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Kutt And Krizz Perform In Underwear [Video]

Published: October 19, 2010 in Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Strange Music by

Kutt Calhoun Krizz Kaliko - Independent Grind Tour - UnderwearHave you ever been in a packed venue with a faulty air conditioning? All the humidity and heat from the crowd rises up and onto the stage and can make performing a hyphy set nearly unbearable. In situations like this, sometimes you just have to adapt. During a performance on the Strange Days Tour, Kutt Calhoun and Krizz Kaliko did just that, albeit in a very unusual fashion. During the set, Kutt and Krizz decided it was an appropriate time to strip down to their underwear and perform for the heated crowd. The clip shows the two hyping up the fans with a game of “Party over here, aint shit over there!” before Tech and the entire tour roster launches into “I’m A Playa”.

Strange Music: anything can happen!

  • Mick Takeshi

    Hell yeah. This is rock and roll!

  • Valen Murnion

    haha fuckin awesome!! Kutt Kriz u crazy fucks rappin wit yo pants down lmao Tech come back to MONTANA!!

  • BEAN

    Hope they didn’t crowd surf like that.

  • Mr64magic

    I was having trouble accesing the blog links via facebook. Said it was broken or missing link? anyone else had this??

  • Mick Takeshi

    I think the blog site was down. I don’t know of any other crew that would do something like this. Strange is nuttz.

  • Alyssa

    Haha, I kno im tempted to strip down when im in the crowd, i cant just imagine how they feel on stage performing! Clothed or not, they put on 1 hell of a show

  • Anita Mesa

    lmao shit i wish they would of gotten naked like that at tha show in fresno on oct 5th.. n then if they were to crowd surf… shit.. i’d be all up in it!!! lol sexy fuckers

  • techn9cian4life

    Only thing that is kinda buggin me bout these videos is they so small. I understand it’s prolly taken from a phone, but yeah. Jus somethin i’ve been thinkin bout

  • Rogelio Carmona Jr

    They know how to keep it strange.

  • New York Tech Squad

    God I hope this doesn’t happen on Saturday…

  • Guest


  • Jennith StrangeMusic

    that’s how we do in Cleveland!!!! XD

  • Jessica Kensinger

    damn how did i miss out on the nakedness!!! i feel like i have been cheated!!!lol

  • Unique

    That was crazy i haven’t never seen a rapper in they boxers on stage. But if you blessed in that area, why not flaunt it. LOL

    The heat will make anybody strip down though.

  • Sonicfbr

    HAHAHA that funny as hell, but gotta do what you gotta do

  • TK

    Can anyone say ‘Butt Naked Fun’?

  • Elisa Edelstein

    doin it the strange wayyy


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