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Rittz Last Call Tracklist Revealed

Published: August 22, 2017 in Rittz by

With the first effort from Rittz’ forthcoming Last Call album still fresh in rotation, Strange’s southern spitter has revealed the tracklist for the physical deluxe edition of his new album!

Thanks to Independent Grind, we already knew the album had no features, but now we can get a full look at what to expect on September 29th.

1.)  “Middle of Nowhere” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
2.)  “Press Rewind” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
3.)  “Indestructible” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
5.)  “Down For Mine” (prod. Miguel “M. Stacks” Brown, Jr.)
5)  “Shootin Star” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
6)  “Dork Rap” (prod. Peso Piddy)
7)  “Crash and Burn” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
8)  “Reality Check” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
9)  “Different Breed” (prod. Jonah “Matic Lee” Appleby)
10)  “Illumination” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
11)  “Into the Sky” (prod. Marz Beats)
12)  “Fuck Cancer” feat. Candice Freeman (Prod. The Avengerz)
13)  “Lose My Cool” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
14)  “So Long” (prod. The Avengerz)
15)  “Victory Lap” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
16)  “I’m Only Human” (prod. Miguel “M. Stacks” Brown, Jr.)
17)  “Live And You Learn” (prod. Mister KA)
18)  “Win” feat. Hitman Shawty and Kane (Prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)

Be sure to get your Last Call orders in now before the lights come on and it’s too late!



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