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Deftones Dig Tech N9ne [Photos]

Published: October 7, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

You may recall The Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter mentioning in an interview that all he listened to was Tech N9ne during the making of The Deftones album Diamond Eyes. Recently at a show at Sandstone Amphitheatre (Kansas City), the guitarist made his admiration known by wearing a Tech N9ne t-shirt on stage. We have some more pics from the show of The Deftones and Carpenter showing his love for the N9na.

We know first-hand that Tech digs the Deftones as well. Both parties definitely have a mutual respect and admiration, and Tech has hinted that he wants to do a rock and roll album…could this mean a Tech N9ne and Deftones collaboration? Only time will tell.

  • Mustardplug15

    tech n9ne and deftones callaboration would be off the hook!

  • Anonymous

    Artists respecting each other like this is great. But if there’s a Rock Tech album, then let it be Kabosh first.

  • Justint Smith

    collaboration!!! cd will be called TECHTONES…. yea that shit just happened

  • Dope!

  • Thats a big crowd for Sandstone!

  • Hell ya!!! Now thats some sick shit! A Tech and Deftones song would be insane… hopefully time does fuckin tell!

  • Cris345

    Already in the works brother, looks like the just waiting on right time http://soundcloud.com/alteredbeats/sets/sol-invicto – Tech N9ne & Stephen Carpenter

  • Cris345

    I think Stephen is already working on something, he did a remix of a couple techs tracks I found http://soundcloud.com/alteredbeats/sets/sol-invicto


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