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Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin Reveals AboveWaves As Newest Strange Music Signing!

Published: November 21, 2016 in Above Waves by


After months and months of speculation, the CEO has confirmed the latest signing to the Snake and Bat.

In a major update to his social media pages, Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin officially welcomed Above Waves to Strange Music.

For the last handful of years, Travis along with Strange Music Vice President Dave Weiner, Tech N9ne, and Seven have been seeking an additional route in music, “a popular music division of Strange Music.” The first signee of this division was Above Waves.

According to Travis’ update, the Chicago-based band has an album set to release  in the near future and fans may get a preview sooner rather than later.

Check out the CEO’s personal note on the band below:



For those unfamiliar with Above Waves, vocalist Ryan Bradley has actually worked with Tech N9ne previously, most notably on tracks like “Burn It Down” and “Over It”.

As the label prepares to enter 2017, it looks like a lot of new music and styles are on the way!

  • Are you excited for this new division of Strange Music?

Let us know what you think about AboveWaves!

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  • Ryan N

    The Strange Gang is branchin out and it’s a beautiful thing. Much potential for the next collabos album.

  • Shane Hurst

    I’m Glad That Strange Is Expanding. Loved to see this post, i’m ready to see what y’all got for all us TechN9cians out here.

  • Michael Fratto

    this group doesn’t obey the strange law!

  • Andrew

    Anyone have links to their music? Besides with tech


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