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Tech Rapping ‘Alucard’ Backstage [Video]

Published: October 26, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Here’s a clip we pulled from the Independent Grind Tour’s stop in Tempe, Arizona. Tech sits in his dressing room and lip-synchs “Alucard” from his latest release the Seepage EP. Even while remaining seated, Tech is quite the entertainer as he accompanies his lyrics with Pinnochio-like movements as if he’s being controlled by a puppet master.

Click here or watch below.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, very nice. I just set Alucard as my Ringtone. Gonna surprise a lot of folks. Pinocchio is a great track too, btw.

    The EP is great, got mine in the mail today. Keep doing your thing, Tech. Looking forward to All 6’s and 7’s as well as Kabosh! Strange Music baby.

  • Thats the dark sinister Tech I grew up on! Thank you my friend for this track. BTW you are one silly as dude.

  • thats whats gonna happen to you if you listen to this song be warned!!

  • Carm!3

    Lol nice!! It’s good to know that theres people in the music business like you, who haven’t foregotten the fact that they’re human. Alucard is amazing!! The whole Seepage EP is amazing! Can’t wait to see ya’ this saturday at the KCMO show! ~Much love to Strange Music and the Juggalo Family all day~ Whoop Whoop! MCL-Carm!3

  • techn9nefan618adan

    lmfao tech is funny as fuck hope they come out with a actual music vid seepage is the shit tech n9ne all day all night

  • Tech, man that waz sick!!! looked like you were possessed when doin the chorus! lol fuckin awsome song and even when your sitting in a chair you make it look soo good!!
    (Exodus Insanus Nocturnus)

  • Slimshady102303

    as he trys not to laugh.lol

  • Naquan212

    Shit Tech mayn. You are is my biggest inspiration. And any upcoming Rapper should take note.It Stranggggggggggggggeeeeeee all over the place. 100% support mayn. Keep it goin my gee.

  • YEAAAAAAAA!!!! N9NA!!!

  • Always makin me laugh n shit

  • Please make a music video for either this or Seepage.

  • TK

    I’m a loyal follower because I was bitten by his music!

  • so silly Tech <3 VERY cute

  • That’s what’s up. Great song Tech

  • T9X

    Lol sick!

  • OWN!


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