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Kutt Calhoun T-Shirt Spotted In Shoni Mac Music Video [Video]

Published: October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized by

Strange Music gear has been spotted in Shoni Mac’s latest music video “Stunt It Off”. The music video and song also features EDI Mean from 2Pac’s old group Tha Outlawz. In the music video we can see a Kutt Calhoun tee around the 1:00 mark and a Tech N9ne shirt at the 2:35 mark. Predictably, both shirts are being worn by caucasians. Speaking of caucasians, a highlight of the music video can be found at 1:38, in which a guy does what can only be described as a crazy white boy dance. The girl standing next to him doesn’t know what to think.

Click here or watch below to see the video.

  • Props to our Minneapolis street teams for pulling this one off!


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