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Independent Grind Tour Update: Salt Lake City, Utah

Published: September 27, 2010 in Strange Music by

The Independent Grind Tour was able to roll through Salt Lake City, Utah, the source of one of Tech N9ne’s most die hard fanbases (you may recall his line in “Bout Ta Bubble”: “In Salt Lake City performin’ for Mormans/ Out of they garments before the mornin'”), for a show at Saltair. Being that Tech has such a strong following in Salt Lake City, anticipation for the show was high. Fans old and new were given the awesome live show Strange is known for. The next stop for the tour is Missoula, Montana for a show at the Wilma Theater.

  • Dankdevil

    Best closed to a concert Ever!! Bad ass little 6 year old too….

  • Strange_obsession

    That was my kid on stage at the end! HARDCORE FAN!!!!


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