


I been drinkin while writing so bare with me!

A video posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on


  • What’d you think of the verse after laid over the beat?
  • Is this how you imagined Tech N9ne’s writing style to be?

Let us know in the comments section below!



  • Schnookie

    I appreciate you letting us in on the process. You’re always so busy grinding, it’s Brazy to see it happening in real time. I’ve been stoked for the next album since I saw you in concert. I wish I spoke more when I met you…I was just star struck.

  • Kyle McClure

    GOONIN, going in on the first 16 bars. it’s dope it get the sneak peek of how you lay out a song.. It pretty intuitive. Love how the beat changes after “I’m on a Roll”… Can you say SINGLE!! Can’t wait for more from the Strom that’s coming… #TechN9ne

  • Gustav Thomas

    #MyMind Tech help me out .
    buy some art . or sine me up .

  • Jared Willson

    Awesome to get a sneak peak of the master at work. Patiently waiting as always for another Tech N9ne masterpiece to drop! Keep up the hard work that all of you do at Strangeland!! Every piece of hard work in all areas of the business really shows the love you have for the fans! You guys all prove daily how much hard work and dedication pays off. Keep on keepin’ On what you guys all do best. Much love to STRANGE! MUSIC!


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